Adjectives Are Really Good!

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I thought he wasn’t going to be in the annual cancer fun run? Can’t anything EVER be clear with this comic strip? What a nauseating display, just repellent. Unimaginative and stupid too. “Great”…”amazing”…it’s a charity fun run people, not a pizza app or breakfast pizza or a comic book. “Adequate”…”sufficient”…”serves its purpose”…THOSE are more apt ways to describe it. The fun run, I mean, not the strip itself, which is a totally ghastly piece of crap.


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27 responses to “Adjectives Are Really Good!

  1. count of tower grove

    Awwww! Isn’t this special!

  2. Rusty

    Holy shit it’s spectacular. I would buy the original and hang it in the guest bathroom.

  3. Rusty

    The most meta FW ever.

  4. Gerard Plourde

    I can only say “Wait! What?” And how nice that the Rotarians were able to send her an ectoplasmic tee shirt.

  5. Don’t look back, Cayla…something may be gaining on you. Meanwhile, Burchett earns another Funky Merit Badge:

    • I know they’re supposed to have stock “thoughtful faces”, but doesn’t it look like Les and Cayla are tuning each other out when either one speaks? Come on, even ‘Ghost Lisa’ looks more alive than they do!
      The supposedly romantic relationship between these two does not feel real at all. More like a restrained friendship based on 24/7 glorification of Lisa, Lisa, Lisa….

  6. Spacemanspiff85

    I’ve got to imagine more than 90% of what Cayla says to Les is just “I wonder what Lisa would have thought about it?”.
    Also, I thought Lisa was supposed to be good, right? Then why is she doomed to follow Les around for eternity?

    • ian'sdrunkenbeard

      “I wonder what Lisa would think?”

      “She’d think that chicken you made last night was dry!”

      Perhaps having a child out of wedlock was enough to condemn Lisa to hell…

  7. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Bravo! You even changed Lisa’s expression!

  8. erdmann

    Didn’t Les start the annual cancer run? Isn’t this year’s event merely a continuation of what he created? So by saying its “really great,” isn’t he actually, in a way, praising his own work? Yeah, that seems about right.

  9. Okay, this actually had me laughing because it’s so ridiculous. That last panel! It’s like a parody of itself!

  10. I’d say that the most jarring note is the realization that Batiuk is twisted and misogynistic enough to assume that a marriage in name only to a morbid lunatic hopelessly in love with capitalizing on how he felt about the suffering of his first wife is better than being single when in the real world, it’s quite the reverse.

  11. Rusty Shackleford

    Sobbing, tears welling up…for how crappy this strip is.

  12. Comic Book Harriet

    Cayla simply mentioned Lisa because she knew it would send Les off to an imaginary Lisa-La-La-Land and he would stop blathering on to her about how ‘really great’ the Mentor Legacy Run is. Just shut up and jog, cracker! Some people are trying to compete here!

  13. bad wolf

    Let me just point out that Sunday is the 5th anniversary of Les and Cayla’s wedding, and we’ve spent the week with this.

    I mean, at least Cayla got some screen time this year, but do you ever wonder what happened to (oh lets just pull one out at random) the trip to Hong Kong?

  14. bobanero

    Well, it’s the only Cancer Fun Run that I’m aware of that has a special category for runners who are ghosts of cancer victims, so I guess that’s pretty great.

  15. hitorque

    You just know Batiuk is wondering if he can get away with another storyline where Les discovers 12 hours of never-before-seen special edition director’s cut Lisa conversations from beyond the grave…

  16. I just wonder if he’s aware that beating a dead horse just gives you a less-and-less recognizable horse as time goes on. It does NOT bring the horse back to life.