Take My Arm, Please

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This one is unbelievable. First, we have pinned-up sleeves all over the place today. Then it turns out that Dinkle, aka General Nostalgia himself, doesn’t even KNOW about the Band Big Reunion Alumni at all yet! How could this have not been his idea? I mean, what the hell is he even DOING there if he’s not re-living the good old days, you know? And why are Funky and Holly leaving to pick up Holly’s mom now for an event that’s a full month away? Is he seriously going to do an arc about the elderly AND marching bands at the same time? Good God.

And finally there’s the bizarre spectacle of a retired march band conductor cracking wise about old people with missing body parts to a current marching band conductor with one arm. I mean, just wow. Utterly spectacular.



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15 responses to “Take My Arm, Please

  1. spacemanspiff85

    So apparently one old folks band wasn’t enough for Batiuk. I also like how it’s just a given that the only alumni who’d show up are the senior citizens.

  2. Rusty Shackleford

    Dinkle and Ms One Armed Bandit. Wow, wasn’t expecting that. Is that all he does is hang out in the band room all day. And gosh won’t someone give her a makeover already.

  3. The Nelson Puppet

    Uh…sorry, Becky!

  4. billytheskink

    “Alumni band reunions can be a lot of fun…”

    I am NOT looking forward to the many ways this statement is going to be proven wrong over the next few days weeks.

  5. Oh, joy. More reasons for that insufferable dolt Dinkle to ruin our day. Ah, well. Compared to the shit sandwich he’s going to make of Rana’s life, this will seem like the golden days……

  6. Gerard Plourde

    So the sole Westview High-related arc this year is going to feature old alumni. I can’t wait to see the sensitive way he writes the mobility scooter and portable oxygen machine one-liners.

    • Don

      “So the sole Westview High-related arc this year is going to feature old alumni” – I for one wouldn’t be surprised to see, right after the end of the reunion arc, the sudden appearance of Wetsview’s new Athletic Director and girls’ basketball coach (at first, I thought one of them would end up being the boys’ coach – “See? Women can coach boys’ teams!” – but then it would imply that, somehow, boys’ basketball was better than girls’), fresh off of six-year degrees at Kent State

  7. DOlz

    “And finally there’s the bizarre spectacle of a retired march band conductor cracking wise about old people with missing body parts to a current marching band conductor with one arm. I mean, just wow.”

    Makes you wonder how someone that tone deaf became The Band Director”

  8. Rusty

    Some advice? Don’t get in the car with Wally. Oops, too late.

  9. Hannibal's Lectern

    Given that there’s a sign out front of the school announcing the alumni band reunion, why does Lefty have to tell Hairy that there’s going to be an alumni band reunion? Is BatHack secretly signaling that Hairy’s illiterate, and all his supposed writing about what’s-his-name-the-dead-composer is just a fantasy in his head? Or did Hairy suddenly go blind over the weekend? Or (most likely) he’s far enough into dementia that he saw the sign, thought “I need to go tell Becky how to run her reunion,” and completely forgot his reason by the time he got to her office…

    • bobanero

      Actually, why are they announcing an event on the main marquee of the school that nobody who attends the school would have the slightest bit of interest in? This being the beginning of the school year, there must be something else happening that is more worthy of announcing on the marquee than an alumni band reunion. Nobody at my high school ever cared about our reunions (nor should they). And based on the fact that both Holly and her mother will be attending, I guess that everybody who was ever in the band is invited? I guess they’re going for the Guinness World Record for simultaneous cardiac events.

      Weather forecast for the event: Improbable amounts of torrential rain.

  10. spacemanspiff85

    This strip makes a lot more sense if you assume all of these people are having affairs:
    Becky and Dinkle
    John and Harry (remember John complaining to Funky about how being a band husband ruined his sex life?)
    Pete and Darin
    Jessica and Mason and Cindy, also possibly Marianne (it’s debauched Hollywood, and it’s not really cheating if the man looks just like your husband anyway, and it explains why she’s still staying there)
    Cayla and Nate (unlikely, since Cayla apparently just powers down whenever Les doesn’t have need of her)
    Buck and Bull (there’s nothing wrong with it if it starts as “practicing the old football moves” and if one partner inexplicably has been diagnosed with CTE and will forget it as soon as it ends)
    Les and Linda (Les/Batiuk’s revenge for being bullied)

  11. Charles

    Ayers needs to go back to drawing school until he figures out how to draw a mouth. Jesus, how did he draw Dinkle’s mouth in panel 4 without ever stopping and realizing that he fucked it up completely? Is that what he thinks human mouths look like? Does he only associate with stroke victims who jam an entire can of chewing tobacco in their mouth’s droopy side?

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