Whistling Dicksie

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Well Darin and Jess are already drunk, and are hanging all over each other like two kids necking at the back of the old Valentine Theatre. Jess has lost a finger. In fact all the hands are extra hideous today. And Cayla is missing a neck. What a treat!

Les has absolutely no grounds to be ashamed of a friend making a scene, but it’s nice to see him miserable anyway.

Something I had never really noticed until I was examining the last panel is how the Funkyverse house art style generally doesn’t include lip tint. Normally it doesn’t stand out. But Jess today, with fully detailed lips, really should have them colored nice and pink or red, as would befit a lady at an awards show. instead she has a terrifying flesh colored pucker on her face, like she has an asshole for a mouth.

Cayla has an asshole for a mouth too. But his name is Les.


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8 responses to “Whistling Dicksie

  1. In case anybody missed it, I had to re-share beckoningchasm’s “ill-Les-stration” posted late in yesterday’s comments. Hilarious work, BC!

  2. erdmann

    Somewhere, right now, there is a fat, hairy guy cosplaying as Gold Bikini Slave Girl Princess Leia. If Harry’s unduly enthusiastic support is this much of an embarrassment to Les, perhaps seeing that guy will actually kill him.
    We must must do all we can to make sure they meet.

  3. Spacemanspiff85

    So Batiuk basically thinks people on the verge of full-on make out sessions is acceptable behavior at awards shows. Has he ever been to an awards show? Oh. Wait.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    “And the final nominee is “Lisa’s Story Legacy Trilogy”, the tragic story of a woman’s death from cancer and the depressing aftermath,”

    “Whoooo! Tril-o-gy! Tril-o-gy! Tril-o-gy! LISA RULES! YEAH! SLAYER!!!!!”

    Uh yeah, sure Tom. If they gave out Pulitzers for false humility and/or passive-aggressive self-aggrandizing hucksterism Batiuk could melt his down into a nifty anchor or three. His bottomless aching need for LS acclaim knows no bounds and will apparently never, ever be quenched.

    The way this is playing out makes it seem more and more likely that next week will be devoted entirely to Les’ acceptance speech, a horror too repellent to even contemplate. BatNut’s frantic fevered comic book dreams/fantasies get a little weirder every day, this is not the “work” of a mentally well person.

  5. Yeah, Les. Boy Lisa and Jess My Father Was Murdered are five seconds away from doing IT on the table and Crazy is the embarrassing one.

  6. Okay, why are they all holding their breath and crossing their fingers in panel one? They already KNOW they’re nominated. THAT’S WHY THEY’RE THERE.

  7. billytheskink

    Les can experience shame?! Remarkable!
    Though in this case, it is really only about the company he keeps.

    I cannot tell where Cayla’s shoulder ends and Durwood’s jacket begins…

  8. erdmann

    Watch out, Les. While you’re off in San Diego trying to score an undeserved Eisner Award, the dad in “Dustin” is trying to steal your title of “Biggest Douche in Comics.”