WorthJess Gesture

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No preview today…deal with it. My best guess: it’ll continue to feature the perpetually useless Boy Lisa and his equally annoying pal Pete slobbering over those stupid Starbuck Jones covers that no one on earth cared about as recently as a day ago. The history of SJ is so convoluted at this point it’s beyond rational explanation anyway, so sure, the covers are actually rare national treasures now. Whatever.

Update: Phil Holt died for these jerk-offs? A completely disinterested Jessica (who could blame her at this point) yawns at the garbage her husband keeps dragging into the house. Then upon realizing that Darin’s latest comic book crap could possibly generate a nice cash windfall for herself, she lights up in one of the more grotesque displays of sheer wanton greed I’ve seen in this comic strip since, well, since yesterday, when Pete actually expressed envy over not receiving a dead man’s possessions. What the f*ck is wrong with these people?



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11 responses to “WorthJess Gesture

  1. Spacemanspiff85

    Ha, women sure are gold-diggers, huh?
    Also, I really hope they aren’t worth much, considering how you’re handling and folding them.
    So Jess is in LA now, for some reason? Too bad Batiuk couldn’t show that. Yet another female character who solely exists to give her man someone to talk to.

    • bigd1992

      Jess has a higher purpose: to die of cancer so Darren can create a graphic novel tribute to her…..with Les’s help of course. Jess’s Journey, volumes 1-5467924

  2. billytheskink

    Well, they’d be worth a lot more if Jess and Durwood weren’t handling and passing them around like loose leaf notebook paper. This is 50-70 year old original cover artwork, not yesterday’s Los Angeles Times classifieds.

    Whatever… DSH, Jeff, Holly, and Chester the Chiseler are gonna get into a bidding war over these dang things regardless of how many times Skyler uses them to make paper airplanes.

  3. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Panel #3: “Can I finally get my boobs done?”

  4. I’m sure that this sort of deep-seated misogyny has at its roots Batiuk’s disgust at his mother for suggesting that the money he blew buying funny books could be used to purchase useful things that could help him and steer him away from a life churning out lurid trash.

  5. bayoustu

    We’ll find out how much these “Bantom” covers are worth when Batty auctions them off. My guess is the whole lot goes for $1.40.

    • Gerard Plourde

      I was thinking that we’re witnessing the start of the marketing campaign for the auction next month.

  6. These sort of strips would make me angry…in the past. But it’s hard to feel anything other than “tired” while reading this crap. I just can’t get worked up over–or find anything interesting in–the utter infantilization of the strip. By God, it’s going to be about comic books and Lisa even if it kills any kind of legacy the strip might have had.

  7. Comic Book Harriet

    Jess’s non-wry, not-smug, almost manic grin at the thought of selling these comics for cash should tell you all what a lousy provider/saver Boy-Lisa is.
    I mean the guy did blow wads of cash on life-size Flash dolls with treadmills.

  8. Don

    In terms of monetary value, they’re worthless as far as Darin is concerned as he’s not going to sell them, but priceless to everybody else – especially whoever ends up stealing them, so we have another drawn-out storyline to complain about. (“How do we find them?” “Well, there’s a saying – it takes a thief…anybody know Cory’s phone number?”)