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Today’s strip wasn’t available for preview, so I stayed up till 11:30 central time pressing refresh waiting for this to drop.

And when it did drop…oh how it dropped…It dropped like a wet turd on a soggy carpet. Disgusting, toxic, waste contaminating an already blighted background.

The only joy I’m getting from this is the anticipation of all your comments on it. Attack! Like the Furies of old! Savaging those who defile honor, oath, and the natural bonds of kinship!


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26 responses to “Barf

  1. William Thompson

    So this is what happens when Batiuk despairs of winning the Pulitzer.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    In the five seconds of research I did on Wikipedia, I learned that Eisner Award nominations are done by a five-member panel, and not the artists of comics who nominate their own work. I highly doubt Darin is on a panel like that, so I think Batiuk just has no clue how the awards are done. Like me, before I did that five seconds of research. It really astounds me how he can get so much wrong about the one thing he seems to be passionate about these days. He could’ve just made up an award name, but no, he just made the Eisner Awards look like crap, if Lisa’s Legacy somehow is going to win one. Because of course it’ll win one.

    • William Thompson

      Well, Batiuk has a lot of experience at getting things wrong. There’s nothing like an incredibly wrong person who has set his heart on being as wrong as possible about all the wrong things in all the wrong ways. seriously, do you think one of these characters will wake up in a month and tell us it’s all a dream? Because even Batiuk can’t be this wrong.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I went on their webpage, and thankfully, Batty is not being nominated from what I can tell.

    • timbuys

      I’ve always enjoyed the jokes here about how Batiuk is always fishing for validation via awards. Then, when Batiuk out and out just declared himself a (fictitious) nominee for a (real) award… Well, I hope he gets the help he needs and I’m glad the syndicate is apparently providing him with some amount of regular income.

  3. Now I KNOW he’s trolling everyone. Has to be. (Granted, maybe he HAS lost his mind! That little car crash of his and all.)

  4. The Nelson Puppet

    EVERYBODY knows this deserves a “cease and desist” letter from the Eisner Awards! Everybody knows this!

  5. Gerard Plourde

    From the official Eisner FAQs page (link below) –

    “Publishers are invited to submit up to five eligible nominees in each category. Creators who self-publish their works or who have reason to believe their publisher is not submitting their work can also send in nominations.”

    So (big surprise) Darin is ineligible to submit nominations.

    But this is building up to a return to San Diego and Comic-Con, isn’t it?

  6. The Nelson Puppet

    This is a classic case of penis envy. Rick Burchett is a 3-time Eisner winner and it’s making Batyuck feel inadequate.

  7. billytheskink

    Well, I see the Lisa trilogy is back to being a graphic novel. The level of illustration implied to be in the prequel and sequel books has seemed to fluctuate over time (“tell, don’t show… and also don’t tell” is TB’s mantra) and, of course, the original Lisa’s Story as Les wrote it in-strip was not an illustrated work. Not that this inconsistency is surprising or anything, I’m just noting it.

    This strip is like me fantasizing that I won a Caldecott Medal for Tapes Are Shapes, a picture book I made for my niece that uses the form of a Betamax cassette to teach basic shapes… except this is so much sadder because I don’t actually do that and wouldn’t broadcast that fantasy to dozens of newspaper readers if I did.

    • spacemanspiff85

      Except you made a book for another person. Batiuk very, very clearly only writes for himself.

  8. On the one hand, I hate that Batiuk has his head up his ass about how this works. I hate that he’s promoting his mawkish pile of trash. I hate that he’s sacrificed everything fun and charming about himself on the altar of being taken seriously. On the other hand, I do love that Les is being outed as a glib, gutless and self-satisfied ignoramus who has no idea of what’s going on around him.

  9. Chyron HR

    I thought Les was in the “comic books are the pinnacle of human civilization” camp. Does he not know what the Eisners are because “The Day The Flash Weighed 1,000 Pounds!” never received one?

  10. I seem to recall something from years back that one of the “Complete” volumes was “a finalist” (i.e., didn’t win) for some kind of dust jacket award. That’s probably where this comes from. Well, that and dementia.

  11. Epicus Doomus

    It’s just a collection of previously published comic strips there, Thomas. I realize the fictional “Trilogy” is some sort of “Infinite Jest”-like masterwork but still, come on. With all the many plates he has spinning he’s taking yet another week to bow and bask in plaudits over that stupid eleven year old tale of woe, which neatly explains why Act III has totally devolved into a steaming pile of self-indulgent wish-fulfillment garbage.

  12. Hitorque

    The Westview Nepotism Mafia remains undefeated…

  13. Hitorque

    Seriously, when did this strip morph into one long, unbroken string of characters getting honored/awards/rewards for doing nothing? Why is Les pretending to be shocked? He’s already won multiple fucking awards for telling the same goddamn story from different angles…

  14. bayoustu

    How on Earth does the new guy manage to draw Les as infinitely more punchable than previously… I mean: look at that second panel! Also, I want to alert everyone here to that fact that I’ve nominated myself for an Emmy®, Grammy®, Oscar®, and Tony®- so, look out, Mel Brooks & Bruce Springsteen!

  15. Le Chat Bleu

    I think that the author giving himself a real world award in-narrative, for his own book, is the most pathetic use of a post-modernist technique that I’ve ever seen.

    Also, can you believe we needed a day of setup for this turd?

  16. The Dreamer

    I thought Lisa’s Trilogy in the strip was not a graphic novel but was Les’s “War and Peace” literary opus. when he wrote the first book there was no Darrin around to draw the pictures!

  17. Professor Fate

    Nominated Hell – I’ve just given myself a Best Picture Oscar. Top that Batiuk!

    • Charles

      Oh yeah? Well I wrote a story where I won the Nobel Prize for Literature AND an Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award! So you have a way to go before you can be respected around here.

  18. The Dreamer

    So at the Eisner Awards ceremony, when Les is announced as the winner, the ghost of Will Eisner will be seen in the back hanging out with his good friend the ghost of St. Lisa. Both will be applauding. Will Eisner: “Les is the new me!’ St. Lisa: “Yes he is”