Still Better Than A Date With Les

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Yup, Mindy and Pete are sure getting real ellipsis lately. The Valentine, Montoni’s AND a date to go visit Gramps Crankshaft at the ol’ nursing home…move over Bogie and Bacall, this one’s a romance for the New Millennium. Kind of “steamy” by FW standards but that Batiuk is never afraid to “push the envelope”, as they say. NEXT week they’re planning to lay a wreath at the local unclaimed deceased pets memorial followed by a trip to the medical supply shop to pick up a new filter for Gramp’s oxygen generator. After that, it’s marriage, kids, cancer, the whole f*cking shebang. Let the good times roll.


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23 responses to “Still Better Than A Date With Les

  1. It’s truly amazing how Batiuk can create the most punchable faces for all of his characters.
    I looked at this and thought, “Pete–now there’s a face I could stave in with a maul, and smile afterwards. Probably the second most punchable, after Les.”
    But then I made the mistake of actually thinking about his other characters, something Batiuk hasn’t done in years, and I sadly realized that if given the opportunity to smash their faces in, I wouldn’t know where to start.

    • hitorque

      Pete has this “Leisure Suit Larry” vibe about him, except he isn’t the least bit funny…

  2. Epicus Doomus

    It’s funny how Boy Lisa sees this as a big relationship step, like visiting your new girlfriend’s ancient grandfather at the home means things are really heating up. It’s the sort of thing that could only happen in the Funkyverse.

  3. Guess Hagglemore acquired the creaky, vintage drafting tables from the ol’ Batty Bullpen. Looks like a real comfortable setup.

    • hitorque

      Chester *DOES* plan to hire some more people, right?!? He isn’t literally trying to run a two-man publishing company after investing so much, is he?

      Besides, all Darrin knows how to fucking do is sketch, and he’s barely competent at that… Who does all the shading, ink and color work?

  4. spacemanspiff85

    Thank goodness Pete specified the name of the nursing home, and that it actually is a nursing home. Batiuk seriously cannot resist repeating things he thinks are hilarious over and over and over. And since it’s him, they’re never that funny to start with.

  5. billytheskink

    Durwood is so desperate for excuses to procrastinate from his work that he stoops to asking Pete about about his dating life… which he and everyone else knows consists entirely of eating at Montoni’s and visiting the decrepit and barely lucid Crankshaft.

    TB knows this character too well. Way too well.

  6. Jimmy

    It’s not really serious until they go on a solo car date. She just better hope she doesn’t get knocked up before learning Pete’s new employer is going to be out of business by December.

  7. The Nelson Puppet

    Sounds more like Pete got friend-zoned to me…but then, he probably wouldn’t know the difference.

  8. We’re forgetting the most important part: Crankshaft is finally paying for his years of being a sub-human piece of shit!!!!

  9. countoftowergrove

    It’s getting pretty. . . funky.

  10. hitorque

    1. Despite having a young, attractive, loving wife and healthy toddler son, all Darrin ever wants to talk about is Mindy when 99.994% of men would be talking nonstop about how fortunate they are… Maybe he wants her for himself??

    2. It’s funny because suggestive smirks and winks aside, absolutely nothing about “We’re seeing her granddad at the nursing home” indicates that they’re going to be getting hot and heavy this weekend… Nevermind the fact that the nursing home was already their first “date”…

  11. If those damn Bean’s End catalogs come back into the story…

  12. Professor Fate

    It looks a bit like Pete was hitting the gin a bit early in the middle panel yes?

  13. LTPFTR

    It’s just going to crossover upon crossover as this thing circles the drain, isn’t it?

  14. Maxine of Arc

    Please please let this whole comix thing be an elaborate tax shelter…

  15. bayoustu

    The images of Pete “Something with an R” and his missing teeth (panel 2) and his horribly misshapen, grotesque proboscis (panel 3) will haunt my dreams and waking hours for weeks. Nicely done, new guy!

  16. The Dreamer

    Batiuk should use the occasion to finally kill off Crankshaft, have Pete propose to Mindy in front of him, and then ol’Crankshaft happily kicks the bucket. Of course he’ll still be alive in his own strip where he is ten years younger

    • Gerard Plourde

      That scenario so closely resembles FBOFW that Lynn Johnston could sue and is probably exactly where this is heading.

  17. Munyir Thomas

    I hope Pete and Mindy hook up. But it would be interesting if TB brought back Chien for the wedding, and Marcus from the Roughriders to make Pete a bit nervous.