Toy Suprise

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Comic Book Harriet back again for another whirlwind adventure through the funny page’s most wry adventure. Thanks to Billy The Skink for easing us through another dull comic arc, this time compounded with sickening romance, subtle sexism, and the good old Westview Nepotism Mafia. (Kudos to whichever StuckFunkian coined that phrase.)

Now I get to enjoy some Les and Darin action, which always has a creepy vibe to it. Like at any second I could start hearing some ominous yet sensual music playing in the background.

One thing I’ve noted over the last couple weeks. Our ‘skilled’ artist has sunk to new levels of phoning it in by drawing eyes as nothing more than tiny dots with eyebrows in several panels, with none of the hint of upper eyelid seen in the usual ‘house style.’ I expect the strip is going to gradually morph into Sally Forth.


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15 responses to “Toy Suprise

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Oh yuck. Boy Lisa + his beloved bio-stepdad = ugly, ugly doings ahead. Lord only knows what Darin’s big “surprise” might be…

    “Jessica, Skyler and I are moving back in!”
    “Our newest comic title is going to be Super Lisa, whose only real kryptonite is cancer!”
    “I’m seeing your daughter behind Jessica’s back!”
    “Turns out the adoption papers were all screwed up, I’m not Lisa’s bio-son at all! Can I still crash here for a few years?”

    Betcha anything it’s really, really stupid though. If Les is offered a job with AK it might be a hint that the long-speculated The Grand Finale is upon us, as obviously the strip will end with the reveal that everyone was just a comic book character all along. It’s practically that way right now, actually.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    Les will be offered a job, and Pete and Darin will eventually fade into the background so this strip is just “Les Moore/Tom Batiuk Makes Comics With a Hot Young Blonde”.

    • Charles

      Nah, I think Darin’s moving into the space that Les has occupied. Remember, he’s fully Lisa’s son now and he even co-wrote two thirds of the Lisa Trilogy. I used to think that Mason was becoming Les v2.0, but ever since the Starbuck Jones movie dropped, and was subsequently barely spoken of, Mason has had nothing more than minor appearances. It’s much more obvious that Darin’s becoming Les v2.0. He moved back to Ohio so Batiuk can incorporate him into the general storylines that don’t have to do with his job specifically. And now he’s a comic book artist, which is like Batiuk’s greatest aspiration. Like Les, he also has the pliant hot wife who doesn’t ride his ass when he’s being a jerkoff. Unlike Les, however, he doesn’t have a well-established history of haplessness, so he’ll be even easier to write about.

      I predict Darin will become the focus of most of the stories from this point, and Les will fade into the background as Darin’s Yoda-like mentor. He’ll become the wizened old sage whose advice is greater than anyone’s.

  3. billytheskink

    Dropping by unannounced? Miss Manners is not pleased over on page D5. I guess some children were left behind…

  4. Charles

    So does anyone knock in this world? Or let someone know they’re coming over for a visit? And why then doesn’t Batiuk take advantage of the potential humor in this situation by having Darin blunder in on Les masturbating to scat porn or something?

    • Spacemanspiff85

      Replace “scat porn” with “every single one of the Lisa videos, repeatedly”.

  5. In the real world, Les would chide him about rudeness and not be especially thrilled that it’s going to be even easier for Darin barge in unannounced like the goof he is. In Batiuk’s world, Les will be delighted that Darin can just waltz in like a dope.

  6. Ray

    “It’s about this big, and I’m gonna pop you right in the keister with it!”

  7. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “And that’s not the only surprise that I have! How would you like to spend more with Lisa’s grandson, Skyway?”


    “Good. I’ve got him out in the car. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

  8. countoftowergrove

    Sally has been at a comic con for the last two seeks. Which strip is morphing into which?

  9. Professor Fate

    I’m actually Lisa in disguise.

    • comicbookharriet

      Lisa has been a ‘walk in’ ghost in her own son’s body for some time. She finally reveals herself to Les now that the physical body of her son has reproduced in the form of Skyler, thus assuring her sainted line will continue, and provide host bodies for the future. She will put Darin’s body through gender reassignment surgery and Les will divorce Caucayla to remarry ‘Liza’.

      How’s that for progressive and topical!?