They’re Gonna Need A Bigger Pack

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Fanny Packard? Because Funky and Holly are old boring fuddy-duddies who wear fanny packs? Ummm, OK then. “Things to do…”???? They’re picking up Holly’s mother, not going sightseeing. You can almost see BatNom’s self-satisfied smirk as he set down his felt-tip after coming up with this stellar bit of wordplay. Geez. Just when you think an arc bottoms out, Batom lowers the floor.


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17 responses to “They’re Gonna Need A Bigger Pack

  1. spacemanspiff85

    I’d be shocked if this isn’t the end of the arc, and Batiuk wrote this whole week just to lead up to this dumb “pun”.

  2. Jimmy

    In panel 1, the silhouette looks like Funky with a quail head.

    I guess the Internet, which has been responsible for Batiuk prolonging his career the last two decades, is an evil non entity in the Funkyverse.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    I Googled it, just to make sure I wasn’t missing something here, then I realized Fanny Packard is supposed to be the gag. Not only is it a really infantile joke, but no indication was ever given that their trip to Florida involved anything more than picking up Holly’s mother. Now suddenly they’re planning sightseeing junkets. The whole thing is a big jumble of unrelated ideas…band reunion alumnis, pizzeria management, Holly’s mom, weddings and vacations to Florida. Someone should check on BatYack and see if he’s OK.

  4. billytheskink

    I’d like to think “Fanny Packard” visited a motel in Florida once, took one of each of the tourist trap leaflets from the rack next to the vending machine, photocopied them all, and then stapled the copies together and bilked Holly out of $20.

  5. comicbookharriet

    I wish that someone would hit these characters in the fanny with a Packard.

  6. What concerns me is that Funky is finally starting to realize how many people he either knows or have heard of have names that are terrible puns.

  7. louder

    This is the best example ever of Batty just mailing it in — you could throw today’s strip away, and it would make zero difference in the story. Honestly, how can stuff like this be allowed to go out?

  8. Rusty

    Maybe they will squeeze a hike up Kilimanjaro in while they are there. You just know Batiuk had to go to Florida in the past year, so we are all blessed with his coming observations.

    My wife runs errands and assists a 90 year old woman. The woman insisted we go to AAA for a “Travel Pack” before going on a local vacation, which is kind of the same idea. Rather than just getting whatever information we need from the internet, which someone Holly’s age (indeterminate) would likely do.

  9. Rusty

    Come to think of it, this is setting up another “Funky goes to the Texas cancer clinic” inexplicable storyline.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    Wait, so the old lady in Crapshaft can fly to New York, make her way to a convention center, wander around and magically stumble upon an “agent”, but Holly’s dumb Mom can’t take a taxi to the airport for an easy flight to Cleveland.

    And why is Lillian so giddy about Annie, she hasn’t done anything for her yet, and probably never will. Ah the Funkyverse where Batty’s whims are endlessly indulged in order to force fit a sentimental moment. Grrrrr…

  11. Every time Batiuk comes up with one of these terrible puns, I just imagine him guffawing to himself over and over.

  12. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Fanny Packard? I know her. Her son wrote a tourist guide for San Francisco. His name is Fudge.

    • Double Sided Scooby Snack

      See, that’s a play on words on “fudge packer.”

      Could have also used Key West instead of San Fran.

      Waaa waaa waaaaaa.