That Dismal Season

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You know who else is having a dismal season?  A comic strip called Funky Winkerbean.  Of course, this is the normal state of this strip, so this isn’t news to anyone.

Today’s strip illustrates–or rather, doesn’t illustrate–one of the many problems this strip parades like virtues: people talking about something that sounds funny long after the fact, while never showing any of it.  I think showing the basketball team attempting to maneuver around stacks of mattresses could have been an absurd and memorable highlight for this strip.   Instead, it’s just tossed out on its own so that we can have three panels of a bloviating author avatar.

Of course, actually showing that scene would emphasize the main problem:  if the gym was stuffed with mattresses, both teams would be equally handicapped.

Still, it would be fun to watch it unfold.  I also think it could be, um, what’s that word I can never think of when I’m thinking of Funky Winkerbean?

Oh yeah.  Funny.

Speaking of art, I like the perspective in panel one, but what in the heck is that behind Becky that looks like a pile of burnt sticks?  Is that supposed to be her shadow?  If so, how come Dinkle gets an ordinary Ben-Day shadow and she gets a scribble?

Maybe it is a pile of burnt sticks and they’re supposed to be awards?  That sounds amusing, so there’s no way that can be it.


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15 responses to “That Dismal Season

  1. spacemanspiff85

    What does any of this have to do with band awards?

  2. erdmann

    And the worst part? Dinkle, sitting there, silently smirking up at her. “That’s right, my broken little puppet. Say it just the way your master told you,” he thinks. “Yes… good. Someone has earned a big piece of basement chocolate…”

  3. Gerard Plourde

    And what is the upside down check mark on her forehead in panel 2? Is it supposed to be her eyebrows?

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Dumb band idea that makes everyone around him miserable? That’s Dinkle’s shtick. After decades of half-assedly trying and totally failing to develop a personality for her, BatDerp has finally just given up and turned Becky into a one-armed female Dinkle, something no one was asking for. No wonder WHS keeps churning out these soulless dead-eyed husks, it’s staffed by a bunch of lunatics and weirdos, every one of them a glaring failure at what they do.

    “Band mattresses”…I remember doing that arc and being driven to the brink of madness by typing “band mattresses” over and over again. I’m not an especially great typist by any stretch but thanks to FW I can bang out “band mattresses” while blindfolded.”Atomik Komix”…”Starbuck Jones”…”Lisa’s Story”…”The Valentine”…”same-sex prom couple”…longtime SoSF die-hards have those words embedded in their brains like the auto-correct on your phone. Sometimes repetition is an effective comedy vehicle. An effective comedy vehicle. But sometimes it’s downright f*cking grating especially when you’re rehashing a gag that wasn’t funny the first two dozen times. Band mattresses. Seriously, less than one second.

  5. billytheskink

    Maybe Lefty will follow Dinkle even further and get her own book: “Gyms Are For Mattress Storage!!”

  6. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Panel #2:
    Panel #3:
    W EW
    B WAD
    This makes as much sense as anything else in this strip.

  7. Jimmy

    I bet the rest of you have retirees constantly looking over your shoulder as you go about your vocation. It’s so comforting for me to have the guy I replaced always at my side.

  8. And here we come to the problem I’ve always had with ‘band’ anything in this strip: the proper function of a school band (to provide support for and celebrate the prowess of their heroic athletes) is ignored owing to the director being a megalomaniac who hungers for praise and who obsesses over idiotic trivialities that people with taste, class, dignity and brains ignore.

    Hmmmm. Are we sure that it’s Les who’s the Author Avatar?

  9. Rusty

    One last word on the mattress sale? Today is only Thursday.

  10. comicbookharriet

    On Tuesday the Mattress sale was very successful, On Wednesday there were a few mattresses left over they were giving away. Today there were enough mattresses left in the gym to impede a basketball team. Tomorrow the leftover mattresses will be filling the entirety of the gym, floor to ceiling. And they will probably be full of diseased rodents, and on fire.

    Also, while TFHackett presented evidence that school mattress fundraisers were a real thing, I seriously doubt that the schools pre-purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of beds, and then store them en mass for resale.

    • Gerard Plourde

      You’re right. The supplier sets up samples in the space for a limited time, the buyers place their orders, and the mattresses are shipped from a warehouse to the buyer. One of the companies that runs these is apparently based in NE Ohio.

  11. bigd1992

    We also apologize for the teen births resulting from the mattresses

  12. Le Chat Bleu

    Just bland characters sitting at desks yammering about nonsense. The only funny thing here is how much Dinkle’s shnozz in panel one makes him look like The Penguin.

  13. Don

    Even if the mattresses in the gym didn’t result in Westview having to play all of its games as away games, it can still account for the dismal season in that it affected Westview’s ability to practice.

    And speaking of the end of the school year, here’s a question: in the six years since Summer started attending Kent State, has there been any reference whatsoever to that school in the strip?