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More like Chester Humblebrag, amirite? I like how Pete announces that Mindy is calling, like he had to prove there was really only one virgin in the room or something. As I hypothesized earlier this week, could this be Batnard’s way of moving these two imbeciles back to ol’ Westview Towne or is it just the usual collection of totally unrelated events that won’t ever lead anywhere? Only time…lots and lots and lots of time…will tell.

So apparently Chester collects pretty much everything. “Would you like to see my Beatles “butcher” cover/first edition Legos/collection of rare Yoo-Hoo bottle caps/baseball cards of every single Tampa Bay Ray ever/collection of pre-industrial age gynecological instruments?”. At least the reasons behind Chester’s bachelorhood were made abundantly clear this week, he’s the spoiled kid everyone hated who’d “be your friend” if you’d hang around and let him show you all his cool stuff. His bizarre lifestyle, that feeble “presentation”, the collectibles, the facial hair…it all paints a picture all right, a very very sad picture.

So naturally these two idiots will pounce all over his stupid offer…eventually…only to rue the day when they accepted his daffy proposal. I hope Boy Lisa and Jessica end up with a spare room and a cot, as the apartment over Montoni’s is currently occupied by yet another forty-something year old kid “just starting out” so Pete’s shit out of luck there. I’m looking forward to Jessica’s unbelievably unrealistic reaction upon learning that her husband has once again made an important life decision without talking to her first, which seems to be a real trend with this Boy Lisa guy.



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  1. I can just see it, unfortunately. “My gag about using a song about a busy-signal as a ringtone is the greatest gag in the history of gags! AND I’M GONNA KEEP USING IT UNTIL PEOPLE LAUGH!”

    It was used at least twice before, recently with Funky and his donut obsession,and, unless I’m mis-remembering, with Pete calling Dullard about the story-boarding job.

    Consider: all you really need in all three instances is a single word: “Ring.” Or even just a musical note symbol. You know, to show a phone is being called. But no, a certain cartoonist is so certain of his genius that he has to shove a lazy joke down everyone’s throat just so he can say, “See? Despite my serious tone, I can be funny!”

    Hey Tom: Maybe at one time you could be, but that ship has sailed. No, wait, wrong metaphor. Uh, that rocket has fallen into a black hole. You know, the object that sucks everything into it, until no escape is possible.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    1. I never, ever want to see Pete fumbling around with his hands on his pants like that again.
    2. Speaking of hands, what is going on with Chester in panel one? He looks like he was interrupted in the process of embracing Darin.
    3. Also, what jackass, when he gets a call from his girlfriend(?), before talking to her announces to his guy friends that she’s calling? And then one of those guys just keeps talking to you, like you didn’t even get a call? Which makes it so blindingly obvious that this whole strip was just a showcase for Batiuk thinking that ringtone is hilarious, and reminding readers that somehow there’s a woman out there interested in Pete, which honestly is the least believable thing Batiuk’s ever written.

  3. billytheskink

    Pete is dressed like a guy who just got kicked out of a ska band. A bad ska band.

    • Epicus Doomus

      “A bad ska band”…isn’t that somewhat redundant? ZING! Just kidding, all you ska enthusiasts out there.

  4. The ultimate horror is yet to come: another baffling exercise in bad taste in which the groom (Pete/Les) cajoles the bride-to-be (Mindy/Lisa) into cosplaying as a character she’s never heard of (the Burt Ward Robin/Saturn Satellite) because comics!!!

  5. This strip requires us to recognize Pete’s ringtone as a Beatles song (“You Won’t See Me”–not even one of their most familiar ones), and then make the logical jump of Chester assuming “Oh, you have a Beatles ringtone? Then you’ll love seeing the ultra-rare Beatles album I have in my collection, even though record collecting and comics collecting are two separate hobbies.”

  6. timbuys

    Pete’s chameleon nature is really starting to show in panel three.

  7. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “It’s Mindy! Remember her? She’s a hot, young blonde who doesn’t care that I’m a dork with bad hair who looks like he kissed a moving freight train. I’m a WRITER. Chicks fight to the death with each other to get with a writer. That goes double for writers who write komix. She started talking about long distance relationships ten minutes after we met.”

    “Ha! Dumb stoopid gorls! Glad you still belong to me, sweetest Peter.”

    “My dearest Duuuhhhren, nobody could ever replace you!”


    Oh, DURR HURR HURR HURR… That was Flunky’s ring tone too, if you recall. BatWit must think it’s slap-nuts funny to have a ring tone that concerns… wait for it… telephones.

    Batso himself won’t have one of those evil, newfangled gizmos, though. He once checked out a “Jitterbug” phone — one of those cell phones for 90 year olds. It has buttons big enough to land commercial aircraft on, and a display with a font huge enough to be visible from outer space. I think it has an actual dial tone. He’s holding out for one that has a rotary dial. And a cord that plugs into the wall.