Right where he belongs

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So today breaks with the week’s continuity by showing a lot of people waiting in line behind Lillian as she asks Les to sign the books she’s purchased. I have to admit, having Lillian be the only person who actually came to the book signing, mostly to reminisce with Les about her bookstore, was satisfying, but now that’s been shattered by today’s strip.

So Les gets more material for his pity party as Lillian upstages him, with every single person in line much more interested in seeing her than him. In an unexpected twist, Batiuk uses some subtlety in bringing up his standard “the masses prefer twaddle to true art” statement, revealing that Lillian’s books have two cats in them and that that’s what people love. I actually prefer this to his usual less subtle fashion, which would feature that semi-corpulent woman (although she lost a TON of weight between the penultimate and the final panels) raving about how Lillian’s books don’t force her to think about the human condition or some such crap. Thank goodness for small favors.

Let’s all find out if this travesty continues next week!



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10 responses to “Right where he belongs

  1. Epicus Doomus

    I was kidding around recently re: the Lisa box set but yikes, look at the size of that thing. Surely he designed it that way so you’d have to put it on a book shelf sideways where it would act as a little billboard of sorts, something to remind you about “Lisa’s Story” each and every day. Otherwise it’d stick way out and you’d hit your head on it all the time, which isn’t really a less preferable option now that I think about it. Of course the best available option is to not buy it at all and just read my brief summary instead.

    Lisa is a dork. Lisa has a baby. Lisa become angelic and all-knowing. Lisa has another baby. Lisa gets cancer. Lisa dies. Les misses her. Les writes a book about her. Les meets a mysterious black woman. She disappears and he marries Cayla instead. Les writes two more Lisa books. The end. Several square feet of book shelf spaced saved.

    A “writer” character who enjoys writing, is prolific AND finds happiness in her new-found success? Yeah, no shit she’s not a FW regular, as no such person exists in Westview. You still gotta go out of town for that. It’s pretty funny how he was looking at her with that detached look of semi-disdainful bemusement all week only to have her totally show him up at his own book signing. Serves the bearded dick with ears right, as I’ve never cared much for that guy anyway.

  2. billytheskink

    55+ year old women in trench coats, definitely the target market for graphic novels. Oh wait, sorry, the new books aren’t graphic novels anymore, just books rushed out by Les in the last 6 months.

    One would guess Peggy and Lee are Siamese, if you please. That reference would get a B+ if it wasn’t in the same panel as Les.

  3. gleeb

    Eh, the whole creepy Les book thing is a thinly-disguised ad for Batiuk’s own just-published books anyway. It’s cheap and awful.

  4. Spacemanspiff85

    I have never hoped a strip was based on something that actually happened to Batiuk more than I do today. And just to rub salt in the wound, I hope it was an athlete who wrote a memoir that stole his thunder.

  5. What Batiuk doesn’t like to acknowledge when he gets all smug and wimmenamirite about how dumb and silly the people are for preferring Lillian’s material to Les’s is how normal human beings actually behave. No one is going to want to read the self-indulgent ravings of a boorish cluck who, upon beholding his dying wife and the daughter about to grow up without an engaged and involved parent, screamed “Why does everything bad happen to ME?”

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    An old lady buying books about a dead lady, very interesting. And that black guy in line? Must be Cayla’s younger brother coming to give Les a beating…or so I hope.

  7. As has been pointed out, the place looks more like a library than a museum. But in neither case can one “get one of your books” to be signed. One could, however, do that in a bookstore. Where are we supposed to be, again?

  8. sgtsaunders

    This is pretty good how Les gets systematically ignored in favor of an even sketchier “artist” (typist, more like it) than he is.

  9. In-world, was the first Lisa book a memoir or book of comics, as it is in our world? I guess I had thought it was a “book” book. But based on today’s strip it would appear the trilogy parallels Batiuks actual product. Or has Les’ first book been retconned? And if so, will Les give all his customers download cards for the digital chapbook that TB is offering? Or better, a VHS tape that Crazy duped off en masse.

    • Charles

      That’s what I said the other day about formating, because while the first book “Lisa Before She Died” isn’t established as either a comic book or an actual book with just text, “Lisa’s Story” was definitely established as a memoir of text, whereas “Lisa After She Died” was explicitly established as a graphic novel. So there’s a major problem in making the three books all the same size. There’s no way any publisher would produce a serious text-based book about a serious topic that is twice as wide as it is tall. That’s young children’s book territory.

      But Batiuk solves this by simply making it an advertisement for his own book release rather than about anything having to do with Les’s in-strip books. Those aren’t Les’s books in the strips; they’re Batiuk’s. They even have Tom Batiuk listed as the god damn author.