Snow Job

Phil is implored to give the viewers one more forecast in today’s strip, a forecast so far out that even a good meteorologist would just be guessing.

And that’s… it? We spent a week watching the fifth or sixth most-prominent character from a decades dead comic strip get ceremoniously fired from a job we didn’t know he still held.

A lot of Funky Winkerbean story arcs make we scratch my head, but this one may have me wearing in a bald spot. I mean, I like a good deep cut reference as much as the next person but that doesn’t mean I would subject anyone to a week of posts consisting of nothing but Tonio K lyrics and Cattanooga Cats references. Well, at least Les wasn’t involved in this one.


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18 responses to “Snow Job

  1. Epicus Doomus

    I have to agree…what was the point here, exactly? Why go through the trouble of dredging up a long-gone old “John Darling” character just to humiliate him one more time? I can’t for the life of me understand why BatNom thinks these scenarios are funny, as IMO it just comes across as being more mean-spirited than anything else. An old man gets fired after forty-five years, then gets mocked on his way out the door by his snide younger co-workers…the comedic value there just escapes me.

  2. Count of Tower Grove

    Phorlorn Phil arc is phinally phinished.

  3. Keep throwing things in, keep throwing things in, got to make it to that 50th. Doesn’t matter how, keep throwing things in, keep that anniversary alive.

  4. billytheskink

    Phil has gone from “dumped” to retiring and making plans for it in just 4 strips. A new retcon record?

  5. Epicus Doomus

    I get why he might want to resurrect an old character and all, but why bother if this is all you have? It’s all premise…”JD’s Phil The Weatherman gets fired”…and that’s it. Nothing happens, it doesn’t go anywhere, he just gets fired. There are dozens of idle FW characters available to humiliate, why dig this one up?

  6. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “In Westview? Oh yeah, $%&*!#$%&$er, it’s gonna be a real white Christmas!”

  7. It says a lot that he wanted to waste a week humiliating a forgotten man so Funky could make a snide remark about why he had to be fired. It says more that he gets one more kick in the pants on his way out the door.

  8. Gerard Plourde

    So we’ve completed an arc that trivializes the potential issues of age discrimination, workplace harassment, and employer retaliation. Great job focusing on contemporary issues from the bully’s perspective.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Batty is clearly bored and completely out of ideas. Better he should retire, and/Or kill off all the characters and start fresh. But I doubt he could even start fresh. I think he is incapable of creating any interesting characters.

  10. Lately he clearly thinks he’s passing out Easter eggs to his longtime readership (whoever that guy might be), cleverly bringing together the three strips’ universes. Bah. Me, I think Crankshaft is unpleasant to read. And the John Darling strips I’ve read on occasion are not funny or fun in the least – the comic strip equivalent of pulling out an American rock album from the mid 80s and cringing at the gated drum sounds and echoey vocals.

  11. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Next week:Channel One-Half, or whatever the crap they are, determined to undertake a youth movement in the Weather Department, reaches out to Cindy to become their new Weather Lady. Since she has long since forgotten she worked for BuddyBlog, she jumps at the chance.

    Masone Jarre willingly follows her to Ahia, fulfilling his lifelong dream to live in Westview and hang out with the gang at Montoni’s and Comics Corner. “Since nobody went to see Starbucks Jones, I’ve become Box Office Poison. My acting career is over. Kevin Spacey will get a gig before me. Looking forward to washing dishes and selling comic books. Because Ohio. The bestest place on Earth.”

  12. Charles

    Been offline a bunch this week, but I’ve been wanting to make this point for a few days now.

    A weatherman who lasted as long as this guy isn’t simply a weatherman. The guy’s an institution. People have grown up and gotten old with him on the local news. If he was unloved and/or bad at his job, there is no way that he would have lasted as long as he did. Instead, people have been getting their weather news from him for over 30-40 years. There is no way in hell that his retirement wouldn’t be a big local story, and if he were to simply say that he’s leaving because he’s getting screwed by the network, there’d be a revolt. The public’s default inertia if nothing else would ensure it.

    And you know that Batiuk’s quite aware of public inertia turning inept chumps into institutions, seeing as how that’s been his state for the last twenty years, and the most famous criticism of his profession. He’s still drawing his comic strip today only because people have gotten used to seeing it day after day for decades.