Does this Language Have Swearing or is it All Yawns?

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Well, Cliff, you want a new language?  Wow–aren’t you the lucky one!  Turns out that there’s a person right there who happens to be The Lord of Language!  I’m sure he can help you turn your stifled yawns, underbreath mutterings and defeated scowls into a language you’ll be proud to speak.  And at such reasonable prices!

Oh, um, (cough) but before you go off to meet him, Cliff, your fake beard is melting off in panel one.  Better go adjust it so you can look great with your new frown-talk language. Keep fidgeting with your fake beard, Cliff, and it turns people off.  Glue it on good, though, man, trust me, it drives the ladies crazy!  Also, and think about this–Santa Claus gigs at the local mall.  You’ll want to terrify those tots as your beard is pulled apart by those tiny sweaty palms.  Then you can do a Bela Lugosi laugh and cause all kinds of childhood trauma, which, trust me, is big in certain comic strips.

Seriously, is Rick Burchett trolling Tom Batiuk to the same degree that Tom Batiuk is trolling his readers?  The artwork lately has given off a huge “It’s due in five minutes and no one cares, so let me scratch something out and hit ‘Send’ vibe.”

Honestly, this stuff is just awful and I can’t imagine someone who cares signing off on this and saying, “Great work, man.”  I’m sure the response is more in line with “Eh, it fits the space, so sure, it’s fine.”


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10 responses to “Does this Language Have Swearing or is it All Yawns?

  1. spacemanspiff85

    “And that language is male-only, obviously! We do all the speaking for the womenfolk! You know what I mean, Les!”

  2. billytheskink

    Panel 1 is a masterpiece of surrealist comic art. “Planarians swarming a glass of Tab Cola”, it is fascinating to look at, to explore. Where does Burchett get these ideas?

  3. erdmann

    “But only today. Tomorrow we’ll be back to normal: miserable as hell with each actively plotting the other’s demise.”

  4. spacemanspiff85

    Batiuk has lost his damn mind when it comes to age. Cliff and Vera should be in their 90s (at least) and sure don’t look like it. And in Crankshaft, Ralph hung out, while he was an adult (and not really a young looking one) with a guy who died in 1942, making him roughly 100 years old. Which is odd enough, but when you factor in him becoming emotionally devastated over a teenage girl he fixated on, it’s creepy.

  5. Plain English suffices to describe how irritating I find Cliff for being so self-congratulatory. It’s as if he thinks the sixty years he wasted being a fucking idiot mean nothing to anyone else because they mean nothing to him and also because Vera was needy and stupid enough to wait for his dumb ass.

  6. Rusty

    At least Vera has a neck again.

  7. Smirks 'R Us

    Good at dialog, BatHack is not.

  8. Professor Fate

    Okay just what is happening in the first panel? It seems there is some kind of struggle going on between the two women over a glass of something. Meantime Chris’s Mustache seems to have achieved sentience and is attempting to escape which I can understand.
    As for the last panel this is the kind of creepy thing abusers say while they are in public careful to keep their hands (as in this case) on their victim to let them know they’ll pay for any attempt to escape. Seriously Vera looks like she’s desperately waiting for the freedom of sweet sweet death.

  9. Charles

    As well they should be! But don’t worry, they’ll both soon be morose again.

    I was recently looking up Clayton Moore in order to compare him to Cliff, and ended up reading up about a bunch of serials that would have been getting made around the same time Batiuk has Cliff and Vera making their serial. Basically, both of them should be thrilled seeing as how they’re still dining out on three weeks’ worth of work they did over sixty years ago.