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Many years ago, back during the legendary “Lisa Dies” ultra-mega arc, BatWad did a Sunday strip featuring Lisa receiving some sort of radiation therapy treatment. If you happened to miss that arc, it didn’t work. Anyway, I was patronizing a local NJ convenience store (Wawa) at some ungodly hour of the night/morning and the Sunday newspaper supplements and comics had just been delivered and were all stacked up outside. That FW Sunday strip was right on top, plastered all over every one of those bundles and I remember thinking “the average person is going to assume that FW is the work of some sort of total madman and they’ll be correct”.

That random FW Sunday strip memory segues nicely into this one, particularly the randomness. The Sunday strips are nothing but totally random, there’s never any rhyme or reason to explain why they exist or why they’re running when they are and nothing ever happens during any of them either. He’ll do a two week arc where both Sunday strips involve that arc, then he’ll do a two month arc where none of them have anything to do with anything at all.

So that’s what we’re pretending “Cory” looks like now, eh? Nice to see BatNom easing him back into the fray and not saddling him with any kind of character development or updates or anything. That way when we see him again in 2021 he’ll still seem fresh. And I am assuming the pizza delivery guy is supposed to be Wally, although who the hell really knows anymore? Nice to see those college courses really paying dividends career-wise for Buddy’s favorite human, as just a few years ago he was still toiling away in the (shudder) kitchen.  If it isn’t Wally, kindly disregard.

It’s always funny when a FW character suddenly reappears after a long absence. Darin and Jessica showing up at Les’ house out of nowhere, Khan (or Kahn) showing up at Les and Cayla’s wedding, that time Jinx offered support for Jessica’s ill-fated documentary film making dreams, Bull’s placekicking daughter and so forth. Every so often he just feels compelled to let his readers know that these characters still exist in some sort of off-screen Funkyverse which is no doubt way, way more entertaining than this one is.




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18 responses to “Sunday BatNom Fun Day

  1. Spoiler alert: it’s dull.

  2. Cory looks like he’s 15 and Funky looks like how i picture the ex boxer in the “tube bar” audio pranks on YouTube.

  3. sgtsaunders

    The whole thing falls apart because a “recipe” implies some preparation, not just ordering shitty pizza. D – .

  4. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    A team of joke sniffing dogs, a GPS, and the Hubble Telescope couldn’t find the joke in today’s episode. Blue apron… RED apron. Do ya “get” it???

    Welcome back, high school Corky. Looks like he took his own backward time jump. Better keep the cash register locked, Flunky.

    Who’s the waitress in the background? Isn’t that Carpet McDrapey, aka “Reds,” aka Wretch, aka wife of Shellshock Boy?? Today, Batty says, “I have no story or plot ideas today, so let’s just look at a couple characters I’ve forgotten about. I’ll just write down the first bit of random wordplay that pops into my pointy little bald head.”

  5. billytheskink

    When did this strip become an episode of Happy Days? You can tell it is set in the 1950’s because Chuck Cunningham refers to the internet as “the net”.

    • Epicus Doomus

      LOL…”the net”. It’s like it’s 1996 and Cory has gotten himself all tangled up with some sketchy “World Wide Web” site that’s running some sort of fugazi “build you own meal” scam.

      “But Paw! The McAfee said it was a trusted site!”

      “Now don’t go and get me started on the McAfee again boy! Now what’d I tell you about foolin’ round with them there Angelfire pages?”

      “(Sigh), not to do it.”

      “Darn tootin! Now go on upstairs and get to sortin’ those comic books before supper.”

  6. spacemanspiff85

    Where the hell would Rocky and Cory be going for dinner other than Montoni’s?

  7. I wonder if Funky realizes that his sludge is why people are blue aproning it. Probably not.

    • saturnino

      Wonder how much Blue Apron paid to get mentioned? Or maybe their lawyer is preparing a C&D letter to stop the loss of business caused by this mention………..

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Someone on CK asked about why Funky looks like a bartender. This has always been a pet peeve of mine. They show Funky polishing glasses, or people sitting at a counter drinking coffee. What pizza place has a counter with stools ( and stooges) ?

      We have a local pizza shop. There are no people sitting by the counter. The workers are all there making boxes, cutting pizzas etc. The owner will greet customers, but is back there directing the teens doing the work. Unlike Montonis, this place does a great business.

      Just another example of the sloppiness and lack of attention to detail. But over on his weblog( and make sure you use www) he makes it sound like he is a master craftsman.

  8. If Batiuk didn’t have Funky address his son by name in panel 2, nobody would have a clue who this guy’s supposed to be. Granted, Burchett’s taken over the Funky Felt Tip since last we saw Cory in January 2017, but aside from the tuber-like nose there’s not much of a resemblance. Looks like Cory, just like Uncle Cousin Private Wally, has taken to wearing his M-65 field jacket around town.

    Speaking of Wally, I don’t think that’s him in the last panel; probably another of TB’s anono-teen males with the receding hairline. I love how Batty totally undermines his punchline by having Funky mention “the red apron” while pointing to this guy walking by carrying a red insulated pizza carrier. Oh, and delivering an ingredient-and-recipe meal kit as Blue Apron does isn’t the same as delivering ready-to-eat food…

    • Double Sided Scooby Snack

      Original Corky had a head of a baby that had just squeezed through the birth canal. Also a hairline that looks like it’s trying to escape backwards off his head. Oh, and a nose you could use for Olympic ski jumping.

      New Corky looks like a generic high school kid sent over by Central Casting. He now looks like he pays somebody $5 to cut his hair, instead of doing it at home with a pair of those rounded-edge scissors used by first graders.

      Sorry, but I MUCH preferred the thieving, lying, flunking, slacking, disrespectful Corky. He was a thousand times more interesting than THIS asshole still referring to “the net” like it was this hip new thing Al Gore had just invented last year.

    • Gerard Plourde

      Where did Cory get the M-65 jacket? The green jacket wasn’t issued after 1980 when a woodland camouflage pattern was introduced and the and was completely phased out by 1989. The design of the M-65 jacket was discontinued in 2004 when the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) was introduced.

  9. countoftowergrove

    As revealed in Family Guy, when there’s a cut away, the characters are in stasis. Apparently this also happens in the Fungyverse.

  10. bobanero

    So, Cory and Rocky are still living off the Starbuck Jones comic proceeds, or is he an heir to the great Montoni’s Pizza fortune? We haven’t seen him work a lick since he got out of the army. Maybe he’s an independent mine detection consultant?

    • The Dreamer

      not only that but Cory *never went to college* went in the army straight out of high school– he was a juvenile delinquent so who knows if he even graduated high school– so how is he affording a home with Rocky?

      • Double Sided Scooby Snack

        I think we’ll soon find out he works for Chester the Chisler, shaking down chubby middle aged women for their comic books and life savings.