Oh, the inanity!

Today’s meandering

I’ve got to hand it to Batiuk. I thought when he was going to plug Les’s (and his own, as it were) latest book flogging the Death of Lisa, that he would focus on how brave and unflinching an artist Les was for writing it.

Instead, he unflinchingly examines the inane inanity of inaneness by having this week’s focus be about how Les did a book signing at Lillian’s converted attic a couple decades ago that no one attended. Way to stretch the limits of the medium, Batiuk. Let’s just try to forget that he spent a week in Crankshaft covering this book signing, so this week has been nothing more than “remember when in my other strip Crankshaft….?”

Anyway, I’m pleased that Les has gone from seemingly being charmed by Lillian’s appearance to bored indifference bordering on irritation in the last panel. That’s right, douche, right where you belong.



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12 responses to “Oh, the inanity!

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Of course a book store owner who ran a successful “Lisa’s Story” book signing couldn’t drop by to say hello, it had to be the sad-sack-sorry hapless loser. I love how he sees it as a “trilogy”…everything before the cancer arc, the cancer arc and everything after the cancer arc…and how it perfectly encapsulates how he sees the history of the strip. It’s like “Lisa’s Story” was SUCH a landmark achievement that it was only right to follow it up with it’s prelude and aftermath, just to give the impact it had a little perspective.

    I can kind of see releasing a collection of pre-”Lisa’s Story” strips but is the real life “The Last Leaf” really a collection of Act III strips about Les? Because who the hell is going to buy a bound collection of those horrible Les and Cayla strips from a few years ago? Those “Les can’t get over Lisa” Act III strips were some of the gravest atrocities ever inflicted upon a comic page, no sane person would want to read them again.

    And what could the fictional versions of these books possibly be about? Is “Prelude” just basically a Lisa biography? Is “Last Leaf” just a recap of Les’ dating difficulties following Lisa’s death? Because again, who the hell would want to read either of those? It sounds more nightmarish than anything else.

  2. I must admit, the expression in that last panel is perfect. Les is almost fuming. He makes the same expression whenever he has to deal with students. You took the tools that I gave you, my wonderful creations, and you did nothing with them! Fools! You have betrayed humanity itself! I will order my Dalek legions to hunt you down and destroy you, for you have betrayed me! I! I! I! I am to be the genius, and you are to bear witness to my genius! You will be exterminated!

    Sorry! Watched some genuine entertainment the other day…

  3. billytheskink

    Legend says that during a Les Moore book signing, customers wallets are unexplainably sealed shut and they often find themselves suddenly outside the store, checking out Amazon on their smartphones.

    No wonder Lillian never held another book signing.

  4. count of tower grove

    Less is looking like Yasser Arafat with his whiskers falling out.

  5. Spacemanspiff85

    Um, shouldn’t it be “yours was the only signing I ever held”? Les isn’t a signing.

  6. Snifit

    Is this really going to be the second or third week of Funky in a row that’s nothing but reminiscing over old strips?

  7. The need to focus on the ‘injustice’ of not being handed ‘well-deserved’ respect and legitimacy for the cancer arc seems to have derailed him. I can think of any number of ways to move forward but he simply cannot think along those lines. To do so would mean having to admit to fucking up and moving on with his life.

  8. Rusty

    I’ve noticed when talking to elderly family and friends they have a tendency to repeat the same stories over and over.

  9. Smirks 'R Us

    So today is BatHack’s big day in Columbus! If any of our fellow snarkers in the area could keep us updated on traffic and crowd control issues that would be great. So jealous. [/sarcasm]

  10. hitorque

    So which book is this again? Is this the “Finding a second chance at love with Kayla” -book, or the “Prequel to Lisa’s Story” -book? And which one is supposed to be the graphic novel??

  11. bobanero

    I’m waiting for the 3 DVD box set containing all the Lisa’s messages from beyond the grave videos.