He Ain’t no Calla Back, Girl.

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Beckoning Chasm picked Lilian out yesterday. And I have to say, I love seeing her here. I find her Crankshaft book publishing storyline kind of endearing. (Except for Rose’s death, I usually find Crankshaft leaps and bounds better than Winkerbean.) I also love the idea that 10 years plus from having Les Moore over to her bookshop, she’s become more successful and prolific than he ever will. He’s written four books, three of which are about his dead wife. This 95-year-old virgin who never left her parents house has written and an entire book series, with characters she thought up and plots from her own imagination. Sure some it is drawn from her business, but at least she didn’t have to plagiarize a dead relative’s diary for inspiration.

Les Moore has only written about things that actually happened, to people he knew. News Flash! Funkyverse already has a reporter character! And Brian Williams has more creativity than our fragile artiste.

No wonder Les is happy to humor the few crazy people who wander up to his table. A guy who took three panels to ask if his name was Legacy Trilogy, a maniac depressive buying a prequel and sequel to a book she had trouble finishing, and this poor lady with dementia. Taking bets on if she remembered to put any clothes on under the third ugly overcoat we’ve seen in two days. It’s like all these people are visiting from the flashers’ convention on the other side of the event center.


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11 responses to “He Ain’t no Calla Back, Girl.

  1. Odd, isn’t it, that in this room of writers, only one gets a giant wall display right behind them. The others, poor fools who never suffered the way Les suffered, have to make do with writing books that people actually want to read.

    Also, check out panel three from yesterday and panel one from today. It looks like the same woman, only being around Les has aged her about fifty years.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Uh yeah Tom, great gag. The real mystery here is this book signing event. Is mid-central Ohio so enamored with Les that he needs to keep returning to these local bookstores to meet popular demand? “Returning for a fourteen night stand at Book ‘Em Dano’s…Ohio’s own Les Moore!”. I mean didn’t he already do this six or seven months ago? It just seems sort of unlikely that he’d STILL be out on the road (in Ohio) promoting it, given the, uh, limited appeal of the source material, let’s say.

    And why isn’t there a Lisa comic book? She was the wisest, brightest, most humble and most courageous, plus she had the whole radioactivity thing going for her too. She could be SuperLisa, the perfect spouse, mother, patient and…oh, wait. It HAS already been done.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    So when Les/Batiuk makes a dumb “joke”, it’s literary gold, but whenever anyone else does it’s an outrage. Okay then.

  4. Jimmy

    “I meant your business card, not your library card, you dolt!”

  5. billytheskink

    I remember when it dawned on me how much sense it made that seemingly everyone who bought Les’ book and wants him to sign it is an idiot.

    It was a Tuesday. I was on the can.

    • Epicus Doomus

      He has two kinds of fans: awe-stricken worshipers and complete morons. It’s a really bizarre cross-section of people and I always wonder if it’s supposed to reflect TomLes’ “real life” book signing experiences or if it’s supposed to be more of a “Les never wins” kind of thing, yet another indignity he’s forced to endure. Either way it’s weird but the latter scenario is more disturbing, as it’s difficult to understand why so many complete idiots bought a book detailing a sensitive bearded man’s struggles over facing his wife’s cancer and subsequent death. I mean it’s not like they’re a bunch of goons buying a comic strip compilation book or something. It just doesn’t add up.

  6. What I’m waiting for is Batiuk’s stumbling attempt to hit back at people who call Les out for being an unimaginative hack who exploited Lisa’s suffering for his own gain. It’ll be a reminder that he can’t be a has-been because he’s been a never-was all this time.

  7. Gerard Plourde

    This exchange totally mystified me until I realized the woman is probably actually making a voodoo doll of Les and needs a personal possession of his to give it power over him.

  8. DOlz

    I have to hand to TB one this strip. He is showing rare self awareness in that he’s acknowledging his non-ironic readers are senile.

  9. There’s “gentle humor,” then there are jokes that are so weak as to confuse the reader. This is definitely the latter.

  10. Strange, again, how this whole strip is Tom’s avatar.