Well, at least the customer in today’s strip seems to have an idea as to why he has been waiting in line. In fact, he has just become Les’ number one fan and, for the first time in recorded history, Les seems genuinely pleased to be at one of his book signings.

I suspect, however that is less because WASP-y Tony Montoni just bought three copies of The Last Leaf and more because Les likes the way this guy thinks. Giving one’s ex a book about a happy re-marriage is pretty low. Giving one’s ex a book about a happy re-marriage whose subject also implies that you wish said ex had died of cancer is the kind of thing judges issue restraining orders over.


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15 responses to “Ex-cruciating

  1. Epicus Doomus

    At long last, a different gag. Too bad it had to be such a baffling one, though. Either way you look at it, it’s weird. This one actually does read like it might have been inspired by “real life”, which makes me even more certain about wanting to go to one of TB’s signings one of these days, just to see what the hell is really going on there.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I wonder how many people actually show up for these signings. I guess here in NE Ohio he might get a decent turnout, but I still wonder who wants to read cancer comics.

      • The photos he posts rarely seem to show any crowds. Mostly storefronts and displays.

        • Rusty Shackleford

          Just checked Amazon and Batty is at 358810 for Books. He is at 345 if you narrow it to comics, graphic novels, anthologies.

          Hurry though, there are only 10 left, but more on the way soon!

        • Epicus Doomus

          Knowing how BatNom is, I’d go and he’d say something like “oh, SoSF…I LOVE that site, especially those hilarious parody strips! Keep it up, you guys are SO FUNNY!” thus ruining yet another thing I enjoy.

  2. countoftowergrove

    Is that Wally Cox in panel one?

  3. billytheskink

    – Panel 4 –
    Mustache: (jokingly) Y’know, I hated being divorced. I’d much rather have been a widower…
    Les: (wistfully, not getting it) Oh yeah, being a widower really opened doors for me. It was great.

  4. Jimmy

    I would only buy FW merchandise for people I hate, so this is a perfect cross-marketing strip.

  5. Most of the chatter on Comics Kingdom is about how this dude is angling for a third ex-wife. Well, that and how little Batiuk understands women. Or especially cares to.

  6. We all know that Batiuk’s given to wry humor, but I think this remark in his blog post touting his Akron Comicon appearance is rather telling as to how he views his priorities:

    This will be one of the last chances to pick up a signed copies of the new books and say hello before I hunker down for the winter to concentrate on my side job creating Funky and Crankshaft.

    I’m sure King Features syndicate is happy to know that to Tom Batiuk, producing two widely syndicated daily strips is his “side job.”

  7. Comic Book Harriet

    Ha Ha! Let me buy books to send to my multiple living wives! I marry and then divorce each one because Polygamy is not yet allowed, and it’s the currently best way to stake a legal claim on them! Yup. I have so many living women I have conquered and claimed as my own. How lucky I am that none of them have died of horrible wasting illnesses.
    *manic grin*

  8. bobanero

    I’m kind of wracking my brain trying to figure out what exactly happened in Les’ life post-Lisa that is interesting enough to write a book about. Does he have a chapter on jogging with Funky? Another chapter on teaching Cayla the proper way to make a PB&J sandwich? A chapter on forgoing normal human interaction because he’s distracted by Lisa fantasies?

    • Double Sided Scooby Snack

      “And then at midnight, I danced with Lisa, and held her close, as those two other women watched enviously. Haha! Can you believe they think they have a chance with someone like me? Dream on.”

  9. Doc

    Is Les still in the art museum? Sure looks like it…

    • I’m sure the idea is that there were SO many people wanting to get SO many autographs from what is CLEARLY a genius, that the museum held over his appearance for a couple of weeks to try to meet the demand…