Tales of Westspew

SosfdavidO here with nary a clue about what Sunday’s strip will be about! Your guess is as good as mine. I’ll swing back for a snark when there’s something to tear into!

Update; Tombat phoned this one in. You can tell because Les and Funky are jogging, his shorthand for “ah, damn it, whatever, let me crap something out.” as today’s sunday strip shows.

Of course, it’s all about Les. Les-Lisa. Lesa? Her head is floating in the masthead to bless the whole damn thing, but it’d be so much better if her head had been reduced to a skull.



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11 responses to “Tales of Westspew

  1. DOlz

    So much wrong with this strip.

    1) In the first panel Funky makes a pot of coffee in his restaurant instead of at home to fill a thermos.

    2) What happened to the thermos it’s never seen again.

    3) After getting up early to open the restaurant to make the coffee Funky seems surprised it’s 6 AM, which is his normal running time with Les.

    4) Funky complains that he can’t believe he’s running this early. Why not? He and Les have been doing it for years.

    5) Panels 4 thru 7 are a promotion for TB’s latest misery porn. I hope the papers that run this didn’t have to pay for it, but instead got payed for running an ad.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Another Funky conundrum: how could Lisa have been proud of a book that wouldn’t exist if she hadn’t died? Huh? Sept. 27th…already have it marked on my calendar as a “must miss”.

  3. billytheskink

    I think Funky is just relieved that the book launch isn’t at Montoni’s. I know I am.

  4. Thus do we transition from one form of flogging a dead horse to another. Making Bull look like a pathetic fool seems to be almost as much fun for Batiuk as making a lot of maudlin noise about Saint Dead Lisa.

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    So not only does Batty do nothing of consequence, he uses the strip for personal gain. A double whammy of laziness .

    Crankshaft was a gas too today.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    There is one notable change. Les has finally lost his headband.

  7. Don

    That’s funny…the Columbus Museum of Art has no mention of the book release. There is a citywide “Cartoon Crossroads” event that week, but (a) it starts on the 28th, and (b) there is no reference to the book on that website, either – not even that the publisher will be present as an exhibitor.

    • Don

      I found a reference to the opening, and it will be at the Columbus Museum of Art on Wednesday, like it says in the strip, but for some strange reason, the only mention I can find (outside of the strip itself) is at a website called Thurber House, which appears to be sponsoring the event.

  8. Jimmy

    I seem to recall reading here that TB has mentioned he won’t focus on Lisa anymore. Am I wrong, or was that a lie?

  9. The Dreamer

    So let me guess, Tombstone is really appearing at the Columbus Museum on the 27th to sign book….

  10. The Dreamer

    Er meant TomBat