Two is Agony so Three’s a Clown.

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Cayla seems to think that during their trip to Sandy Eggo they will actually get to ‘see the sights.’ Eat sushi in Little Tokyo, dance to mariachi music in Old Town, maybe go to the zoo to make interracial jokes about the pandas. (All things I made time to do during my Botcon San Diego trip.)

Obviously Les is planning the vacation will take place entirely within the confines of the San Diego Convention Center. Cayla will be lucky to drag him across Harbor Drive for a single sitdown meal that isn’t convention concessions food.

I’m guessing that she’ll spend most of the convention pressed against the glass in the Sails Pavilion, staring out the window wistfully at the Gaslamp Quarter; surrounded by things she neither understands nor cares for.

No wonder Les wants to bring Crazy Harry along. He wants a solid tie breaking vote in favor of skipping supper again to wait in the endless Hall H line for another seven hours.


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22 responses to “Two is Agony so Three’s a Clown.

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Panel 4:
    Cayla: “I thought you said we only had two tickets?”
    Les: “That’s right.”

    • hitorque

      Les will just write out another “IOU” for the second honeymoon and maybe we’ll revisit it in another five years…

    • hitorque

      But seriously, why would Cayla even WANT to go if she has to be chained to her husband’s side the entire time surrounded by sweaty cosplay geeks and deal with the disapproving glances from Ghost Lisa?

    • Jimmy

      That’s exactly how I rsad today’s strip. Why waste a ticket on women, amirite?

  2. Gerard Plourde

    Based on what occurred when Crazy Harry attended last year, his sole knowledge of the city comprises sitting (and sleeping) in a folding chair while lined up at the convention center waiting to get into the Starbuck Jones movie panel.

    • William Thompson

      That was all anyone in the Funkyverse needed in those days of yore. By now Crazy Harry will have expanded his skill set to include “Obscure Fifties Comic Books, BOOKS DAMN IT, Everyone Now Crushes On” and “Kancer Komix, or, Malignant Growths in Modern Graphix.”

  3. Epicus Doomus

    “The lay of the land”? “Tour guide”? What? It’s just San Diego, not Laos or Zimbabwe or Malaysia. Dick Facey’s eternal book-launch tour itinerary must not include any stops beyond Olde Ohio’s storied borders, either that or he’s terrified of the thought of spending vacation time alone with his wife.

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Crazy Harry runs this plan past HIS wife. “Hon, you know how I spend all day goofing around for minimum wage at the Korner? Well, I’m taking a much-needed break to travel to San Diego for Comic-Con with Les and Cayla. You? Why would YOU want to come along?”. Yeah, sure Tom…sounds plausible (sigh).

    • hitorque

      I don’t care how insulated her upbringing is, I’ve never met a woman yet who doesn’t have a mental list of the FIRST high end places she’s going shopping the moment she gets out of the terminal in a new city…

  4. spacemanspiff85

    This would’ve bean much funnier (by which I mean actually funny, since there’s not evenban attempt at humor) if Cayla told Les she was getting the lay of the land for that trip to China he promised her.

  5. billytheskink

    Why didn’t you just say that you wanted to bring Crazy along in the first place, Les? You think you’ve earned the right to be all non-specific like Herb & Jamaal? Well, you haven’t.

    In any event, this is what smartphones are for. Honestly, I don’t especially like leaning on my smartphone, but if the alternative is Crazy Harry… I’ll gladly tap and swipe away.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    Consider this: every year Batiuk dreams up another stupid contrivance to get his characters to Comic-Con. Now, after many years of brain-bruising boredom, he has this entire fictional comic book universe to draw upon when it’s time for another Comic-Con arc. In fact, at this very moment, two of 2018’s most heavily featured characters are furiously working to establish a whole new comic book brand at the very same time as the annual Comic-Con arc is due to run. It seems too easy to be true, almost as if the entire AK arc was leading us to this moment.

    But no, because for reasons probably best explained via an essay-length examination of Batom’s weird misplaced vanity, he has instead decided to work Comic-Con (an event that even has “comic” in its name) into the strip via Les’ f*cking stupid book, even though doing so flies in the face of all logic and basic common sense. It’s an artistic choice so bizarre and so far out of left field it defies all attempts to explain it. Unless we take The Author’s bottomless well of transparently self-effacing praise-pandering into account, which is always the case whenever that f*cking book is involved, of course.

    “Tour guide”…what a moron. Anyhow, wouldn’t the award organizers be somehow involved in hospitality services regarding their guests? I’d certainly hope so, as otherwise this “Eisner Award” outfit will come across as some sort of low-budget goof, which is surely not the intent of whoever wrote this crap. Right?

    • hitorque

      Yeah, at this point I’m wondering why he doesn’t just move the whole legacy cast to southern california instead of living in the ass end of miserable Ohio… I mean, LeBron is out so I know there’s nothing left anymore…

  7. Yet again, Batiuk is trying to make a joke of a mental lapse. Since it doesn’t seem to occur to him that his wife might like to join him flogging his books, we get twee drivel like this.

  8. Rusty

    The new artist can’t get the smirks right, Cayla seems to be smiling happily upon hearing that Crazy Harry will be haunting their trip. Smirk at the punchline, Cayla.

  9. I’m sure they’ll all go to Buster’s Crabs, or whatever the seafood joint they went to last year. After all, if there’s one defining aspect of a terrible pun, it’s that it gets repeated and repeated.

  10. countoftowergrove

    The H Line is where the Forths spent a couple of strips.

  11. hitorque

    “TOUR GUIDES”? Just how fucking stupid are these people, really??

    How has Batiuk been writing comics dialogue all his life and is somehow still absolutely craptastic when it comesto conversation and use of language

  12. bobanero

    I got your tour guide.

    Yeah, I’m guessing that Harry will be Less’ “plus one” for the trip, and Durwood/Pete/Mindy/Chester will be along to promote Atomik Komix or something.

    • hitorque

      Don’t forget they’ll need to save space for Ghost Lisa and Ghost Phil Holt, because I promise you they’re putting in an appearance…

  13. Jimmy

    This gives me a great idea. I’m going to become a tour guide for people visiting Chicago, seeing as I have visited that city as often as Harry has visited San Diego (once).

    I’ll charge 200 bucks to tell people about that skyscraper that used to be owned by K-Mart or something. Oh, and look at that big lake over there. I hear it’s one of several massive Midwest bodies of water.

  14. Gerard Plourde

    Meanwhile, over on his blog, he’s posted and praised a selection from a 1940’s strip called “The Ripples”, which may have been amusing in it’s time but relies on a premise that’s been worked to death by now – the artist who won’t part with his work.