“Grandpa’s Waffle Barn”
Said three times in today’s strip
Good haiku first line

Grandpa’s Waffle Barn
A stand in for Waffle House?
At least it’s no pun

Grandpa’s Waffle Barn
Two things grandpas are thought with
Just not together

Waffle Barns closing
Across Ohio, I blame
The politicians

Kucinich, Kasich
Working together to destroy
Our tasty waffles

Did Holly’s mom leave
Ohio in ’92?
Fall apart it did

Bathroom joke again?
Or is Mrs. Budd hungry
10 minutes later?


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20 responses to “O-haik-o

  1. Epicus Doomus

    At least they’re already in Ohio. I can’t believe I just wrote the preceding sentence. Perhaps this crabby old coot humor would have more of an impact if we actually knew the character a little bit. But probably not.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    I’m assuming this is Grandpa Google’s Waffle Barn.

  3. comicbookharriet

    Looks like Funky’s plan to improve the mother-in-law’s mood with medical cannabis has backfired. Exacerbated dementia and mondo munchies, but still a haranguing harpy.

  4. billytheskink

    It gets worse Mrs. Budd. Not only have most of the Waffle Barns closed, but Montoni’s is STILL open.

    Also, the Browns are still searching for a QB who even almost measures up to Bernie Kosar.

  5. Charles

    Here are two more haikus for you:

    this strip sucks baseballs
    softballs footballs basketballs
    through a garden hose

    I hate this so much
    I’m going to come over to
    your house and kill you

  6. Charles

    Two more:

    you couldn’t write one
    halfway decent comic to
    save your fucking ass

    writing a comic
    this maggot-gagging bad must
    fuck up your karma

  7. Charles

    Anyway, Funky seems really angry at the harmless biddy. I’d love to see him break, turn around and scream at her over her inanity. It’d be the first affirmative act by one of the strip’s “good” characters in its history, probably.

  8. It would have ‘fallen apart’ if she were one of Harry Dinkle’s stooges at Sunset Manor because, despite what boomers believe, they can’t build a wall to protect themselves from change and mortality.

    • timbuys

      Oh, man. It’s early in the morning for me, but never too early to shoot zingers at Baby Boomers!

      Boomers might not be able to avert change and their own, none too soon, mortality, but they sure are good at zinging those lazy millennials who all need to get jobs and stop wearing their hair funny.

      I say this as a so called member of a ‘generation’ that, guess what, had trouble finding jobs in our early twenties during a recession caused by, checks notes, the people blaming us for not having jobs.

      They called us Gen X and slackers. There was a book and even a movie or three. The more prescient amongst us had already detected that Seattle would be the source of and, sometimes, solution to all of life’s problems (followed only by San Jose).

      It was all ridiculous and none of it meant anything by the time the Boomers needed us to mind the Millenials for them.

      • DOlz

        As a boomer (man I’ve always hated that term) I learned an important lesson as a teenager. That at lot of the folks in the older generation only remembered to good parts of their youth, thought the youngsters were lazy and unappreciative of how good they had it, and their music was crap. I decided I wasn’t going to be that way when I got old and for the most part I’ve succeeded. Yeah a lot of the music and culture today doesn’t speak to me, but so what it isn’t meant to. Beside as Theodore Sturgeon said “ninety percent of everything is crap” (I personally think he was an optimist) including my generations stuff.

        This has been a long way of saying that TB didn’t learn that our generation doesn’t have monopoly all that’s good and right with the world. Instead he learned that the old folks dumped on my generation so I’m going to dump the younger one. Geez I despise people like that.

        • timbuys

          Well said. The easiest time I ever had weeding out a bad manager was when the person volunteered to me that they had never had a good experience interviewing/hiring/managing millenials. I honestly was speechless for a few moments.

  9. Ray

    This has got to be a play on “Grandpas Cheese Barn” which has 2 locations. One in Norton Ohio, which is about roughly 30 minutes outside of TomBats stomping grounds. And another in Ashland Ohio, conveniently located of I-71…and anyone traveling that highway is bound to see the signage.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Yep and it is these little details which keep many readers (in Ohio at least) coming back for more!

      OMG, Helen, did you read the newspaper today? They kind of mentioned a place near our house on the comics page. Wow.

  10. “Where is pancakes house?”

  11. bobanero

    I prefer the Crackhead Barrel myself.

  12. Le Chat Bleu

    The only decent thing about this arc is the face of Holly the Elder glowering down at us from the masthead.

  13. hitorque

    Old Bat: Vere is pancakes house?

    Funkmeister: What?

    Old Bat: Vee stop at pancakes house.

    Funkmeister: What… Are you nuts? We had pancakes for breakfast. Gotta go to a place I can get a shot and a beer, steak, maybe, not more fuckin’ pancakes, c’mon.

    [Old Bat just stares at Funkmeister]

    Funkmeister: Oh, come on, man! Okay, here’s an idea: We can stop outside of South Lebanon. I know a place there we can get laid. Whaddya think?

    Old Bat: I’m fucking hungry now, you know!

    Funkmeister: Yeah yeah Jesus, I’m sayin’ we can… Stop, get pancakes and then we’ll get LAID, all right?

    [Holly glares briefly]