Fear And Loathing In Ohio

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Because Ohioians FEAR Pete and Boy Lisa’s return because they LOATHE them so much. GET IT? Suddenly it appears that these two imbeciles will indeed be returning to the community of their portentous youth, Olde Westview Towne, home of half-price large pies (pick-up only) on Tuesdays and the world’s smallest and least-comfortable comic book store. Boy Lisa has already decided what to tell his wife to think so he’s on board and Pete is pining away for that annoying Crankshaft girl he hung out with that one time and everyone knows that the sin and decadence of Hollywood is no match for the simple-yet-wry homespun Westviewian values that go hand in hand with meeting women from other comic strips and starting a comic strip family, so all signs definitely point to him being on board as well. Sounds fantastic, can’t wait (sound of shotgun racking).

But no one cares about that idiocy. The artwork really takes center stage today. There’s Boy Lisa’s awesome leather jacket in panel one….”ayyyyy, it’s the Darr! Whoa, sit on it, Pete! Step into my office, Reynolds! Whoa!”. The most unintentionally hilarious moment of 2018 so far. Then there’s Boy Lisa in panel three…wow. That is simply epic. I have NEVER seen the term “lantern-jawed noodnik” embodied as well as it’s embodied there. And the way the back of his head has that perfect 90 degree angle, it’s literally a block. And that hair…I assume he gets it done at the place where the cast of 90210 used to go. A spectacular effort by the New Guy, just superlative work.



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20 responses to “Fear And Loathing In Ohio

  1. Wow. To me, Dullard’s face in that third panel looks like Buck Butthole (or whatever his name is). You know, Bull’s “friend.”

    • Epicus Doomus

      He really does and the effect is quite jarring…almost MASON jarring! Or is that “jarreing”? The back of his head looks like it was just lifted from a quarry. He doesn’t do a terrible Pete though, for whatever the reason.

  2. Face in panel 3 reminds me of the toy “rock em sock em robots”.

  3. Gerard Plourde

    Not to mention the off-camera rhinoplasty that appears in stages from panel 1 through panel 3.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    I’m hoping this all turns out to be a dream or something, because the line about how Boy Lisa is “sure” his wife “won’t mind” the radical life-altering decision he just made without her just shattered the suspension of disbelief that’s essential to really enjoying the strip.

    Seriously though, does BatNom know any married people? I don’t think I’ve ever read a less believable line of dialog in my life.

    • Jimmy

      I know my wife would be tickled if I told her we were moving on a whim. No need to consult her, nosiree Bob.

      • Epicus Doomus

        “I don’t think Jess will mind moving back to Ohio.”

        “I don’t think Jess’ divorce attorney will be any better than mine.”

        “I don’t think these alimony and child support payments will be unmanageable at all.”

        “I think Jess will gladly give me a month or two to catch up a little bit.”

        “I think I’ll probably be unconscious as soon as I hit the water.”

  5. DOlz

    No, no, no TB the phrase isn’t “You have to go home again”, its “You Can’t Go Home Again”.

  6. The Dreamer

    that’s what this is about, getting Pete and Darrin back to Westview so TomBat can end the LA Arc. Then he’d just have to get Mason Jarr to quit acting so he and Cindy can move back too and the LA arc becomes just a bad memory

    • Actually, I think Mason said that very thing–that he wanted “to retard to Ohio and settle in Westview” right after the wedding.

      I might have changed one of the words up there to a more appropriate one.

      • Charles

        It was the December 16, 2015 strip where Mason and Cindy had come into Montoni’s and told Funky and Holly that Mason had decided that he wanted to relocate to Westview.

        Holly and Funky were aghast and asked why, which was the punchline for that strip. Batiuk never followed up even a bit. Either he thought Mason’s reasons were just too self-evident or they were so obviously absurd on their face that he couldn’t write the strip in good conscience.

  7. billytheskink

    Ohio taking jobs from California… a quarter inch from reality, folks.

    • Professor Fate

      Now I have “Look at Miss Ohio” running in my head. I’m not complaining by the by I like the song.

  8. spacemanspiff85

    So Darin, who spends far more time with Pete than his wife and son, has no idea how Pete and Mindy are doing? Yeah, right.

  9. This baffling exercise in not understanding how anything could possibly work is just more proof that he ought never have aged the characters or had them graduate. We should still be looking at a mildly depressing Archie clone and not this loony garbage.

  10. Rusty

    I’m all in on dropping Mason and Cindy from the strip, if that’s what this portends.

    • countoftowergrove

      Cindy will flee to Worstview when Masone Jarre has his psychotic break. She will then realize what a loser she is and forgo her botox and chin tucks.

  11. Countdown for Chester’s scheme to fail and all three morons end up working at Montonis.

  12. Professor Fate

    “my wife won’t mind”
    since she and the kid have already left me. it happened right after I bought the flash treadmill.
    By the by how is Boy Lisa going to get that back Ohio?

    • Remember, it was his wife who bought the Flash museum tickets, and then stood aside so Dullard and Pete could go together.
      Jessica is a good Westview wife–she’ll never, ever stick up for herself.