Encyclopedia Clown

Whodunnit? Who could have colored Durwood’s Rip Tide cover in today’s strip? Lessee, these three are the only people in the Eaton Building (a whole building that Chester bought to employ two people, as we now know), and, given its location in Cleveland, probably the only people in a 2-3 mile radius. Hmmmmm, this is a puzzler…

One thing we do know is that Mindy didn’t have a summer job or friends that one summer as she pored over her father’s musty comic book collection. And we KNOW for a fact that Jeff Murdock was an obsessive comic book collector.


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  1. No doubt tomorrow Chester emerges from the wings to introduce the boys and Mindy to yet another Batty Batom legend that he’s rescued from obscurity, just like he trotted out Flash Freeman a while back. Shit’s gettin’ old.

    • spacemanspiff85

      Look at Mindy’s face, I’m betting she somehow colored it without either Pete or Darin noticing, and Chester’s going to offer her a job.
      Sunday’s sideways cover: “The She-Woman!” (with a panel of Darin exclaiming “A woman in comics? Well, I never!”).

  2. spacemanspiff85

    Ugh. Of course she only knows about comics because of a man. Batiuk must be a real joy to the female attendees at conventions.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Oh dear. I think we all know exactly where this is going. Pete, a longtime comic book industry veteran, has had the incredible good fortune to stumble upon a female comic book savant without even realizing it. Look at her there, with that “adorable dog caught rummaging through the trash” look on her inconsistently-drawn mug.

    Coming next week: Summer, just home from college, gets a job with AK, riding in the back of a delivery truck and lobbing bundles of comic books on the front doorsteps of every comic book shop in Ohio. Her perfect accuracy and gentle backspin makes her a real natural.

  4. billytheskink

    What’s Durwood so upset about? Looks like someone did his work for him, which, if every previous strip of him at his place of employment is to be believed, is his dream job.

    Is Mindy doing the Macarena today?

    • Gerard Plourde

      He’s upset because he’s realizing that Mindy, a woman who (gasp) loves comics, could be a threat to his relationship with Pete and that he may have to go back to Jessica.

  5. Rusty

    Pro tip: kids speed reading an old comics book collection aren’t going to bother noticing who wrote, penciled, or inked it. Nobody should know those things.

  6. Here’s what I get from this: Mindy had enough time to scan Dullard’s art into a computer (because he’s always shown drawing on a draftsman’s table, NEVER on a computer), then colored it, printed it out…because she wouldn’t dare interrupt Pete while he’s wanking on his cosmic treadmill.

    That tells you everything you need to know about this relationship. He can’t possibly acknowledge her presence while he’s on his treadmill, because woman, and she can’t possibly expect any attention from him, because woman.

    She’s another doormat. Way to go, Batiuk. Another Funky Winkerbean female.

  7. bobanero

    So I guess Mindy was idly doodling with her 18 color sharpie set that she carries with her, while waiting for Pete to get out of the shower, on what she mistakenly thought was a discarded cover draft. Despite Durwood’s angry demeanor depicted in panel 3, we’re going to find tomorrow that he’s totally impressed with her coloring skills, and will offer her a job on the spot, which is lucky for her since the only thing we’ve seen her do up to this point is tear tickets part time at the Valentine, and she has nothing else to do during the day besides hang out and engage in wry banter with her new lover/friendzoner. Atomik Komix is going to be just one hotbed of nepotism before it’s over, with Cory, Chullo, and Cody soon joining the staff.

  8. hitorque

    1. It’s funny because she’s engaged to a comics geek loser and she comes from a hometown *completely* comprised of comics geek losers, and yet somehow her own comics geek loserdom is some kind of complete shock to her fiance and something she has to apologize for??

    2. I guess in keeping with Funkyverse tradition of couples working together because of reasons, Chester the Molester is going to hire Mindy to do whatever just because she read a bunch of comics one summer as a kid as her only qualification because nothing beats the Westview Nepotism Mafia…

    3. Judging by Mindy’s age, that one magical Ahia summer must have been circa 2006 through 2008 maybe? Congrats, lady… You are officially the most boring and uninspired person in the Funkyverse…

    3A. FWIW, my childhood summers in the mid-1980s were spent with my grandmother in rural Alabama… She had no cable, and the heat was over 100 most days so she wouldn’t even allow me outside until about four o’clock and even I never would have read comics the entire goddamned summer…

    4. It’s funny because Batiuk thinks this is still 1984 or whatever and doesn’t know that women have been openly celebrating/feeding their geekdoms for comics/sci-fi/sports/cars/video games for AT LEAST a generation by now, and it’s no great shock or taboo for Mindy to “out” herself… I mean, FFS even a staid suburban professional like Sally Forth has turned her geek dial up to 11 in recent years…

    5. I guess it’s all for the best, since Funkyverse women only exist to serve/enable the childhood comics geekdoms from the refuse-to-grow-the-fuck-up men in their lives that Mindy unmasks herself and removes all doubt about potentially having some kind of independent, free will of her own….

    6. Now that Mindy’s outed herself, we’re going to have yet ANOTHER sacrilegious perverted cosplay wedding, aren’t we??

    • DOlz

      Re number 4:

      If TB ever finds out about Felicia Day, he’ll have an aneurysm.


      • batgirl

        This made me wonder – has TB ever made reference to gaming, FRP, LARPing, or even tabletop gaming? Video games made an appearance in the Don/Donna mini-arc, and you. would think the Komix Korner would have some sort of regular D&D session going, but all I can remember is comic books comic books comic books.
        Maybe because gaming is social, and not done alone in an attic while Mommy brings. you cookies?

  9. hitorque

    7. It’s funny because just like the movie studio making their billion dollar blockbuster, not only does nobody really appear to be in charge of Atomikkk Komixxx, there are no clearly defined job roles so one person can be totally unaware of what another co-worker is doing, EVEN IN A MOTHERFUCKING TWO-MAN OFFICE(!)

  10. Professor Fate

    Just to nitpick – wasn’t Boy Lisa putting the finishing touches on the Color version of this cover Sunday when Pete made that comment about the Damsel in distress looking like Boy Lisa’s wife? Was he so mired in depression that the didn’t noticed that it was in color?
    And doesn’t everybody use computers to do color nowadays? Honestly unless they are going for some sort of Artisan Comic book effect (which could be a nice niche to go for I don’t know but it’s a selling point they might consider) it makes no damn sense to do color by hand.

  11. On this side of the time pool, Boy Lisa is pointing to the “No girlz aloud” sign on his he-man woman-hater’s rainy day clubhouse. On the other, Ralph is teaching the woman who will become Funky’s personal trainer to hate old people.

  12. Don

    We’ll know a few months from now, when they’re off attending some comic book awards banquet when whoever did it is nominated for it. Plus, if it’s her, they’ll throw in some Gamergate-esque “women shouldn’t be in this profession” subplot.