Do Ya Think I’m Altruistic, Baby?

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No preview…stay tuned. My guess: Boy Lisa drops by one of Les’ “Lisa Trilogy” book signings to drop off the Batom Comics covers for the big “Lisa’s Legacy” cancer charity auction while wearing a Kent State sweatshirt and everything at long last comes full circle.

UPDATE: There’s a lot of information packed into this little gem. I got the impression that Phil was bitter and angry, mainly by how bitter and angry he was acting, but today Boy Lisa verifies it. What a surprise, as the usual one-shot FW character is normally all full of rainbows and light and all.

Then things take a typically sappy turn as Darin’s Lisa “gosh darn helping people” gene kicks into overdrive which, strangely enough, sends Jessica into another craven display of wanton desire, this time sexual instead of financial. Man, this woman is just a ball of “help me I never signed up for this” energy, isn’t she?


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20 responses to “Do Ya Think I’m Altruistic, Baby?

  1. DOlz

    Is Modigliani drawing this strip now?

  2. Rusty Shackleford

    My God this is crap. Phil Holt was a loser. Yeah, he wasted his life. He should have planned ahead and left a legacy. Instead he left his best work to a jack ass. F Lisa, she was a preachy know it all that nobody liked. Yeah, the truth hurts!

    • Charles

      Yeah, I’m sure it’s been stated, but Phil left those covers to Darin because he thought Darin was the only person he knew who would appreciate them. If Phil’s thought process instead was “he’s a nice kid and I’d like to leave him with something”, he’d have told his estate planner to sell the covers and give the proceeds to Darin. The fact that Darin got the covers should MEAN that Phil wanted him to have the covers, not the money that would come from immediately turning around and selling them so he could make a big donation to an unrelated charity.

  3. Spacemanspiff85

    Two words I’d like Batiuk to not use anymore: sexy and sexier. Also, Lisa.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Death, cancer, envy, greed, lust, improperly honoring one’s mother and father…this was quite a week all right. And all of it thanks to that soul-murdering vortex of eternal human misery…the comic book industry. If Phil had become, say, a courtroom sketch artist, he’d probably have had a very generous benefits package that might have prevented his untimely death, but apparently the lure of comic book immortality was just too much for ol’ Phil to resist. Some look for artistic immortality, some seek fame and fortune, Phil chose cartoon spacemen and robot butlers. Thus Phil Holt’s sad saga ends with Les f*cking Moore receiving a hefty five-figure check, most likely just enough to get the park bench re-painted with enough left over for pizza for everyone. I’m depressed just thinking about it.

  5. billytheskink

    If there is any truth to the fever dreams Pete and Durwood have about the comics industry Phil’s heyday, it is easy to see why he was angry and bitter. Having coworkers like them would sour me on any job.

  6. Let’s remind ourselves of what soured Phil on life: having an editor. Editors are the worst because they ask stupid and cruel questions about something evil called plausibility and another evil thing called logical coherence and the most evil thing of all, not alienating paying readers with a million ‘stupid’ ideas.

  7. Gerard Plourde

    So if I follow this correctly, Phil Holt left the comics industry and, although he was a professional illustrator, the only work he did after that was caricatures at kids’ parties?

    Also, what disease did he come down with that killed him so quickly?

    Is it possible that Darin, recognizing the value of Phil’s originals but concealing that fact from him, wormed his way into Phil’s confidence, induced him to leave them to him, and waited for nature to take its course? I’d expect nothing less from the son of “bio-dad” who’s completely rejected the Fairgoods, who might also benefit from some financial assistance.

  8. Poor Phil. Died of something after becoming angry and bitter. Denied fame because he turned his back on it all. A forgotten man.

    So, Darrin should start Phil Holt’s Legacy, right? As a tribute to an artist who should be celebrated for his works? So he’s no longer forgotten? Have an annual kiddie-party-draw-off or something?

    Wrong. Phil becomes just an angry, bitter footnote to Lisa. He’s now Double Secret Forgotten.

    Does Tom Batiuk even read what he writes? This is so far beyond insulting to Phil Holt that Batiuk basically becomes one of those mean, unappreciative editors.

  9. Count of Tower Grove

    Let’s ignore that we could start a college fund for Skyler.

    • Double Sided Scooby Snack

      No college needed to work at Montoni’s.

    • Charles

      That’s one of the things that annoys me about this. They’re a family with a young kid and only one working parent, in a job without a lot of long term security. It’d only make sense that if Darin really didn’t want to keep the covers for sentimental reasons, he’d sell them to help out his family. That kid’s not going to be cheap to raise, especially in Los Angeles; especially if they might want to have another child.

      And it’s annoying that the only two apparent options here is Darin selling them in service of his Lisa fetish, or Jessica selling them for mad money. The idea that they’d use them to help their own long term financial situation never comes up, which, honestly, should be the only consideration for two adults in this particular situation.

      But it’s not going to matter, because no matter how unrealistic it is based on how Batiuk portrays their circumstances, Dorkin and his idiot wife will always have enough money to do what they want. It doesn’t matter that a storyboarder who doesn’t use a computer for his work will never actually make a lot of money in Hollywood or elsewhere. Just like the school or Montoni’s or Crazy Harry after losing his postal job, there will always be enough money for them to do what they want.

  10. A shrink could win a Nobel prize by investigating Bats. “Psychoanalysis of Comics Author Through His Writing” – filed under abnormal psychology in a document search of course. First line of the paper: “…and the author, who we will refer to by the name ‘Phil Holt’, exhibits severe….”

  11. Rusty

    Phil died when the shock to his system of suddenly aging 10 years in a day took him down. There is nothing squickier than Batiuk’s flirty banter between couples, by the way.

  12. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Wait until these two nitwits find out 85% of the money donated to the Lisa’s Larceny Fund goes to headbands, yellow shirts, and hair plugs for Les.

    • Gerard Plourde

      And the remaining 15% goes to psychic research so that Lisa can visit more effectively from the beyond.

  13. bobanero

    Hey, if Phil Holt’s comic covers are worth so much money, those kids from the birthday party don’t realize they’re sitting on a gold mine.