Eisnerian Gothic

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I would make some kind of comment on Caucayla not knowing the location of the awards because Wimmin Amirite? But apparently Les previously didn’t even know the award existed.

I’ve been to San Diego for a Botcon once in the summer. It was really nice coastal climate, and not any hotter or muggier than Midwestern summer can get. And since when has CauCayla been heat intolerant?

The second panel is pretty great though, with Darin fleeing from a conversation still taking place while Les and Cayla do their best impersonations of Queen Elizabeth, with a wave goodbye more wooden than Cigar Store Indians. Cayla has a halo around her head…perhaps a first miracle on her own path to sainthood?

This art is really starting to annoy me though. Everyone’s face has become interchangeable. You remember when Cayla had a broad nose and Darin had a beak? The artist sure doesn’t. He has two noses to use, C-shaped or L shaped, and he barely remembers which character gets which. Batiuk can’t be bothered to push Burchett for consistency of character design in a strip worshiping comics as an art form next to opera in importance.

Compare with yesterday’s Crankshaft with art by Davis. Look at that detail! He carefully drew the wedding picture on the wall as a totem of the romantic creature in Ralph that the drive-in waitress has reawakened in him.

All Les and Cayla get on their wall is the avant garde, “Grey Rectangle Against Grey Background.”


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  1. billytheskink

    The Eisner Award might as well be given out at the Comic-Con on the asteroid Ceres in the Batiukverse. I mean, if TB is gonna try to get us to swallow Lisa’s Story as an Eisner nominee then why not just go all out with the fantasy?

    Also, Durwood looks like he’s talking to cardboard cutouts of Les and Cayla, which I imagine would make for better conversation.

    • Epicus Doomus

      It’s completely insane. My one-off joke about Atomik Komix doing a “Lisa’s Story” comic book might have been sort of prescient in retrospect. All this comic book stuff is turning BatNard’s brain into mush.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Cayla is like the robot from the original Lost in Space with retractable arms and neck. But at least she looks black again and isn’t being referred to as a kind of monkey.

      The artwork sucks in both strips. In Crankshaft, they didn’t remember the waitress’ hair color.

      • comicbookharriet

        The colorist and the line artist on strips are often different people. And it seems the weekday colorist and the Sunday colorist are also different. For whatever reason the Sunday colorist has a tendency to bleach blonde any young woman in the strip, Rachel Winkerbean is a weekday redhead and Sunday blonde almost consistently.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    IMO there’s no such thing as a “dry muggy”, as mugginess indicates high humidity, but Batiuk was clearly waiting many, many years to drop that gag on us so congrats to him for finally at long last finding a place to use it. Now when he finds a way to work “it’s a wet cold” into a strip the circle of Batiukiness will be complete.

    Is Cayla really completely unaware of the San Diego climate? That’s weird. I bet her map of the USA features Ohio and “there be monsters here” everywhere else. As is the way Batom consistently finds new and contrived ways to get his characters to Comic-Con every year as opposed to, you know, just having them go to Comic-Con because they want to.

    He seems to be sort of confused as to what “The Trilogy” even is here. For years it’s been (heavily) implied that LS is a very serious and very literary tome, a real, no-foolin’ book, the pinnacle of the writer’s craft, a work so fraught with profoundity it was next to impossible to even write without plumbing the depths of Les Moore’s very soul to the point of nearly breaking him, a deeply moving account of life, death, love and loss so artistically rendered it generates an nearly life-altering empathy within the reader. And now it’s being featured at f*cking Comic-Con because he did a prequel and a sequel featuring some crude Boy Lisa doodles. It’s sort of, uh, incongruous, let’s say.

    • Jimmy

      It’s going to be featured opposite the Deadpool 2 event, but we all know the Lisa trilogy will attract four times the amount of the comic book movie franchise that dares not take itself too seriously.

      • Epicus Doomus

        Throngs of Lisa and Les cosplayers furiously elbowing one another out of the way for tickets to Les’ Q&A where he teases an “alternate ending” where Lisa doesn’t die, as the cast of “The Walking Dead” looks on with admiration and envy. It’s plausible.

  3. Jimmy

    Way to shoehorn in a lame joke. As CBH pointed out, San Diego is generally pleasant; almost perfect, really. Hot and muggy? Hardly. Whenever I have had to visit the Midwest in the summer, I have found it almost unbearable, and I type this as a native Southerner who spent his first six years without air conditioning.

    End of old man rant. On a lighter note. I would prefer the Eisner Award was named after Michael Eisner, former CEO exec.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    I keep hoping that Batiuk name-dropping all this comic crap (and flat out ripping off artwork in that stupid, stupid, stupid Flash Museum “arc”) will result in legal trouble for him, but somehow it never does. I mean if you were the Eisner Awards organization, having your award associated with LIsa’s Legacy sure seems like libel or slander to me. it definitely makes a mockery out of the whole thing. Like if Montoni’s somehow got three Michelin stars. Which I could totally see happening in this strip if Batiuk gave a crap about anything other than comics anymore.

    • Epicus Doomus

      Yet a blog frequented by a few dozen readers (quite possibly the only daily FW readers in the world, mind you) is threatened with legal consequences for posting his strip. What a hypocrite.

      And if The Trilogy is really a “graphic novel” where the hell was Boy Lisa during the book tour? BanTom is so comic book-addled he can’t remember his own stories correctly anymore.

      • spacemanspiff85

        Lisa’s Story was an actual novel. So I would love to see how the story of Teen Pregnancy Lisa and Les Marries a Black Woman were told in a graphically compelling way that would merit being nominated for an award.

        • Epicus Doomus

          So when you cut right to the chase here, Les Moore’s autobiography is being nominated for a comic book award. Give it a few weeks and Montoni’s will be serving pages of comic books slathered in cheese and tomato sauce.

  5. Gerard Plourde

    We can add San Diego climate to the things TomBa doesn’t know about.

    Looking at the fifteen-day forecast for San Diego the daily highs average out to 78 degrees and no day’s high is forecast to be higher than 81. Meanwhile the average for the same period in Cleveland is 80 degrees, with forecast highs of 86 for Friday, 84 for Saturday, 84 for Sunday, and 83 for Monday. Given the choice, I’ll take sipping a latte in Little Italy, exploring the Gaslamp Quarter or strolling in Balboa Park in a heartbeat.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Yeah, who doesn’t know that the climate is great there? I have family in Santa Barbara and it has a similar weather pattern.

      Cleveland is nice in the fall, but otherwise gets the extreme cold, and extreme heat and humidity in the warmer months.

  6. Guess who blamed the weather for his being as sick as a dog when he got to San Diego and not his inability to cope with a world that doesn’t have air conditioning and food that has actual flavor.

  7. Ray

    Looking back on previous days Crankshafts to get up to speed on the story line, I see that strips colorist can’t pour piss out of a boot with instructions written on the the heel either…
    Sunday’s strip had the perky carhop as a blonde, yet in Ralph’s Monday reminiscing, she’s sporting brown hair.
    Oh my head!!

    • Gerard Plourde

      Actually, it was the Sunday strip that was the outlier. She was a brunette for the full week before Sunday.

    • Crankshaft could hire Mindy as the colorist. After all, she even got Scuba Cop’s uniform colors right. Because she’s allowed to know stuff.

  8. bayoustu

    Re: Crankshaft- this being the Batiuk-verse, 5 bucks says Ralph recaptures his chops and returns to the drive-in to show off for the car hop, only to learn she’s been the victim of a fatal hit and run right there in the parking lot.

    • At the rate that this Crankshaft arc is moving (Ralph arrives home, Ralph gets his trumpet out of its case, Ralph begins to play), that payoff should arrive sometime around Labor Day.

      • comicbookharriet

        It still beats the arc where Ralph buys a bicycle for his ghost family for Christmas, then leaves it in the cemetery.

  9. “Damn it, if no one’s going to give me awards, I’ll just give them to myself!”

    • DOlz

      Maybe we can create a comic version of “The Razzies”, then TB would would be guaranteed multiple wins ever year.

  10. hitorque

    1. This is going to be a bigger exercise in masturbatory self-aggrandizement than Dinkle’s “Best Candy Seller EVER” award granted to him by the Belgian government…

    2. “Cayla honey? Just so you know, this trip to glorify *ME* and *MY* dead former wife officially counts as that second honeymoon I promised you during that anniversary five years ago…”

    3. As others have mentioned, exactly how the fuck do you nominate yourself for an award?? How has Les gotten *ZERO* fucking correspondence from the award committee at all?

    4. Is Cayla really that fucking stupid to inquire about the heat when she’s getting an all-expenses-paid trip to San Diego and staying at a 5-star hotel??

    5. Yeah, as others have mentioned, what the left-coasters call “heat” is a joke… 110 degrees in Phoenix is like 99 degrees here in Virginia…

  11. sgtsaunders

    What a cheap set-up for a cheap joke.

    • timbuys

      See, maybe I’m dense but I don’t even get the joke or gag or whatever it is. “Dry muggy.” So, it’s a contradiction of no especial relevance to San Diego? Is there something else I’m missing ?

      If he wanted to bag on San Diego, he could’ve made a joke about something funny like wild fires destroying people’s homes.

  12. bobanero

    OK, so you find out that your husband’s been named a finalist for a prestigious award. Of course your first question, after “What the fuck is an Eisner?” is “Where’s the awards ceremony, and what’s the weather like?”.

    It’s a bit presumptuous of Cayla to think that she’s actually going to be going with him.

  13. erdmann

    Let’s take a moment to consider the nominees Lisa’s Trilogy would be up against in the “Best Archival Collection/Project — Strips” category if it were really nominated in the real world:

    Celebrating Snoopy, by Charles M. Schulz, edited by Alexis E. Fajardo and Dorothy O’Brien (Andrews McMeel)
    Crazy Quilt: Scraps and Panels on the Way to Gasoline Alley, by Frank King, edited by Peter Maresca (Sunday Press)
    Foolish Questions and Other Odd Observations, by Rube Goldberg, edited by Peter Maresca and Paul C. Tumey (Sunday Press Books)
    Sky Masters of the Space Force: The Complete Dailies, by Jack Kirby, Wally Wood et al., edited by Daniel Herman (Hermes Press)
    Star Wars: The Classic Newspaper Strips, vol. 1, by Russ Manning et al., edited by Dean Mullaney (LOAC/IDW)

    Past winners include collected works by Schulz, Manning, Milt Caniff, Bill Watterson, Winsor McCay, Floyd Gottfredson, Walt Kelly and Chester Gould.

    • bobanero

      In our world, the Lisa Trilogy is an archival collection of comic strips, but in the Funkiverse, I’m guessing it’s more like a “Reality-Based Work”, in which case he’d be up against:

      Audubon: On the Wings of the World, by Fabien Grolleau and Jerémie Royer, translated by Etienne Gilfillan (Nobrow)
      The Best We Could Do, by Thi Bui (Abrams ComicArts)
      Calamity Jane: The Calamitous Life of Martha Jane Cannary, 1852–1903, by Christian Perrissin and Matthieu Blanchin, translated by Diana Schutz and Brandon Kander (IDW)
      Lennon: The New York Years, by David Foenkinos, Corbeyran, and Horne, translated by Ivanka Hahnenberger (IDW)
      Spinning, by Tillie Walden (First Second)

  14. Jimmy

    It just occured to me that San Diego is only a couple of hours from L.A. What are the chances Darin sees his wife and child? I bet it’s more likely they get shoved down the memory hole like Crazy Harry’s and Dead Skunk Head John’s children.

    • Gerard Plourde

      For some unknown reason, Skyler is in Ahia with Darin and is being watched by the Fairgoods (as if they don’t have enough on their plate with Fred’s disability).

      • bobanero

        I expect at this point that Skyler is still flying his toy airplane around the house, while Annie advances into rigor mortis.

  15. The Dreamer

    So Les wins the prestigious Eisner award and starts his second career as the writer for Atomix Comix graphic novels division. Les becomes the next Neil Gaiman!