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I like the “I” on the front of Bull’s jacket, like the artist just couldn’t be bothered to draw a proper half a “W”. Nicely done there, new guy. What a totally pointless waste of time this piece of garbage was, it was pretty much the same thing as the first Buck arc except even less eventful. At least that one involved thinking and walking. I don’t get what he’s trying to “do” with Bull at all. He gave him a debilitating brain condition in order to force him into an early retirement (Bull is the same age as the rest of the Act I gang, remember) but all he’s done since then is sit around remembering things, which is kind of at odds with the whole point of it.

Earlier in Act III he did an arc about Funky having to put his Alzheimer’s-afflicted father in a nursing home, which led to all sorts of hilarious ramifications, but now Morty is a goofy peppy old coot, improbably enough. Lisa took a hundred years to finally agonizingly die from cancer, then she was hanging around in Les’ car like a month later. Now he’s doing an arc about Bull suffering from brain damage, yet his memory appears to be sharper than ever. There’s a definite pattern of sorts here, one I’d prefer not to analyze very deeply at the moment.


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  1. Count of Tower Grove

    Bull’s operating on muscle memory.

  2. The Dreamer

    where is this going? batiuk must have writers block, that’s what happens when you see a weeks of strips that go nowhere, as we’ ve had this month with tombat/les’s book appearance and now this stuff. Has tombat run out of ideas for narrative?

  3. Spacemanspiff85

    What he’s doing with Bull is the same exact thing he did with Dinkle. He gave them each some tragic/ironic medical condition and set them to be riding into the sunset, then realized that there’s no way on earth he can do this strip without band/football gags, so he just ignored what he did and keeps on as normal.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    Also, Bull and Buck are so obviously having an affair. Bull’s facial expressions pretty much give it away. I have no idea what that face in the third panel has to do with “we reenacted a football game”.

    • ian'sdrunkenbeard

      “It took us a while to reenact every single play of Bull’s senior year homecoming game – especially the part where he schtupped the homecoming queen under the stands!”

    • Comic Book Harriet

      I was embarrassed enough when I learned that ‘Netflix and Chill’ was a euphemism for casual sex, after using it to mean watching Netflix and relaxing platonically with friends I don’t use for sex

      I don’t want to know what kind of filthy act ‘reenacting every single play of a homecoming football game’ entails. I’m sure the ‘playbook’ is illegal in several countries,

  5. Epicus Doomus

    When will Bull start losing it? How will we know? He seems to be remembering things better than ever right now, which seems to be, you know, at complete odds with the reason he retired in the first place.

  6. billytheskink

    Bull could be faking all of this CTE stuff and paying an actor to play “Buck” just so he can avoid Les, Linda, and the others in Westview who make life an unpleasant thing. I wouldn’t blame him.

  7. What confuses me is why we’re supposed to find the self-righteous harpy he married to be a sympathetic figure. She doesn’t like football, she thinks she’s better than the shlump she married and she seems to live to crush his dreams. What the Hell is the attraction?!

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    They were gone so long because the police arrested them for trespassing. Then when they told the police why they were on the field, the police took them to the hospital for mental evaluation.

  9. Buck looks like every time he opens his mouth, a Pez candy should shoot out.

  10. The Dreamer

    I know…Bull gets Buck hired to be the new coach at Westview, which allows him to be Bucks unpaid unofficial assistant

  11. Charles

    Was trying to think what this strip and the previous strip where Buck and Linda discuss Bull reminded me of, and I finally figured it out.

    It’s like the times where I’ve taken my nephew out somewhere (he’s eight), or I’m volunteering at an animal shelter and take a new dog for a walk, and then come back and talk to his/its caretaker (my nephew’s father/grandmother, the shelter manager) about how the walk/trip went. Since we’re talking about a dog or a child, we don’t actually include the object of our discussion in our discussion, it’s just a conversation about how the child/dog behaved.

    So twice now Buck and Linda have infantilized Bull after Buck spent some time with Bull. I have to admit though that based on the way Bull acts during and after these sequences it’s probably deserved. Twice now he’s got a guest to his house and he just walks away from him to watch television or cosplay a football player or some such crap.