Holting On To The Past

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RIP Phil Holt, the latest FW character to sadly bite the dust. Well, at least he didn’t suffer. Apparently he had no family or friends, so he bequeathed his career-defining original artwork to some jerk he bummed a ride from a few months back. Too bad Phil didn’t own a pizzeria too, as then EVERYTHING would finally be going Boy Lisa’s way.

Pete’s reaction here is totally baffling. “I would have appreciated them too”…what? Is he being hypothetical and merely commenting on how awesome they are or is he expressing jealousy, like he wishes Phil would have left HIM some original artwork too? Either way he looks like a dick, as most normal people in his position would probably say something like “holy shit, Phil Holt died and left YOU his career-defining original art???” or something like that. Or maybe express some sadness about the news, you know, like normal people would. And these nitwits are his FANS, mind you. Imagine what Phil’s enemies must be saying about him right now.



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15 responses to “Holting On To The Past

  1. Gerard Plourde

    Once again The Author reveals that his characters are just plot devices that he can manipulate to his own ends. Real characters, on the other hand, take on a life of their own that require an author to change a story’s trajectory.

    • Comic Book Harriet

      I agree that Batty uses his ‘characters’ as interchangeable cardboard cutouts. The test being that you can take a line out of one character’s mouth and put it directly into another’s without changing either the story or the character. BUT, I have seem some very very poor storytelling where the characters got ‘too real’ to the author and the story’s themes were completely derailed by ‘The characters’ dictating to ‘the author’ the way the story should go. IE, Fanfiction, Terry Goodkind, Twilight…FOOB.

  2. This is why I keep reading the strip, bizarre storylines with easily despised characters. Say, maybe Bats lives in the Bizarro World. “What am funny are bad, me no like what make sense.” BizarroTom, yeah.

  3. erdmann

    “I would appreciated them, too… They would have been… precious to me! Give them to me! Gollum! Gollum!”

    But seriously folks… wouldn’t trufans such as Dipwad and Dopey Pete have already known about Holt’s death?

  4. billytheskink

    “He says that Phil knew I’d appreciate them.”
    Phil never was a good judge of character…

    Oh man, I just now see on the SOSF retweet deal that TB was at the Brazos Bookstore, not 20 miles from me, a few days ago. I’m almost sorry I couldn’t bring attendance at his talk up to four.

  5. Spacemanspiff85

    So Phil changed his will to include Darin, but never bothered to find a way to get in touch with him, so those people on Monday didn’t have to hunt Darin down?

    • Epicus Doomus

      “Yeah, Darin Fairgood. Tall bland blond fella. He works over at CME on the Starbuck Jones movies, he’s a storyboard artist. Originally from Ohio or something. Has a kid named Skyler”…I mean how many Darin Fairgoods could there be in the area who match that description? It’s all he had to say. But that shadowy lawyer was all like “ah HA, finally tracked down our elusive man!” like it required some in-depth search.

      And how was Phil paying for this lawyer of his? The guy was bumming rides home from weird strangers after gigs as a children’s birthday party caricature artist, he was so down and out even his picture frames were sadly askew. How’d he afford that diligent legal dream team of his?

      Why didn’t he just give the artwork to Boy Lisa while he was right there in his house? What was it about Boy Lisa that touched ol’ Phil so deeply that he actually hired an attorney and drew up a will specifically to include him in it? Was it the way Boy Lisa pretended he was a big fan of his work? Was it the way he drove him home that time thus saving him the bus fare? Was it the way Darin seemed in awe of his comic book art accomplishments instead of laughing at him like everyone else did? Was it the overall (and heavily debatable) cuteness of little baby Skyler? How devoid of content and meaning was his life that he actually spent time pondering the decision?

      We’ll probably never really know, as that rapscallion BanTom already killed him off. Such an enigmatic figure, that Phil. Anyhow, looks like Boy Lisa is finally set for life, as long as he can live on Pete’s boundless envy, that is.

      • DOlz

        “We’ll probably never really know, as that rapscallion BanTom already killed him off.”

        Next week a large truck will pull up loaded with Betamax tapes that Phil recorded in his last hours with sage advise for Darin. This sends the dudnamic duo on a w̶e̶e̶k̶s̶ months long hunt for a working machine since Sony stopped making them in 2002.

  6. This is pretty much the Platonic ideal of a Winkerbean story line: we’ve got an exceedingly improbable event happening to unsympathetic dolts who whine “Poor me…..where am I going to put this new huge bag of money? Don’t people know how much money bins cost?”

  7. Pete’s dialogue sounds like we missed an entire two week arc where Darrin, before driving Phil home, drove him over to meet Pete at the studio and they all hung around together. They probably talked about what it was like to meet old people “back in the day.”

  8. “I wonder what it was like when brief, chance encounters with now-obscure artists resulted in bequests of valuable artwork back in the days of Batom Comics?”


  10. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “Peet! Is this your pizza on my Batom covers?”

    “We’re out of clean dishes.”

    “Stop wiping your hands on that cover!”

    “We’re out of paper towels, too.”

  11. Professor Fate

    Later when they try to cash in the covers:
    “well they would have been worth a lot more if they hadn’t been handled so much ”
    “I see”
    “And there are these stains on them…”
    “No not just pizza. Let me put it this way, don’t shine an Ultra violet light on them, trust me on this.”