His Mouth Runneth Over

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Les’ “book talks” tend to run long…BIG surprise there. Once that obnoxious windbag gets going on “Lisa’s Story” there’s just no shutting him up. Reminds me of another author whose name escapes me at the moment.

Although I have to admit, the bearded dick with ears must be in peak physical condition, as he’s been blathering away the entire time. He must have the lung capacity of a blue whale…and none of the charm. And check out that background guy in panel two. I mean no one’s asking for any sort of attention to detail there or anything but at least pretend you put a little effort into that beard, which is just atrocious. Man, the background people in FW are all such weirdos and misfits, with the weird misshapen heads and geometrically impossible bodies and all. Too bad there isn’t a strip about them.


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12 responses to “His Mouth Runneth Over

  1. billytheskink

    Doing pretty well? I should hope so, it’s a dadgum 5K! A race that isn’t even long enough to have earned the namesake of an unmemorable 80’s Gatorade knock-off.

    Anyways, I’m dismayed to learn that Les running over on a book talk isn’t prohibited by the Geneva Convention or something.

  2. countoftowergrove

    That is one strange expression Caucayla has in panel three. Perhaps she could use this time with her man to ask “when are you going to fucking take me to China, you douche bag?”

    • That right there is the facial expression of someone who is JUST BARELY tolerating what’s going on.

      You know, I don’t think we’ve ever seen an arc truly focused on Cayla, have we? At least, not one that isn’t about how she’s “old” (which is why she changed her hair) or “The Other Woman”.

    • Epicus Doomus

      “Caucayla”…LOL, brilliant.

      • countoftowergrove

        We who post on CK have been calling her that for some time. Thanks, but it’s not original with me. “Fungyverse,” however is!

  3. Snifit

    It looks like there are about four people running this race, which is about four more than I expected.

  4. It’s a lateral move from being so self-important that you can think “This place I’ve only heard of has thing that not as challenging as the only reference I have because I’ve never experienced it” to being so dumb, you can congratulate yourself for always leaving your audiences wanting less.

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    Crankshaft: an angel turd from Lisa falls from the sky

  6. It’s so jarring when Batiuk and his artists cross the axis. In the third panel, everyone looks like they’re running the wrong way and it just breaks the flow of the strip. But there’s no other way to get a big, worshipful portrait of Les, is there?

  7. Based on the new masthead, it looks like Sgt. Joe Friday is really bored investigating Les’ murder.

  8. bobanero

    So, where’s Funky, who’s been Les’ running partner all these years? Is he back at the EMT tent again?

  9. Professor Fate

    I’m looking at this strip and I found myself asking myself the question, even if we liked Les, that is if he wasn’t the insufferable smug character he is would one like this strip, or be amused by it? I’d have to say no you wouldn’t . Which really doesn’t speak well to whatever this arc is trying to do (other than take up space and time)