The Postman Always Rings Twice

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Isn’t it amazing how every time these characters hear a joke that they did not concoct, the reaction is always anger, weariness, or in the case of Dullard here, utter befuddlement?  And yet when they tell a joke, the entire earth should fall off its axis from everyone laughing.

Look at Dullard’s utterly doltish face in panel 3.  There’s a clod who knows he’s just been insulted, he just can’t figure out in what way.   Is…is someone else Skyler’s dad? 

That’s the face of someone without the slightest hint of a sense of humor (or intelligence), who does not know a joke when he comes across one.

It’s kind of the opposite of Tom Batiuk, who finds jokes all the time, when they actually aren’t anywhere in the area.  Or at least that’s what I see happen.

One thing here that begs a look at the continuity is the fact that the Fairgoods live in Westview.  Skyler was (presumably) conceived and born in Westview.  And yet…the US Postal Service closed the Westview PO some years back.   Remember how Harry had to scramble to find a job?

Westview has no mailman.  Think about that for a moment.



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16 responses to “The Postman Always Rings Twice

  1. DOlz

    This is going to hurt. I have to give TB credit for not taking us thru an interminable road trip and for having Durwood go to the Fairgoods first on arriving in Westview.

  2. comicbookharriet

    First time we’ve seen Ann Fairgood since 8/20/2015!

    Also, not going to lie. This strip cracked me up, because I love the idea that Skyler is actually Crazy Harry’s kid. (He would have been postman at about the time of conception, right?) If Darin is going to cheat on Jess –at least emotionally– with Pete…then this only seems fair.

  3. billytheskink

    If panel 2 is any indication, Jess and Durwood’s mailman was Peyton Manning.

    As for the potential Crazy Harry-Skyler connection:
    Jessica announced she was pregnant in late April 2013 and Skyler was born on November 22, 2013 while the post office was closed and Crazy laid off in late November of 2012. However, we have plenty of evidence to suggest time is quite fluid in Westview.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Indeed time is fluid here. I was expecting a weeks worth of strips showing the drive back to Ohio. Surprised Batty didn’t take this opportunity to pad things out. I’m sure he has a long vacation coming up.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    “Or Mason Jarr, since he and Darin look identical most of the time.”

  5. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    (One hour later…)

    “So are we just going to hang out on the porch, or…”

    “Invite you inside? Certainly not! The house is a mess, there’s no place to sit, let alone any place for you guys to sleep, and your non-bio-dad, Fred Fairgood, my husband, is having a bad day. Duuuhhhren, you do this all the time. It really would help if you’d call or email before you just drive over and knock on the door. This isn’t 1947, you know. There are all kinds of ways to communicate now. Maybe Les has room for you. Go pop in on him. Goodbye.”

  6. And of course, we have the obligatory slam against cheerleaders to consider as well. It’s times like this that I think that the early sixties should get a restraining order against Battock.

  7. Epicus Doomus

    Everyone’s a real weisenheimer in the Funkyverse. Be thankful that they’re there already and not spending a week and a half visiting the world’s largest comic book at some tourist trap along historic Route Zero or something. It’s nice to see Boy Lisa’s actual mom today, the one he failed to consider when he inherited the Phil Whathisname Batom Comics art collection that time and always fails to remember whenever he slips into one of those annoying Les-like Lisa swoons.

    Remember when Boy Lisa visited Les and Lisa right before Christmas last year? I guess he left the wife and kid back home, which seems sort of peculiar, as he was presumably in town for the holidays and all. I like how BatNom remembers he has a family and parents only when it suits him.

  8. Gerard Plourde

    Great. So he decided to forego the extended road trip to attack Jessica’s character.

  9. Jimmy

    The man takes a week to show a guy asking, “Hey, you got Stinky Pete’s number?”, yet we have no real idea how they got from California to Westview.

  10. hitorque

    1. Holy damn… Did a Funkyverse character just land a genuine, bona fide, well-timed sitcom laugh track zinger?? Did Batiuk put Red Bull in his morning coffee or what?

    2. Hey Darrin — Exactly what the hell do you think your wife is doing when you’re leaving her at home for two weeks while you go on yet another comics pilgrimage/bromance honeymoon with Pete Rattabastardo??

    • Double Sided Scooby Snack

      Big upvote for Rattabastardo.

      When reached for comment, Batty told reporters, “Pete’s last name? Hell if I know. Starts with R. Now go away. My mom wants me to pick up the mess in my room”

  11. To be fair, even if your town doesn’t have a post office, you still do have a mailman: he just works out of the post office in a neighboring town.

    At least that’s how it works in the real world: in the Funkyverse, who knows?

  12. I confessed I laughed out loud at this one. I give TB his props…I thought it was funny.

  13. Or, Batiuk forgot that Skyler was born in Westview, and Jessica meant “Our mailman in Hollywood! Where we live and Darrin your adopted son works!” Remember, this is the same Batiuk who sent Jessica and Skyler driving crosscountry to join Dullin in Hollywood, then, well, forgot about them.