Early dawning, Sunday morning

Link to today’s strip.

As usual, Sunday’s strip is not available for preview and I’ve got too much to do tomorrow to wait up for it.

I’m of two minds–on the one hand, it sure seems like we were building up to something starring Cliff Anger…but we haven’t really built anything enough.  I mean, one mention of “Butter Brickle” hardly constitutes a leaping-off point for a Cliff Anger comic book tribute cover, but then this is Funky Winkerbean so absolutely anything is possible, as long as it isn’t even slightly interesting.

The second, and I think more likely possibility is that we’ll have something unrelated to the previous week.  For example, it’s been a while since Funky and Les have gone running, and the fact that Les is in California shouldn’t be a barricade to this strip.  Or we might get wacky Bernie Silver Chess Club antics, with all the wackiness scientifically removed.   Who knows?

Ah well.  We’ll all find out together, and our yawning will be such that it will wake the land!


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17 responses to “Early dawning, Sunday morning

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Apparently Cayla’s already powered down for the night. I wonder if Les checks her or if he’s able to stow her in the overhead compartment.

  2. The Nelson Puppet

    Nothing important, just Cindy and Les masturbating each other to climax.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    I was seriously hoping “nominated for an award” was a dig at Les, because of course it isn’t, because that never happens. Les sure is on top of the world, nominated for an award he didn’t know existed a week before the ceremony.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    LOL Cindy barely spoke to Les in “high school”. So apparently Cindy did win her Emmy, even though the last time I looked she was employed by some sketchy social media-type website, a job she carried on about like it was beneath her. Go figure.

    Also not mentioned: the person who actually filmed the documentary and the person who illustrated Les’ book thereby making it eligible for a comic book award in the first place.

  5. billytheskink

    Award-winning creative types lounging on a private beach… Is TB’s experience with life in California made up entirely of tourism board television commercials? The evidence suggests it is.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      It seems that way. Seems like Cindy lives in her Malibu beach house instead of spending the week at her mansion in Bel-Air. And it seems like she never works. The creative types I know are always busy.

  6. It’s things like this that make me feel that when they die, they’ll spend eternity babbling about high school as if it was the only important thing that ever happened to them.

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    Remember when we were back in high school, back in the days when this strip was funny?

  8. Gerard Plourde

    I know that Sunday strips bear little, if any, relationship to action occurring in the daily ones, but is this happening on a different day from the party? Otherwise, it would appear that Cindy has the ability to be in two places at once.

  9. bayoustu

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say there has never been a more infuriating, punchable image of Less (and that’s saying A LOT, I know), than the vertically squashed, smug, Stretch Armstong-necked drawing that “graces” this strip’s masthead today.

  10. fudgeripple82

    Pardon me- I meant HORIZONTALLY squashed.

  11. DOlz

    Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits used overheard dialog to write “Money For Nothing”. We got a great song out of that. TB, apparently uses overheard dialog from drunk folks at HS reunions and people with dementia at nursing homes to write the strip. For that we get dreck to fill time until he gets his participation award.

  12. At least Chuck Ayers’ artwork is better than Burchett’s of late.

  13. bobanero

    So, we spend two weeks on Les being nominated for an Eisner award, going to the awards ceremony, and not winning. Meanwhile, Cindy wins an Emmy for her half-assed documentary and the whole thing happens off camera and we only find out about it after the fact, via obtuse jokes? And I guess sitting around exchanging awful jokes with a couple of nonagenarians for a week counts as “catching up with things back in Ohio”?

  14. The Dreamer

    when did Cindy win an Emmy?