It’s Grrrr-Ate!!!

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Special thanks to Charles for a fantastic debut and the rest of Team SoSF for just being you!

If only Les could find a way to do his book tour DURING the annual cancer fun run, then EVERYTHING would FINALLY be going his way! That way he could still Lisa his Lisa while simultaneously Lisa-ing. While there’s nothing really wrong with BatNom using FW to promote himself like this it might be a little more…uh…”interesting” if he wasn’t so obvious and ham-fisted about it. “These new Lisa’s Legacy shirts are GREAT! Machine-washable and no more nipple-chafing either!”.

It’s sort of tough to really viciously snark on a charity cancer fun run, but every time I read the words “Lisa’s Legacy” I can’t help but think to myself that “Lisa’s Legacy” is really just a bunch of totally insufferable comic strips, as she wasn’t even a real person. A few years of Lisa sitting under a tree and calling Les “Spanky” followed by a decade of strips featuring Les talking about it is not exactly a “legacy”, unless you happen to be one of those people who assigns vast importance to obscure mundane things. You know who I mean.

Still though, I really want one of those “Lisa’s Legacy” T-shirts, as IMO not enough people look at me quizzically these days. My ultimate SoSF dream is to attend a Batiuk book signing, ask him a bunch of questions about obscure FW characters (“whatever happened to Mooch?”) then hand him a FBOFW collection to autograph.


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  1. I realize there’s exposition that has to be done here, but this dialogue makes me think of those later-season Flintstones episodes where the writers couldn’t think of anything for Wilma and especially Betty to do, so all their interactions go like:

    Wilma: Fred is so worried about the bowling contest tomorrow night!
    Betty: He sure is, Wilma!
    Wilma: And Barney’s no more calm himself.
    Betty: That’s right!
    Wilma: But if we can just hold out until Friday night it’ll all be over.
    Betty: You’re right, Wilma!

    What I’m saying is I want the Great Gazoo to come in and, like, turn Les into a saber-toothed snorkasaurus for the rest of the book tour.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    And isn’t it weird how Cayla never accompanies Les on any of these Lisa ventures? It’s not really…uh…indicative, let’s say, of any marriages I’ve ever encountered. She’s always been a placid doormat character but still, it’s just odd how this never enters his mind when he writes this stuff.

  3. billytheskink

    I’ll bet the Lisa’s Legacy Run would set records for both participation and fund raising if Les’s book tour didn’t allow him to participate, especially if the Mentor Rotary had a chance to announce it in advance.

  4. Today’s Real Place in Ohio: the Mentor Senior Center! (thanks Google)

  5. spacemanspiff85

    I find it pretty hard to believe that Les’s book tour duties have him so busy he can’t spend a couple of hours on a Saturday morning to attend the run. Also, his books are all about Lisa. I think maybe incorporating the run into the tour wouldn’t be that crazy, since everyone at the run probably knows about Lisa and is interested in her story.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      One would have thought that Les would know the date of the run and schedule around it….or duh, plan on signing books before and after the run.

      But I am jazzed, Mentor, Ohio is only 30 min away from my house! Wow!

    • billytheskink

      This strip almost makes it seem like Les was only going to be able to participate if the run was held in Mentor, because that was the next stop on his book tour. Mentor being about an hour away from where Westview is presumably located. I mean it makes as much sense as the first stop on Les’ grand book tour being an overnight stay in Columbus (2 hours away from Westview, maybe).

  6. Serious question: Does Tom Batiuk honestly think that treating his major black, female character as a happy doormat is going to get him award nominations? Aiming for awards seems to be his business model these days, but I think there’s a flaw in that plan.

    • Right! His problem is that he, without proper planning, keeps introducing these supposedly edgy topics and characters hoping for accolades, and when they don’t come, he’s left with whatever he’s created and has to leave it to bomb.

  7. count of tower grove

    New “artist?” I can’t wait to see how he draws the minions of this strip holding pizza slices.

  8. Stick that foot out further and trip him, Cayla. You know you want to.

  9. And let’s not forget the trademark clumsy dialogue. The Lord Of Language is an incompetent tyrant.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    Those shorts make Les look a little boxy.

  11. bayoustu

    When I (foolishly) clicked on the link to today’s strip, not only did I see the hilarious image of Les sashaying about in his “Marilyn Monroe” shorts, but said strip was surrounded by ads for hemorrhoid cures! Coincidence? I think not!

  12. Doc

    Did Ayers move from Crankshaft to FW? What happened to the other artist? And if the run is next week, as it says in tiny print at the bottom of the first panel, why are they all dressed for it today?

  13. Gerard Plourde

    And he’s got that stupid headband again.

  14. Rusty

    My guess is that once the Mentor whatever decided to sponsor the run, Batiuk and Ayers threw some strips together to commemorate it. Which are then plopped into the rotation for this week. Les is stating here that although he’s too busy to plan the run because of awesome book tour, he can at least make time to run in it that day, thanks to the Mentor whatever.

    • billytheskink

      These strips may well have been drawn a while back. After a few years hiatus, the real life Lisa’s Legacy run was resurrected in 2014 when the Mentor Rotary co-opted Lisa/Funky Winkerbean and renamed their longstanding “It’s Better In Mentor” run.