MPAA Rated R, for Repulsive.

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Homely lady number three is here to annoy Les today. Looking quite a bit like Holly Winkerbean.

I think we’re missing something from not being able to hear the tone of voice of the lady, because Les in panel three looks terrified. She must sound overwhelmingly anxious. What kind of draconian nightmare does her book club’s by-laws outline? What would be the punishment for bringing disturbing material? Summary execution? Puts a whole new spin on trigger warnings.

Also, books less disturbing than Lisa’s Story? A handful off the top of my head.

The Grapes of Wrath.

Stephen King’s It.

Go Ask Alice.

A Clockwork Orange.

120 Days of Sodom.

The Necronomicon.


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22 responses to “MPAA Rated R, for Repulsive.

  1. Epicus Doomus

    The story itself isn’t particularly disturbing; it’s more depressing and stupid than anything else. Everything else that’s followed LS though, well that’s a different matter entirely and “disturbing” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

    I’m assuming that this is yet another Crankshaft character whose “book club” is a running CS gag and as usual I don’t care. Perhaps this joke would resonate better with someone who reads both strips regularly. If I see that guy I’ll ask him.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    Makes perfect sense to me. Some people enjoy reading that is entertaining or uplifting. God forbid someone enjoy literature that isn’t “serious” and “depressing”

    • comicbookharriet

      My mom recently ragequit the Hallmark Channel series, When Calls the Heart for killing off a main character. He exact words, “What’s the point of a story that doesn’t have a happy ending?”

      • timbuys

        I get that, but did this actually happen a quarter inch away from Batty one time? It’s such a weird non-sequitur of a phrase to put into a character’s mouth.

  3. This appears to be the latest iteration of his complaint about how ‘comics’ are misnamed because people are weak and stupid and like laughing and so refuse to let him be legitimate and gritty and dark and all the other things he sucks at. He wants that Pulitzer so bad, he can taste it but for some reason, he can’t get there and he doesn’t wanna admit that he doesn’t have what it takes so he pisses all over his audience.

  4. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “I love your books, Miss MacKenzie!”
    “Pfft…sputter…urk…SHE’S AT THE NEXT TABLE! Grrrr…”
    “Oh. Sorry, Ma’am”.

  5. Why is she saying “It’s right here” and pointing to Les’ book? Oh, I forgot–because “caring what goes in the strip” is for losers.
    First time this week that the huge “Legacy” poster isn’t visible. Bet Burchett got dinged for that one.

  6. DOlz

    Disturbing no Ma’am. Boring, tedious, repetitious, inconsistent, irritating, maudlin, predictable, and smug, if you don’t mind any of those this is the book for your club.

  7. billytheskink

    Les and Lisa get married in it while dressed as Batman and Robin, so… yes.

    • firedmyass

      The “Lisa as Robin” decision is just astonishingly creepy as hell. With several iconic female Bat-characters available, TB went with essentially the groom’s ADOPTED SON.

  8. I’ll tell ya what’s disturbing: this lady’s mouth looks like it was put in her face with a can opener.

    • Doc

      Since Burcgett started drawing I’ve noticed that he’s putting those annoying red tongues in lots of characters’ mouths. I know we all have them, but seeing them on characters like Mopey Pete really creeps me out.

  9. From the FW blog: young Thomas Martin Batiuk hated the 1966 Batman TV series and its “insipid, foolish writing”:

    I had anticipated a drama that took the Batman premise seriously and was prepared to tell an exciting and straightforward story framed by that context. What I saw unfolding before me was a horror show…ABC had decided to turn Batman into an exaggerated, Pop Art, silly piece of camp.

    • Professor Fate

      Really? You’ve also been vocal about how you thought Spider Man and such ‘ruined’ comics which took their premise seriously and dared to go where that led. Make up your bloody mind here.
      “ABC had decided to turn Batman into an exaggerated, Pop Art, silly piece of camp.”
      And they made millions. For a brief moment it perfectly matched the zeitgeist of the nation (the series was only on for 3 years I think) at the time. And despite that Batman has survived and has gone to be probably the most popular superhero of them all with now three major movie series using the character and a massive popular series of video games.

    • Is Tom Batiuk completely ignorant of what Batman comics were like around that same time? My impression is that the stories were silly beyond belief (“The Rainbow Batman” “The Zebra Batman” etc etc).

      I guess if your mindview of what things should be overpowers the real-world evidence in front of you, well, you might wind up writing Funky Winkerbean.

      • Professor Fate

        Batman in 1964 went for slightly more grounded approach more crime solving fewer aliens, but prior to that it was bug eyed monsters and silly stories about Ace the Bat hound. If memory serves there was a documentary about the Batman TV show were one of the writers or producers said ‘we looked at the stories in the comics and we realized that there was no way we could do these straight they were utterly absurd” (or words to that effect).
        Now to be fair Batman was written the way is was in the 50’s because of the massive attack on comic books and Batman was one of the targets due to the perceived homo-erotic subtext in the relationship between him and Robin and violence in comics in general. Hence the comics code and the silly stories that came with them.
        I think I know too much about comic books. I feel shame.

    • hitorque

      Motherfuck this assclown, seriously…

      This is why I can’t go anywhere near Batiuk’s blog or social media because I’m going to lose it… He claims to be a fucking EXPERT on silver age comics? He has his “comic geek expert” characters burn a whole week ranting against the harsh gritty realism in some (but not all) modern comics and long for a return to a lighter, simpler time in their quest to Make Comics Great Again? AND THEN HE HAS THE UNMITIGATED GALL TO PISS ALL OVER ADAM WEST BATMAN??

      The shocking part is Batiuk was actually alive to witness this stuff and the Silver Age and he STILL gets it all wrong! Yes, it’s campy, over the top, it hasn’t aged well, the production values were cheap, and every few years cultural critics alternate between “pure ironic brilliance” and “kitschy schlock”, but there are very concrete reasons why Adam West Batman remains on our cultural radar and *STILL* continues to influence the industry 50+ years later…

      I mean FFS, just what the hell was he expecting on national TV in 1966? 1990s cartoon Batman or something? The Challenge of the Superfriends? The Adventures of Lois and Clark? That Green Arrow show I should probably watch but never get around to? I’ve seen what was popular in 1966, so what the hell DID he want?

      1 Bonanza NBC 29.1
      2 The Red Skelton Hour CBS 28.2
      3 The Andy Griffith Show 27.4
      4 The Lucy Show 26.2
      5 The Jackie Gleason Show 25.3
      6 Green Acres 24.6
      7 Daktari 23.4
      Bewitched ABC
      The Beverly Hillbillies CBS
      10 Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. 22.8
      The Virginian NBC
      The Lawrence Welk Show ABC
      The Ed Sullivan Show CBS

    • Gerard Plourde

      Personally, in 1966 I was an 11-year-old who had been reading Batman since I was 6 1/2 and loved the series, as did most of my contemporaries. That year I discovered Jules Verne and Tolkien and left comics behind. Batiuk, a few years older than me, would not have been part of the target audience.

  10. bayoustu

    Gosh… it’s somewhat puzzling how Batboy is a snide, pretentious “frenemy” to comic book fans and people who- you know- read! Once he goes after pizza gourmands- look out!

  11. The Dreamer

    yes Lisa’s Story is disturbing! particularly if you get the three book set which includes the early strips. Then you see that Lisa is only not date raped and impregnated, but then later is blown up at the Post Office and nearly killed, Then in book two she gets cancer twice and finally dies. In book three, the evil dude who date raped her comes back to haunt her son, and another woman marries her husband. Lisa gets it again and again and again in this collection!

  12. Le Chat Bleu

    Why does everyone in this comic have to look so dumpy?

    • hitorque

      Fun Fact: This middle-aged lady is quite possibly younger than Cindy Sommers-Winkerbean-Jarre…