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Bored Of The Lame

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Snore. LOTL is back but to no avail, as Pete is more focused than ever before and (zzzzzzz). Only in FW could a character merely doing his job (his dream job, no less) instead of aimlessly loafing, daydreaming and goofing off be considered noteworthy. I hope the Lord Of Anything Else visits a certain noted Ohioian comic strip writer soon, although the Lord Of Being Careful What You Wish For is tapping me on the shoulder right now too.

Anyhow, the Lord Of SoSF Snark can kick all their asses without breaking a sweat. Coming on Monday…the return of Comic Book Harriet, who, like the rest of us, is quite anxious to see if this AK arc will ever end.



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Drone On, You Lazy Hack

Link To Sunday’s Strip

Meh, it’s stupid but I’ve seen worse. Too bad it had to feature Les and his stupid cancer book though, as I really could have lived without that. Check out that elaborate backdrop though. You KNOW he’s taking that thing home after the tour.

Stay tuned for billytheskink who’s taking you through Halloween and beyond!


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Do Ya Think I’m Altruistic, Baby?

Link To Today’s Strip

No preview…stay tuned. My guess: Boy Lisa drops by one of Les’ “Lisa Trilogy” book signings to drop off the Batom Comics covers for the big “Lisa’s Legacy” cancer charity auction while wearing a Kent State sweatshirt and everything at long last comes full circle.

UPDATE: There’s a lot of information packed into this little gem. I got the impression that Phil was bitter and angry, mainly by how bitter and angry he was acting, but today Boy Lisa verifies it. What a surprise, as the usual one-shot FW character is normally all full of rainbows and light and all.

Then things take a typically sappy turn as Darin’s Lisa “gosh darn helping people” gene kicks into overdrive which, strangely enough, sends Jessica into another craven display of wanton desire, this time sexual instead of financial. Man, this woman is just a ball of “help me I never signed up for this” energy, isn’t she?


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WorthJess Gesture

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No preview today…deal with it. My best guess: it’ll continue to feature the perpetually useless Boy Lisa and his equally annoying pal Pete slobbering over those stupid Starbuck Jones covers that no one on earth cared about as recently as a day ago. The history of SJ is so convoluted at this point it’s beyond rational explanation anyway, so sure, the covers are actually rare national treasures now. Whatever.

Update: Phil Holt died for these jerk-offs? A completely disinterested Jessica (who could blame her at this point) yawns at the garbage her husband keeps dragging into the house. Then upon realizing that Darin’s latest comic book crap could possibly generate a nice cash windfall for herself, she lights up in one of the more grotesque displays of sheer wanton greed I’ve seen in this comic strip since, well, since yesterday, when Pete actually expressed envy over not receiving a dead man’s possessions. What the f*ck is wrong with these people?


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Adjectives Are Really Good!

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I thought he wasn’t going to be in the annual cancer fun run? Can’t anything EVER be clear with this comic strip? What a nauseating display, just repellent. Unimaginative and stupid too. “Great”…”amazing”…it’s a charity fun run people, not a pizza app or breakfast pizza or a comic book. “Adequate”…”sufficient”…”serves its purpose”…THOSE are more apt ways to describe it. The fun run, I mean, not the strip itself, which is a totally ghastly piece of crap.


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