SosfdavidO here! As the week progresses Bull devolves into a vacant man-child barely capable of forming coherent thoughts, as today’s strip shows. Linda and Buck look like they’re about to ditch this freakshow and drive out of town to the nearest motel.

No, Bull, it’s not going to be okay. Not even close. You’re weaving into a Very Spechul Storyline and trust me, you don’t want to be there. Just ask Saint Lisa!


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    What’s “going to be OK”? Is this supposed to be a punchline where the reader is supposed to chuckle at Bull’s obsession with his high school football failings? Is it supposed to imply that Bull can now die at peace with himself after finally learning that it was indeed all his fault? Or is it implying that Bull condition is deteriorating and he thinks he’s still a high school football player?

    Because I have no idea. Two weeks of this and he stumbles into Saturday on the most Batiukian note possible…total ambiguity. “Bull runs into an old high school football opponent”…there must be hundreds of stories one could dream up if given that premise and THIS was the one BatNom used. It just boggles the mind.

  2. billytheskink

    Let’s step away from the implication in today’s strip that Bull’s is now having bouts of dementia and think about the context that this week of strips adds to his life and career.

    We now know that Bull gave opponents a tell (that was never corrected) on his direction every time he carried the ball. We have long known that he played for perennially winless and abysmally-coached teams in high school. What I choose to take from this is that despite wallowing in such football ineptitude, Bull went on to play college football at a large state university and made it to training camp with the St. Louis Football Cardinals. That makes him a more successful football player than 99% of his fellow high school football players. He carried on to have unprecedented success as the football (and girl’s basketball) coach at his high school alma mater, making him a more successful coach than probably 90+% of his fellow coaches.

    Some successful people do see sad declines, but in the Batiukverse they ALL do (I am not going to recognize Les or Dinkle as “people”). Noting this is nothing remarkable, of course, we have all known it for years. It is just the perils of thinking about this strip instead of ignoring it.

  3. Rusty Shackleford

    Hmm, so his little gaffe went unnoticed all these years. Coach Strop really sucked. So how did Bull manage to win all those trophies then?

    I’m still hoping for a black eyed Les in tomorrow’s masthead.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Oh and by the way Bull, things won’t be ok, you still have dementia and so you probably already forgot what he said that made you so happy.

  4. Spacemanspiff85

    How exactly does Bull have game tape from the 1970s that’s zoomed in so closely that two players take up the whole screen of an HDTV?

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    Sorry, the Ambien hasn’t kicked in yet, so time for one more comment.

    Crankshaft: Batty is just messing with those of us who read this strip online. There was no need to make this a sideways one paneller.

    I rarely feel lonely and if I were living in either of these strips, I would treasure my loneliness, as it means I’m not near any of these crappy characters! ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

  6. erdmann

    Poor Bull. He’s so far gone he’s forgotten the elocution lessons he got for Linda a couple years ago:

  7. I’ll tell what’s not okay: deliberately misrepresenting the facts in order to make someone out to be even more pathetic than he already is. I betcha he thinks he’s got a shot at a Pulitzer with another one of his insensitive and non-factual looks at real issues.

  8. Chyron HR

    Stay tuned next week when Bull accidentally kills Linda while petting her hair and Buck has to put him down.

  9. Count of Tower Grove

    And just like that, Doug Download cured Bull’s CTE.

  10. Rusty

    Every time I read one of his “poignant” episodes, I think back to that strip where Susan Hotforles condescendingly explains to the readers that cancer is art, and you shouldn’t expect art to entertain.

  11. Gerard Plourde

    So, in true Funky WInkerbean fashion, another story arc rambles from implausible premise through factual impossibility to incomprehensible conclusion.

  12. sgtsaunders

    Bushka is at peace with himself and those around him. He has arrived at a happy station and he knows now that Les must die.

  13. Remember that Dinkle showed up at the Bushkas’ last December with video from one of the band parents. The tape showed that Bull in fact got the ball over the goal line and that WHS actually won Bull’s final game vs., who else, Big Walnut Tech.

    • Max Power

      The Westview region must have been the sole test-market for amazing digital VHS recording technology that was decades ahead of its time, which was then inexplicably dropped by its manufacturer.

    • spacemanspiff85

      That’s pretty hilarious to look. Bull (in the video) is looking right at the ball from maybe six inches away. And it’s not just the tip of the ball that’s over the goal line, almost all of it is. So this shouldn’t be news to Bull. Also, I’m pretty sure that since Bull looks to be laying flat on the ground, his knee would’ve had to have been down before he reached out and put the ball in the end zone.
      Plus, no athlete would think “we actually won”. “I actually scored” or “we should’ve won”, but that game was still a loss regardless of what the magic tape shows.