Proba-Bull Brain Damage

SosfdavidO here, and it looks like more-handsome-than-90%-of-Westview-Men Buck feels a bit bad in today’s snoozer because he might be behind some of the football related injuries that Bull experiences whenever Tombat remembers he’s supposed to have them. Don’t worry, Buck, much like Dinkle’s hearing loss, the traumatic brain injury seems to come and go on a whim.


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23 responses to “Proba-Bull Brain Damage

  1. count of tower grove

    Finally! Bull gets back to Law & Order. Clunk! Clunk!

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Too easy to pass up. Sometimes BatTom just lays one in there and when he does you gotta swing.

  3. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “Bull seemed genuinely pleased to see you, even if he did keep calling you “rat fucker”.

    “I couldn’t help feeling a little responsible. After all, I did beat the shit out of him for three years!”

  4. billytheskink

    Buck feels guilty for successfully playing football in high school… He didn’t cheat, he didn’t play dirty, he just did what he was coached to do and did it well, in a time before almost anyone was thinking about the potential long-term mental health problems that can result from playing football.

    There’s the classic post-Act I Funky Winkerbean we’ve been “missing” all summer: People who were successful in high school being made to feel bad about it as adults is almost up there with cancer and comic books among TB’s wells of inspiration, and I frankly think it is an even weirder thing to dwell on than those other two.

  5. Spacemanspiff85

    Yet again, Batiuk has two characters talking about a third like he’s not even in the room. I hate that so much. Bull isn’t dead yet, after all.

  6. What a pathetic waste of time this has all been. We waste one week being reminded that Westview High had a shitty football team, an inept coach, a star player who might as well have yelled where he was going, an obnoxious and self-imporant lunatic band director and a fumble-fingered majorette so that a rival player can come over and tell a man who won’t remember this visit that every loss was on him so he can feel bad about a lifetime of positive accomplishments.

    The only good thing is that Dick Facey isn’t there to feast on Bull’s misery.

    • Spacemanspiff85

      I think you need to say “pathetic waste of time, even by Batiuk’s standards”, because honestly, “pathetic waste of time” just goes without saying for this strip now.

  7. Gerard Plourde

    I’m baffled by today’s strip. Does Batty think that CTE causes those suffering from it to alternate between states of high-level interaction and states of catatonia marked by a facial expression of seething rage? And what’s with the “Bull seemed genuinely pleased to see you” remark? Wasn’t Bull’s actual behavior toward Buck evidence enough?

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    What should have happened:

    Bull finds out that Les leaked the playbook.

    Les is writing in his “studio” and hears a knock at that the door. He thinks it’s Cayla bringing in his milk and cookies.

    He anxiously opens the door and meets Bull’s fist.

  9. Comic Book Harriet

    Batty makes these a year in advance, and yet this strip came out at almost the exact same time as the news announces Aaron Hernandez, a former Patriots player who hung himself in prison, was diagnosed post-mortem have been suffering from Stage III CTE.

    Eerie or offensive? Why not a bunch of both!

    • Gerard Plourde

      I was struck by the coincidental timeliness of that as well. It’s a shame that his treatment of CTE in the strip is so superficial. Instead of the implausible storyline that Bull telegraphed his intentions decades ago on the gridiron and risking more injury by scrimmaging in the dark in the front yard, he and Buck could have discussed the struggles of coming to terms with CTE.

    • hitorque

      Since Hernandez was already a hardcore gangbanger in high school, CTE will be nothing more than a footnote…

      • Comic Book Harriet

        A footnote or a massive neon sign saying drugs and alcohol and head trauma REALLY REALLY REALLY don’t mix. Because I’m sure the best thing you can do for a brain rattled and bruised by repeated blows is pour a little liquor coke and COKE on it.

  10. Comic Book Harriet


    • Comic Book Harriet

      Dangit! I was trying to embed October 22, 2016’s Funky.

      (Fixed it for you. –TFH)
      In it, Bull says to his wife he wants to retire to do the things they planned on doing once they retired while they could still enjoy them. Given what we’ve seen in the last year, his plan included beer, a TV, and a dimly lit cave full of the trophies for which he sacrificed his memories; constantly rewatching old games he can no longer recall on VHS tapes that blurr and degrade much like his mind.

      • hitorque

        Really? I suppose next you’ll say Les promised to take Kayla to China for their anniversary to make up for forgetting it that year, only to renege the following year with a promise to go to Paris instead and no trip or anniversary has ever been celebrated or mentioned in the three years since?

  11. hitorque

    Jesus… Is there *ANY* wife in the Funkyverse who actually spends time with their husbands? Talk to their husbands? Do anything with their husbands not related to household chores, cooking or eating? Comicons, movie world premieres, Flash Museums, junior college classes, at work, in retirement, the women are always on the sidelines and out of sight until the time they are needed (usually because the male character can’t have a conversation with himself)

  12. That image of Bull staring intently at the television, mere inches away from it while his visitor is still right there says so much.

  13. Love the blinking eyes on Bull in the header.

  14. So why is Bull’s wife African-American one segment and Caucasian another?

  15. The Dreamer

    Maybe this is leading to Bull suing Westview High, claiming that the coaches and the athletic department not only endangered his health by taking blows to the head, but exposed him to serious brain damage by not picking up that the other team was on to his moves. Bull is the star ex-football player who comes out admitting that football is too dangerous and he sues to shut down the Scapegoats football team!