Better By You, Better Than Me

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Speaking for myself, Boy Lisa’s annoying insistence on referring to Lisa as his “mom” is nothing short of infuriating. Lisa was not Darin’s “mom”, his mother is named Ann and she’s currently back in Westview caring for his father Fred, who suffered a stroke on the crapper a few years back. Let me tell you, the way he took his misery knife and carved up those two characters was one of the cruelest things he’s done in Act III and all of it after Ann single-handedly scored Summer her championship too. The stroke, the loveless sham marriage full of unfulfilled dreams, the weird half-sister, Darin’s sudden embrace of Saint Lisa as his “mom”…he went all-out on the Fairgoods.

BanTom’s barely-disguised disdain for adoption in general aside, what a laughable piece of claptrap this is. Sure, this husband, father of a young child and sole provider has a hefty windfall plop right into his lap and his first thought is Lisa…come on already, Tom, knock it the f*ck off.


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  1. bigd1992

    Come on jess, grow a spine and tell him “we’re selling them because I am tired of being poor and playing 2nd fiddle to your dead egg donor!”

  2. Spacemanspiff85

    Um, it wasn’t his mom’s cancer research fund. It’s Les’s. He named after Lisa, but she had nothing to do with it.

  3. billytheskink

    Phil Holt so thoroughly enjoyed his one afternoon with a guy he just met that he altered his will mere weeks before his death so he could leave his life’s work to Durwood… only for Durwood to immediately turn around and sell it all. Poor Phil becomes more disposable by the day, and he’s not even alive anymore.

    “Potentially worth thousands of dollars”
    Looks like TB is hedging his bets ahead of his real life Batom Comics cover Lisa charity auction on November 17th.

    • Epicus Doomus

      No one even bothered to remark on Phil’s untimely death. No “what happened?”…”oh no!”…”how sad!”…nothing. Pete was overcome with jealousy and Jessica was downright giddy over the news. What a bunch of ghouls.

      Re: that real life auction. I mean I don’t doubt that someone will buy them…but who?

  4. Count of Tower Grove

    I’m gonna hazard a guess that the shady looking chap in the splash panel is going swindle Durward out of his posters. Thus the hard luck of Westview cannot be shaken, only stirred.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    This one kind of reminds me of that “Leave It To Beaver” episode where the Beav finds some money and learns the value of Doing The Right Thing. You know, he could have had Jessica to be the one to suggest a charitable donation instead of depicting her as a nine year old. Looks like a real healthy marriage they have there too, what with all that solid communication and all.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    What a contrived set of circumstances we’ve been presented in this ad for The Author’s BaTom cover art auction.

  7. I can decide which is worse–the Lisa worship or the comic book worship. Both have gone way past “pathetic.”

  8. Gerard Plourde: What a contrived set of circumstances we’ve been presented in this ad for The Author’s BaTom cover art auction.

    In the past month, Batiuk’s used this strip to promote his “real world” interests: his book tour, the Lisa’s Legacy 5K, and now this cockamamie auction of spurious “comic book” art. Granted, the last two are charity events. But all this huckstering does nothing to make Funky Winkerbean any sort of a compelling read.

    • Epicus Doomus

      I’m all for charity, mind you, but this one was especially grating IMO, what with the “Darin is Lisa’s son” nonsense and all. If he wants to do an arc about an art auction that coincides with his real life art auction then just do one. It couldn’t be any dumber than this. “Pete and Darin attend an auction of Phil Holt’s work”…there, no one even had to die or anything.

      • erdmann

        Phil Holt was supposedly meant as a tribute to the late Jack Kirby. However, his being nothing more than a plot device and an ad gimmick (even if it is for a charity) makes him seem more like an insult than an honor. At least when the creators of “Dick Tracy” resurrect the legendary Gene Colan next week they’ll be kind enough to set him up on a date.

    • spacemanspiff85

      At this rate, I’m expecting both of Batiuk’s strips to just turn into ads for each other. That’s almost the case now, given the constant crossovers that don’t really accomplish anything.

  9. I’m reminded of the Law And Order: Criminal Intent with Colbert in it. This is because Durwood’s compulsive need to pay fealty to a dead woman who was, as Briscoe or McCoy would put it, merely in the room when he was born for all the influence she actually had on his life is going to do a real number on that kid of his.

    As for the late Phil Holt, I think Batiuk wants us to think that he should rest content knowing that he too served and played his part in furthering Les’s sick need to make his wife’s death a means of boasting about himself.

  10. Why didn’t Phil Holt see the art when he was still alive? He could’ve got out of working at kiddie birthday parties, and afforded a car–or at least cabfare. The stupid…it burns.

  11. Rusty

    All-in on Lisa as his mother, than all-in on Frankie as his dad. Come to poppa, Durrrwood.

  12. You know, it struck me that despite Jess’ obvious glee at the prospect of a lot of money (similar with Cayla when Les got a screenwriting check), none of the characters in this strip seem to lack funds. Hell, Dullard himself bought very expensive Flash-themed garbage just a few months ago. I can’t recall anyone saying, “We can’t afford that,” or “We’ll have to cut back on expenses.” Money, like punchlines, seems to be something folks are aware of but never actually see.

    • Bravo! Whiny McBimbo has a decent Malibu apartment, though she works at for some Internet company that pays via GoFundMe, Crazy hasn’t lost too much from being laid off by the post office, Fatty McBimbo can buy $50K worth of comics, and Boy Lisa seems to make a trip every month back to Westview, not to mention buying garbage at the Flash Museum. And he works a low-level job. Batiuk isn’t even a quarter lightyear away from reality.

    • Epicus Doomus

      The most annoying thing about Darin and Jessica, by far, is how they’ve been retconned into a “young couple just starting out”, like the thirteen or fourteen years they spent in The Big City living the MBA lifestyle never happened. How often did he think about “mom” during those years?