Weekend Buzzkill

There’s no preview available for Sunday’s Strip so who knows what it’ll be about. I’m putting my money on a “Les and Funky jogging” strip.

Update: Nope! The story line, which is moving at a glacier pace, has Mysterious Stranger getting up off his rump to make his way to the parking lot to find his car, which will probably eat up most of next week’s storyline.



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9 responses to “Weekend Buzzkill

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Now this moron is remembering things from the point of view of other people? Obviously this scenario is simply impossible, as this idiot couldn’t possibly have been privy to the conversation between Coach Stropp and Bull. But the laws of reality have never stopped BatNom before, so why start now?

    So, the awfulness of the WHS football team was regular gag fodder for decades. Then they became good, so good that Bull was getting offers from Big Colleges. Then Bull was diagnosed with a brain disorder for some reason. Now this guy is reliving Bull’s high school football memories about how bad the football team was. Which begs the question: why? All that effort just to get to “boy that football team sure did suck” again? It makes no sense, I tell you.

  2. Rusty Shackleford

    The crappy artwork, the boring and uninspired characters, the awkward dialog, a story that goes nowhere, this is a Batty classic strip.


    As we learn from Crankshaft today, he thinks his characters need to speak to him to tell the story. So maybe that explains the meanderings–even his own characters want nothing to do with him.

  4. If the Scapegoats were so legendarily terrible, why are they winning in the title panel?

  5. Ray

    So apparently the mysterious stranger is Newt Gingrich?

  6. Gerard Plourde

    I assume this is leading up to a visit with Bull. Are we going to be “treated” to some of the author’s schadenfreude at the expense of some high school jock that he’s still holding a grudge against?

  7. count of tower grove

    WTF is Stropp telling Bull? Take the snap, then snap the ball. Todd Bottocks has forgotten the most fundamental arrangement regarding the ball: the center snaps the ball, the quarterback takes the snap. Unless it’s a single wing formation, then the fullback takes the snap.

  8. It’s like what Batman told Joker in the Killing Joke: he’d heard it before and it wasn’t funny the first time. It’s irritating to have to whine about the miserable fate assigned to a hapless bonehead who let himself get run over by the popinjay band director.