The One Without Summer

Hi all! SoSfDavidO here, and actually I’m not sure what this week’s story arc is going to be about but I can almost say for certain that Link to today’s strip won’t be featuring Summer, the only true blood-heir of Lisa and Les, once the focus of the strip, now relegated to only appearing when someone needs help moving into the dump above Montoni’s or to show that Les knows how to use his Pinapple’s MyFaceTime app.



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10 responses to “The One Without Summer

  1. billytheskink

    Poor Carl is back on the oxygen… he was doing so well just a week ago.

  2. And of course, wouldn’t you know that the banner is taped up clumsily. It’s like he’s trying to make Les the punchable face of Scotch Tape. That being said, it’s probable that people on Comics Kingdom are right to assume that this will lead to one of the band being rediscovered after a stupid self-imposed exile.

  3. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “One hundred bottles of Maalox on the wall,
    One hundred bottles of Maalox,
    If one of those bottles should happen to fall,
    Ninety-nine bottles of Maalox on the wall…”

  4. Rusty

    Well, at least Batiuk has identified the newspaper reading demographic and is pandering to it at all times.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I don’t think he’s even doing that. At our local donut shop( which sadly just closed after 34 years in business), I would regularly see old people reading the newspaper and ask them two questions: what is your favorite comic? Do you read Funky Winkerbean?

      A few said they liked Crankshaft, most liked the classics like Peanuts, Beatle Bailey, etc. Nobody mentioned liking FW. One person said it was too depressing.

  5. bobanero

    Do you think Crankshaft has been ret-conned out of his coma in order to drive the bus?

  6. Comic Book Harriet

    No No NO! This Memphis thing is driving me crazy. I haven’t been this legitimately annoyed since the death of Rose.

    Bedside Manor is a NURSING HOME. Not a retirement community. They need NURSING. Until ‘the band’ suddenly got so spry, everyone there was either mentally or physically incapacitated and that’s why they were there.
    My Grandma is 95, gets around with a walker and doesn’t drive, and it is a major production to get her half an hour away for a doctors appointment! And long car rides are taxing on a body dealing with osteoporosis and the like. They are not all going to jump on a bus and drive nine hours to Memphis, unless there was a nurse going for every two or three band members. It was probably enough effort to get them all wheeled out to the gazebo for the Forth of July.

    • hitorque

      +1…. Summed up everything I wanted to say

    • Epicus Doomus

      Seriously now, there’s a fine line between zany and idiotic and that mini-bus is caroming right over it like roadkill. Are the families of these elderly folk OK with that moronic band director lugging their loved ones all the way to Memphis on a bus? I know, I know, it’s not supposed to be anything but “wacky” but still. Whatever happened to “issues affecting young people”? Suddenly FW is a Crankshaft spin-off and not the other way around.

  7. The Dreamer

    So how long would it take to get from Westview, Ohio to Memphis, Tennessee om a bus? I think its lie 700 miles (assumimg Akron for Westview) Ten or eleven hours on the interstate. Could do it in a day. Bet Batiuk makes the bus trip last at least a week!