Atomic Pile

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One of (one of) the worst things about being a daily FW reader is waiting for Monday’s new strip to drop, then seeing Pete and Boy Lisa’s boring tiresome old mugs again. So Chester actually purchased nuclear waste, which means his staggering lack of business aptitude was already firmly in place long before he exposed himself to massive levels of comic book ring radiation. Maybe this will play out like in the comic books BanTom adores so much and Chester will develop superpowers, like the ability to ruin a comic strip, hog the limelight for years at a stretch and have someone write a maudlin best-seller about him…but if history is any indication he’s gonna have to have a baby first.


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12 responses to “Atomic Pile

  1. louder

    I think just having a yellow triangle, with an exclamation mark is the middle, is the best Funky I’ve seen in weeks.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    You seriously think chemical waste is going to lead to superpowers in Funky Winkerbean? Get real. “Comic book company dies from cancer” pretty much seems like Batiuk’s dream storyline.

    • Epicus Doomus

      I just hope that none of this radiation found its way into the local pizza supply, or all hope is lost.

  3. billytheskink

    Has Pete’s nose always been like that or has he been walking into the screen door a lot lately?

  4. The Nelson Puppet

    We need a counter on this site: “Days since Funky Winkerbean had a plot development that DID NOT involve comic books”

  5. Wouldn’t the source have decayed to almost nothing by now?

  6. timbuys

    So, do we know if the author in fact has a ton of these corny rings and other breakfast cereal promotional dreck? It makes me wonder if an underlying theme is that, ahem, someone may have thwarted the author’s early attempts at accumulating such junk by occasionally (and sensibly) throwing it away.

  7. Charles

    Today’s strip cemented the fact that I hate the triangle-mouth, raised-eyebrows, mopey-look-of-mild-trepidation that Darin’s sporting in the final panel. It shows up a lot and I hate it, but today finally made me fully conscious of that fact.

    It usually shows up in service of a completely unbelievable moment like this, where Chester didn’t even make a cursory investigation of the rings in question that he evidently purchased in bulk. (Did someone stockpile them for some inexplicable reason, or was he buying overstock that was never gifted?)

  8. Professor Fate

    Well as bad as the possibility that they have been all rendered sterile by this one silly ring, (actually that’s not a bad thing if you think about it) What’s worse has its effect on Pete’s nose, it’s now a fully mobile appendage which having gained a level of sentience is now seeking to escape Pete’s face (not that I blame it).