Press “Eject”, Linda

Oh, so now Linda wants Bull to do something other than binge videocassettes and relive his days as the best player on a winless high school football team? In today’s strip, she has finally decided to stop enabling him and wants him to do something he has not done since, uh…
his retirement ceremony in 2016?
– he dropped that glass of water (a glass glass by a water cooler)?
– the tennis match where Les triggered his CTE?
However you want to define it, it has certainly been awhile.

Well, with a broken VCR, maybe Bull and Linda will finally get to doing all of that stuff they planned to do in retirement while Bull “still can”…
Or maybe they’ll go and find a way for Bull to continue watching the ’77 Scapegoats get their teeth kicked in so badly that the Centerville team that starts kneeling the ball in the 2nd quarter.

What do you all think is more likely?


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13 responses to “Press “Eject”, Linda

  1. DOlz

    It’s physically impossible for a VCR to spew tape like that. Of course since it’s not a brick wall TB can’t be bothered to get it right.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    I would assume that Buck will “just happen” to have an old VCR laying around, because that’s what contrivances do. I’d have expected Bull to be far, far more upset about this development, as watching those old tapes is pretty much his entire world. But he seems to be handling it (and the prospect of having to spend time talking to Linda) quite well, interestingly enough. Go figure.

  3. erdmann

    Linda: I thought you would be more upset about one of your game tapes being destroyed.
    Bull: That wasn’t one of my games. That was just a tape of Lisa Moore telling me what to do if I ever developed CTE. Believe me, it’s no big loss.

  4. The Dreamer

    why can’t Linda just buy Bull the DVD box sets? or maybe he doesn’t even own a DVD player

  5. The Dreamer

    And if Linda was a good wife she could have taken all Bull’s old VHS tapes and had them transferred to digital. Crazy would probably do it for her. Remember Crazy transferred the Lisa VHS tapes to digital

  6. billytheskink

    Even worse, Bull’s back ups are all out of commission too.

    His Betamax deck doesn’t rewind, his laserdiscs all have severe disc rot, his Video 2000 player is PAL and his television only works with NTSC, his kinescopes were stored too close to the heater and melted, and the only thing he owns on RCA Selectavision is the Kenny Rogers stock car racing dramedy Six Pack.

  7. I’d call Linda a personification of compassion fatigue if I could remember her having any. She appears to have married him in order to have someone to bully.

  8. Bull should bring his VCR to Lightning Fast VCR Repair. Jay and Mike will have it up and going in no time, and at a reasonable rate, too!

  9. Sadly, here’s where we spend 10 days having Linda and Buck collect all the VHS tapes and have them put on a single DVD. They’ll give Bull a DVD player and the DVD and as he loses himself in his past, Linda and Buck will the weekend in Vegas.

  10. hitorque

    1. Who’s that 24-year-old hottie? Bull’s stepdaughter or something? Why is Holly Winkerbean the only Funkyverse woman who actually ages/gains weight?

    2. As others have mentioned, Bull seems remarkably indifferent for someone who lost one of his precious game tapes…

    3. As others have mentioned, that 24-year-old hottie is only two years late with that “Get outside the house and take a fucking walk once in awhile” bullshit.