Self-Defrecating Humor.

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Today’s strip is merely an inverse retread of yesterday’s strip, and commenting about Les being an insufferable twit has become an exhausting refrain. So instead some notes on the art.

In Panel one Cayla has a gross lobster hand deformity and seems to be putting her finger directly into her drink, no doubt slipping herself a mickey.

Darin and Jess have identical poses and smiles, which REALLY ups the creep factor between the two of them. Are we sure they’re not actually half-siblings? I wouldn’t put a little statutory indiscretion beyond Jess’s father, the talk show host, John Darling, who was murdered. Lisa could have been paid off to pin the deed on some jerk she got blackout drunk. Explains how she afforded law school.

Darin’s jacket is the same color as Cayla’s skin. I’m sure a Freshman Social Sciences major could write a seven page paper about the subtle metaphor of white male privilege clothing and protecting itself with by adopting the exterior trappings, the skin, of persecuted classes of society. But I think the colorist just was really really lazy today and only used six colors.

In the last panel, Les’ massive hand couldn’t really be attached to either shoulder as drawn. Instead it seems to extend directly from his crotch, pointing upward. A huge, disgusting, awards erection.


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23 responses to “Self-Defrecating Humor.

  1. billytheskink

    Just being a finalist for this award that he didn’t even know existed until last week is an honor? I mean, it’s Funky Winkerbean, so sure…

    At least TB is honest about his own sad thirst for accolades in the 2nd panel.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    I’m getting the feeling that Batiuk thinks if he mentions the Eisner Award in his strip, they’ll give him one for free. Like he’s a local radio host who keeps name dropping local restaurants.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Yup, another day, another facetiously self-deprecating strip featuring Dick Facey oozing humility while secretly yearning for industry recognition. It reminds me of a certain comic strip writer whose name escapes me at the moment. Perhaps we need to set up some kind of crowd-sourcing thing to raise enough money to buy the guy a “Lisa’s Story” trophy, just to see if it’d shut him up about it for a year or two, but it’d undoubtedly backfire and make the whole thing worse, now that I think about it.

    • spacemanspiff85

      We could start a “Razzies” type award for comic strips. Call them the “Lisas”, or maybe the “Batiuks”. Batiuk would probably sweep those.

      • Epicus Doomus

        The Academy Of Tedium and Boredom Awards, aka the “Tee Bees”.

        • spacemanspiff85

          Or the FLASH Award, and not tell him it stands for F&$k Lisa’s Awful Story, Hey! Award. I guarantee he’d accept a Flash award.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Well this is really the only way Lisa’s story will win any awards, real or imaginary.

      Meanwhile, over in Crankshaft , Sandy the waitress is nowhere to be found. Maybe she died of cancer?

      • Once again in Crankshaft, there’s a guy with a pad and pencil taking orders right next to a drive-through menu with a microphone/speaker. I know Tom Batiuk has no idea how things work, but things don’t work that way.

        • Doc

          Batiuk has no idea how to draw someone wearing one of those paper waitress/waiter hats over in Crankshaft. They expand and cover the head; Batiuk draws it like someone has a slice cut into their skull…which might explain where Meckler’s honey is. She’s at the ER getting her scalp stitched together. By the looks of waiter boy, the surgery was not successful. Poor Ralph, he even snipped his nose hair for his date.

      • Crankshaft note: the burger joint that Ralph has been haunting the last couple weeks, the “Sunset Drive-In”, shares its name with a drive-in movie venue midway between Cleveland and Columbus that went out of business in 2013. Co-inky-dink?

  4. The Nelson Puppet

    I wonder what other cartoonists must think of this arc. It is so embarrassing and unseemly.

    • spacemanspiff85

      I’d imagine it’s something along the lines of “damn, does he make my work look sooooo much better”.

      • billytheskink

        Or perhaps something like “I’m struggling to get run beyond 35 papers and this guy’s trash is in hundreds? With TWO strips?!”

  5. Five bucks says that The Lardhead Of Language would start squawking like Donald Duck if someone used the word “humblebrag” in his presence.

  6. countoftowergrove

    Caucayla has Gary Burghoff’s hand.

  7. sgtsaunders

    Les’ extended-index-finger proclamation looks like one of those Family Circus malaprop proclamations. Maybe tomorrow Les’ head will swell to the size and shape of a melon. Well that’s something to look forward to anyway.

  8. hitorque

    1. Come on now, you didn’t really expect Lester’s award storyline to be *LESS* douchebaggy than Harry Tinkle’s Belgian adventure, did you??

    2. I guess at this point we should just be fortunate that Cindy Sommers-Winkerbean-Jarre’s Emmy Award and Masone’s infinite Oscar nominations were all handled off-screen….

  9. Jimmy

    Notice Les says “I” and not “we”. Wasn’t Darin an integral part of making the comical book story?

  10. If you look very closely at the award, it’s dated 2017.

    You know, the year “Lisa’s Story” had it’s tenth anniversary.

    The wish-fulfillment is very strong with this one.

  11. Professor Fate

    This is really as pathetic as it comes yes?