The Hair-ried Author

Oh no, Les is back in today’s strip. And along with ol’ smirk n’ shirk we get three would-be nominees for This Week In Milford’s pantheon of hair. Let’s see… we’ve got a phone camera operator sporting a Dave Coulier mullet, a proud Lisa book-buyer wearing the Luke Skywalker, and someone so enthralled with the many justifications for John Darling’s murder in Fallen Star that they are morphing into Albert Einstein. Fantastic.

Well, that took my mind off of yet another strip where Les shows contempt for the people who want to give him money for his work, for a few minutes at least.

Thanks, SOSFers, for putting up with me and TB (mostly TB… I hope) for another two weeks. The unenviable task of covering a crazed bald man palming two imaginary grapefruits (and whatever else next week brings) falls to someone significantly more well-known to the average comic strip reader than Phil the Forecaster, our own Comic Book Harriet. Good luck.


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13 responses to “The Hair-ried Author

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Gah! Nothing I can say could ever adequately describe the horror that is today’s strip. It really sneaks up on you too, that flood of Les and “Lisa’s Trilogy” imagery is like a sucker punch to the groin. And that grin, the new guy is capturing Les’ essence way too well if you ask me. I also like the “Fallen Star” plug too, as if any book store still has unsold copies of that dud lying around for new Les Moore aficionados to re-discover as they pass the time while they’re waiting for their private audience with The Great Author. Sure, Tom.

    Even having to force a smile for a few seconds on behalf of a loyal fan is too much for El Delicato Geniusoso to endure without having to vent his frustration at the indignity of it all via a typically stupid and vaguely snotty quip. What a dick. For a while there I was curious about what the “real life” book signings might be like but now I think I know and I’ve lost all interest again.

  2. billytheskink

    That Les has to be told to smile when he is posing for a photograph is one of the most Les things this strip has ever shown.

  3. Once again, we’re reminded that Les is a clueless and arrogant twit who doesn’t realize that he has to deal with the public if he insists upon inflicting himself on the public and who thus reacts badly to asked to behave with something approaching gracious behaviour.

  4. Gerard Plourde

    We’re rapidly approaching Thanksgiving. Are we to suppose Les is on sabbatical leave? What school district would allow a teacher sabbatical leave to hawk his book?

  5. “I bet I could get a daily out of someone wanting a photo with Les. Hell, who am I kidding? I could get an entire Sunday out of that!”

    • ian'sdrunkenbeard

      “I bet I could get a couple of months out of shamelessly plugging my books and tour. At least!”

  6. Rusty

    If that is Chester the Comic Book Millionaire up in the header, I welcome the turn away from the Lisa book tour.

  7. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    In the original draft, Posing Gurl and Camera Gurl actually looked like women. Then Batty showed up at BurchHack’s door in tears.

    “What… What are you DOING???”

    “What do you mean, Tom? What is this?”

    “You’re drawing icky GORLS!! EWW! EWW! EWW!!!”

    “Ummmm Tom… Your notes clearly say these charaters are women. You even have Les make a snide remark about marrying one of them. What exactly are you asking me to do this time?”

    “I want them to look like pudgy teenage boys. That’s how *I* do it! DO IT LIKE ME! DO IT LIKE ME!!!”

    “Tom, that’s kind of…”

    “HUMMFFF! Looks like some children WERE left behind! I’m calling Chuck. HE always draws the way I tell him to.”

    “Okay, okay. Calm down, Tom. I’ll give them short hair, stocky bodies, and mannish faces. Do you want me to go ahead and put them in softball uniforms too…?”

    “NOT funny, Burchett. NOT funny.”

  8. bayoustu

    I didn’t think it was possible, but with that enormous, bulbous head and rodent like grimace, the new artist has succeeded in making Less even more loathsome. Keep up the “good work”, illustrator whose name I’m too lazy to look up!