While Visions Of Garden Hoes Danced In His Head

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There’s Ed’s name…right there on the wall next to his door. Who’d have thunk it? Talk about wrapping things up with an anti-climactic thud. I get the feeling that they could have given Ed a Chinese restaurant menu or an old orange rind and it’d have made no appreciable difference (and it might have saved Funky a nice chunk of change too but that’s just speculation). Normal people might be amazed that a nationally-syndicated comic strip creator needed TWO daily strips to spin a yarn about an old gardening catalog but regular FW readers know this is more or less par for the course. In fact I’m sort of surprised that John Darling wasn’t somehow involved too.

Coming soon: A health aide at Bedside Manor mistakes Ed’s precious life-affirming gardening catalog for garbage and tosses it, prompting Mort to convince Dinkle to hijack a WHS school bus and take “the gang” to the local municipal landfill for a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt.


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10 responses to “While Visions Of Garden Hoes Danced In His Head

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Mr. C? Is she the Fonz’s sister or something?

  2. bayoustu

    So Cindy (or is it Mindy?) is a nurse now?! A nurse with a hideous, flesh colored, crustacean-like claw for a hand?!

  3. Epicus Doomus

    “Twin Peaks” viewers will associate “Mr. C” with someone else entirely, although that Mr. C didn’t have much of a sense of humor either.

  4. billytheskink

    An old gardening catalog is what made Crankshaft happy. Not a visit from his friends or kids or grandkids… a gardening catalog, given to him by someone who doesn’t even know his name.

    Yeah, that’s about right for Crankshaft.

    • Epicus Doomus

      It wasn’t even a real book, magazine or even a (gak) comic book, but a catalog full of gardening instruments, from 1952 no less. It’s actually kind of difficult to think of anything more random or trivial than that.

      Not only that, but apparently that particular catalog was rare among catalog (sigh) collectors, which is why Ed prized it so much. The only thing that made it noteworthy was that it was the centerpiece of a large collection of catalogs, thus it’s really a grim reminder of the time his treasured collection was taken from him and not about the contents of the catalog itself. And now, at least temporarily, I can stop typing the word “catalog” for a while.

  5. At least we never saw Pmmmmmm stab one of the blasted things.

  6. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Thank you, BatWrite, for this riveting arc on buying the Mystery Patient – that old bus driver from Centerville – a catalog. Fascinating, and relatable, since we ALL love and collect catalogs!

    And we totally forgive you for completely skipping over the only potentially interesting aspect of this story — a hilarious bidding battle between Minty/Mopey and Morty/DrummerGurl.

    It was absolutely worth keeping all those other open storylines on hold for this heartwarming display of love and compassion.

    Oh, crapsticks, who am I kidding? The only way this past week’s nonsense wasn’t a total waste of ink and time is if this sets up “Crankshatt can die happy now, because Rosebud the Catalog has returned.” Then he dies. Minty forces Mopey to be her date for the funeral because he just might be The One.

    More likely, though, this was another uninteresting arc that went nowhere, and connected to nothing.

  7. I remember how ten years ago, he’d promised that we’d be dealing with the next generation. That lasted just long enough for him to remember that he can’t relate to today’s kids and the result is this nonsense about the joys of collecting pointless crap.

  8. O Death, where is thy catalog?

  9. I see in the masthead someone is in full-on pleasure. EeeeeYahhhhhhh!!!!!(pant pant pant) Obviously, someone is rereading an issue of Flash. (pant pant…lights a cig.)