Eating Their Turds and Whey

Link to today’s strip.

Whoops!  Late to the party on this one, but I got involved in a project of my own and neglected the time.

Not much to say about this one.  The artwork continues to slide into the abyss, the dialogue is idiotic, and Rich Burchett shows us something in that last panel  (almost wrote “penal”; these hosting stints, lemme tells ya…)

I mean, look at Cliff’s face in that last panel.  “Oh?  Think I’m not planning on getting my cheese dip on?  Really, Vera?  Wow, are you in for a surprise!”

Overall, again, it’s people sitting around discussing things that we have not seen and we’ve not been given a reason to care about.  Eating food that looks, honestly…well, it looks largely like bowel movements.  Which, given the overall bent of this strip, makes perfect sense.  It also makes those vaguely flesh-colored cubes that show up now and then in Mary Worth look edible.

It’s kind of silently nauseating in its own unique way.  And it’s another step away from what people want in comic strips.  And it makes me feel that the 50th anniversary will be something to see, though I can easily imagine Batiuk presenting something ultra dull.  After all, it’s the Funky Winkerbean way.


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18 responses to “Eating Their Turds and Whey

  1. DOlz

    “And it makes me feel that the 50th anniversary will be something to see, though I can easily imagine Batiuk presenting something ultra dull. After all, it’s the Funky Winkerbean way.”

    Three panels of the same brick wall nothing else and will be the best strip in years.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    My prediction for the last strip:
    Panel 1-Les wakes up in bed next to Lisa.
    Panel 2-Les tells Lisa “I just had the craziest dream!”
    Panel 3-Lisa tells Les “I was dreaming of all the great sex you’re about to give me, baby! And I’ll call you Tom, like you like!”

  3. Epicus Doomus

    I thought the exact same thing at first glance…they’re eating poo at a dinner party. Les is there. Welcome to hell.

    HA HA HA sure Vera, and all you had to do to avoid that hypothetical pitfall was sit there doing nothing for sixty years until you were called upon to be a convenient (and really sappy) plot device. And I can’t decide which was more “romantic”, Cliff being available because he became a reclusive shut-in for sixty years or how a bunch of comic book fanboys dredged her up from whatever sofa cushion she was dwelling on for six decades and presented her to Cliff like she was some sort of nostalgic cereal box prize. Love…Batiuk Style.

  4. erdmann

    Rich Burchett has two-week stint as guest artist on “Dick Tracy” coming up. I’ve only seen small, low-res images of the strips, but they appear competently done and better than his work here. Make of that what you will.

    • spacemanspiff85

      I was actually excited when he started working on this strip. I don’t think that excitement lasted more than a week.

      • Gerard Plourde

        The contrast between the artistic mess here and the precision of the Davis/Batiuk work in today’s Crankshaft is astounding.

        • timbuys

          I was gonna give Gerard a hard time about inducing me to waste thirty seconds of my life to read Crankshaft today, but he’s got an excellent point. That composition is, to me, unexpectedly great for a newspaper strip these days.

  5. Jimmy

    What’s up with the food cart in panel 1? From the perspective, it appears to be climbing a wall. I guess it’s a nod to MC Escher?

  6. billytheskink

    Looks like Vera hasn’t found Cliff’s collection of Fran Drescher memorabilia yet.

  7. Charles

    This kills me.

    Are we supposed to believe that this is the first time Cindy’s heard the story of how Cliff and Vera got together and remarked upon it after all this time? She had a fricking double wedding with them! Only NOW she’s indicating how romantic (bleah) she thought it was?

    Pretty soon every week will feature at least four strips that just remind us of things that happened earlier. After all, we haven’t been reminded of how Cindy and Mason met, or how Les and Cayla got engaged. (now that would be a hoot to see Batiuk try to recount) This could keep us going until next Sunday!

  8. What’s even more irritating than watching this woman laugh off the children she denied herself being supine and needy is having to remember that we’ve no idea what life is like for the high school kids Phase III was supposed to be about. Stacked up next to realizing that Summer and her friends might as well have been erased from history by Superboy Prime, this mess and watching him make Apple Annie’s back story even more revolting are minor irritants.

  9. Gerard Plourde

    Adding to the architectural confusion – In panel 1 is the table set up in front of the living room sofa?

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    Well Cliff almost had a heart attack when Cindy came through his apartment window in NYC. Now he is hoping to hook up with her here in LA.

  11. countoftowergrove

    Dung al fresco, how chic.

  12. bobanero

    “Ridiculous”, “Impossible”, and “Contrived” are all words that come to my mind before “Romantic”.

  13. timbuys

    So, my wife and I enjoy gently joking around with each other about our various foibles and tribulations.

    However, I think either of us would think a line would be crossed to suggest, in casual conversation with acquaintances, that the only thing keeping one or the other of us from fooling around was our advanced age.

  14. Professor Fate

    So what the hell is Cliff’s expression in the last panel supposed to be? Amused? A bit put out? Or wondering when his next Viagra prescription comes in and he can go back to banging the maid? you really can’t tell.

    • Buckeye Feculence

      After the implication of his impotence, scowling as he invents a few derisive words for his lovely wife in that new language mentioned yesterday.