Tuna Melt

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I was gonna title this one “I Melt With You” but someone (TFH himself it turns out) already thought of that, so I had to fall back and punt.  The reason for using “melt” should be obvious from the artwork: these people are dissolving before our eyes into some kind of primordial slime.   And worse, it’s because they’re laughing so hard at Becky’s…wit.

Ever notice that when one of Batiuk’s favored characters says something intended as a joke, the crowd dissolves into paroxysms of uncontrolled laughter?  Yet when one of his hated characters says something that’s actually funnier, those characters are met with a stony silence iced with contempt.

Of course you’ve noticed.  It’s one of the hallmarks of this strip, now that it has morphed fully into the “revenge on those who failed to appreciate me” Legion of Doom.

In melting news, look at Mr. and Mrs. Pinkenpurple in panel two.*   This, ladies and gentlemen, is some damn bad art.  But it’s in the cause of making Becky look great!

Which makes it even worse, in my opinion.

As for the “tuna” part of my title, well, they’re talking about food and tuna is a food so there you go.  I’ll admit the level of work I put into this one approaches Batiukian levels. But…I’m writing about Batiukan stuff!  So it turns out to be all “meta” and like that, and my check better clear at the local Sprawl Mart, or there’ll be trouble in guest-hosting land!

Speaking of bad art, when folks ask me about my college career, I tell them “I got a degree in fine arts…gateway to the restaurant business!”  Meaning I got a lot of jobs as a busboy and stuff.  I think my joke is better than Becky’s on the same theme, though I’ll admit mine’s only a tiny bit better.

*Fun fact:  I was going to call them Mr. and Mrs. Goodnplenty because I thought Good N Plenty candy was pink and purple.  In fact, I would have sworn that was the case.  But they’re not, they’re pink and white…unless I’m a victim of the Mandela Effect.


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13 responses to “Tuna Melt

  1. Epicus Doomus

    I like how the knowing smirks indicate that Becky isn’t joking here and many of her students have indeed found long and profitable careers in the food industry, which IMO says more about Westview than it does about stupid one-armed Becky, as that idiot certainly isn’t influencing anyone to do anything but grimace.

    • billytheskink

      She’s basically congratulating the long line of former Westview band members who have gone on to work at Montoni’s, which is terribly, terribly sad.

  2. The Dreamer

    is that Cindy in the front row?

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Pretty weird that Cayla’s there without Les.

  4. What’s truly heinous is that she was supposed to be in the former category but isn’t because someone not Wally had to pay the price for his stupidity.

  5. Charles

    This entire week I’ve been fascinated with the dismal location of this banquet. Apparently the kids in the band aren’t there and it’s being held in the cafeteria. The decor is nothing but unfolded cafeteria tables and student desk chairs of various materials from about 75 years ago. And apparently Becky’s “speech” is nothing more than recounting the mattress sale through dumb jokes. It seems even more deficient than if they simply read the secretary’s notes of the last band banquet. And damn, today she’s congratulating people who aren’t there and have no reason to be there. It’s a mess. It’s so poorly done that saying that Batiuk’s mailing this in isn’t appropriately insulting enough. “Mailing it in” is too generous for what he’s done here.

    • comicbookharriet

      It’s actually a very close approximation of every FFA banquet I’ve ever attended. Right down to the potluck.

  6. sgtsaunders

    “Before I close this arc, I want all y’all Nazzys to get a good look right quick.”

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    Becky needs a new hairdo and some wardrobe advice.

  8. Don

    Er, when was “band cheese” a thing?

  9. Professor Fate

    The Smirks a go go are I would guess comes from the Author’s insecurity – He has to tell you yes, this is funny see the people laughing. it’s like someone who has just told you an unfunny joke who then starts to nudge you with his elbow saying ‘that’s funny right? Right?” and because you’re a civilized human being you smile wanly and look for an exit rather than inflict a savage beating.

    • DOlz

      I think you nailed it about the smirks. It’s TB’s equivalent of a TV laugh track that tells you these are the “jokes” folks.

      • William Thompson

        Or Lynn Johnson’s FOOB trope of last-panel bobbling heads, shown in silhouette, which remove all doubt that the comment was meant to be witty