Just Shut Up And Run

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God this is making me ill. The only “blister” Dick Facey is going to get is on his wildly flapping gums. Why is he narrating this, the annual cancer fun run been going on for YEARS already and everyone in that town knows every square inch of that crappy park. Unless it’s a different park, as everything is totally unclear and vague as usual.

“And this is Lump Lane, where Lisa found her cancerous tumor.”

“And this is Puke Path, where she got sick after her first cancer treatment.”

“And this is Sorrow Slope, where I cried after Lisa died.”

Enough already. It’s a small town charity cancer fun run, not a Civil War battlefield. At least Ghost Lisa is absent today, perhaps a parks department leaf blower wooshed her away or something. And a single-panel job on a Wednesday? I mean if the story is THAT thin already why even bother?


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9 responses to “Just Shut Up And Run

  1. billytheskink

    “Heartbreak Hill” is probably easier on the human body than running within earshot of Les.

  2. count of tower grove

    Today Less looks like a refugee from a Johnny Hart comic.

  3. Ray

    Why the hell does it look like they are running cross-country?

  4. Spacemanspiff85

    “And there’s ‘Urinary Grove’, where Funky and I lurked while a young woman relieved herself.”

  5. It’s about to be Breakneck Bump if Les doesn’t look where he’s going.

  6. Jimmy

    “perhaps a parks department leaf blower wooshed her away or something”

    That’s the first laugh I’ve had re:FW in a while.

  7. What we got here is a dude from a small town looking and acting as if his stain on the map is the axis around which the world rotates. I’m guessing that when the Wolfman told one of the kids in American Graffiti that Modesto ain’t the hub of anything, Batiuk howled in rage at the evil lie.

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    Tell us what you see Les.

    Do the bare minimum Todd.

  9. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    My favorite FW character is the disembodied foot at the far right of the panel. I like that it’s beating Less in the race.