It continues in today’s strip… “it” being history’s longest drive from Florida to Ohio. Or maybe it is a chronicle of the most unbelievably boring competitors to have ever taken part in The Cannonball Run.

I don’t know if this is the best of this week’s miserable set of strips or the worst. One one hand, everyone gets a rare moment of positivity: Holly’s mom is certainly enjoying her reminiscence of Holly’s childhood, Holly seems to be enjoying it as well, and even Funky is spared TB’s wrath for one panel. On the other hand, this strip also rips each and every one of those positive bits away because TB long ago decided that Funky and anyone in his orbit are not allowed to have nice things. Yep, this is the worst… nothing worse than a tease.


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  1. Rusty Shackleford

    Batty’s writing was so bad that one of the characters fell asleep from shear boredom. Funky is probably hoping for a massive heart attack. And Holly, well it looks like she had a stroke awhile back.

    I really thought we would see some strips showing what was going on at Montoni’s.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    This curmudgeonly old coot humor is absolutely exhausting to endure. As bad as the recent Bedside Manor arcs were, at least Mort & co. were LIVELY old coots, sort of. This stuff, though, it’s just downright ugly. Holly’s mother isn’t lively, she isn’t relatable, she isn’t even remotely likeable and Lord knows she ain’t funny either. These aren’t even traditional mother-in-law gags, it’s all just pointless and more than a little mean-spirited too, as the “jokes” here all center around her old age and nothing else. She has no personality, there’s no conflict, she’s just plain old and apparently that’s the gag. IMO this is one of the more objectionable arcs of recent years, he should leave this crap in “Crankshaft” where it belongs.

    • spacemanspiff85

      At least when he tries to milk humor out of senility in Crankshaft, there’s an attempt at wordplay. It’s never funny, but you can at least see how it was supposed to be. “It’s funny because she’s old and lost her mind” is all this arc has offered, and that’s just disgusting and pathetic.

  3. billytheskink

    This strip brings back bad childhood memories for me. My younger sister was, for a time, a competitive baton twirler and I was often dragged around to practices and competitions. To this day, those times are some of the most miserably boring experiences of my life… a bunch of tween girls running around in sequined leotards and pancake makeup who perform sparingly to trash pop music and old Coke jingles for a few minutes at a time before going back to practicing, changing into other sequined leotards, and checking their pancake makeup. It was awful. I’m convinced that the 10th circle of Hell is a children’s baton twirling competition.

    The 11th, of course, is Funky Winkerbean.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      In my high school marching band, we had 5 majorettes in those little sparkly leotards…wow…some of the flag girls were hot too. Kept practice interesting.

    • Epicus Doomus

      David Foster Wallace did an essay about a state fair, he covered competitive baton twirling and it reads like one of Batiuk’s fevered Act I dreams, with wayward batons rocketing into the crowd and etc. Of course he put a little effort into making it entertaining, unlike this guy and his endless rehashing and wallowing in days long gone. It’s amazing how these characters don’t have any memories that aren’t thirty-plus years old and it’s doubly amazing how these barely-functional elderly characters recall the events of the 1980s with such clarity.

  4. The Nelson Puppet

    What’s Beatle George Harrison doing on the masthead?

  5. This “Senile old farts are inherently funny” thing seems to have informed today’s Crankshaft too. This is because he acts as if they elected Crankshaft president or something.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    I had no idea what the point of this installment was when I realized that it’s the introduction to an anti-snoring device ad. It has all of the elements: pleasant conversation followed by peace and quiet which is destroyed by annoying snoring.

    Was one on the radio when he was searching for ideas?

  7. bobanero

    I’m guessing from the image in the masthead that this week we’re diving head first into the band reunion arc with copious helpings of Dinkle, pinned up sleeves, and adverse weather. I’ll wager that we’ll never see any mention of Cory and Rocky’s attempt to hold down the fort at Montoni’s, despite the fact that it could be a comedy gold mine.

  8. timbuys

    The senile woman who has been living out her life hundreds of miles from her loved ones and who really shouldn’t be crammed into the back of a shitty car for hours on end also has a sleep disorder that disrupts her ability to relate to her family.

    Comedy gold.

  9. Don

    And coming up in a Very Special Story Arc of Funky Winkerbean: Les takes a stand when the cheerleaders are bullying the flag girls

  10. I wonder why they didn’t use the teleportation system that Les used to flit between Africa and Ohio for Funky’s car’s naming ceremony.

  11. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Batty has gotten it into his pointy little bald head that an extremely long car ride with a hateful, cantankerous, elderly person (possibly with dementia issues) is slap-nuts comedy gold.

    You see these two fat oafs struggling and suffering, and BatWit wants you to feel sorry for them. But you DON’T because you know they had numerous other choices, other than the one they made.

    And why was a drive to FL and back — TWICE! — even on the table?? Because a dementia patient requested it. “Oh, Okay, Mom. We’ll do exactly that.” The 60 year olds should have been the sane ones. “Mom, we can’t drive you. It’s too far. I’ll fly down, and we’ll fly back together.”

    This is how normal, sane Earth humans quickly take control of the situation. You don’t have to tell her she can’t come (after some ridiculous cement head made the mistake of inviting her in the first place). You don’t have to send her a bus or plane ticket and just hope she makes it.

    But Batty goes the path of maximum resistance. Is this because he’s a socially ignorant clod who doesn’t know any better? Is it because he’d have weeks of forced, contrived old people gags? Either way, it’s a stupid premise, and the result has been as tedious as expected.