Or Perhaps The Mice Just Have Higher Standards

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Boy Lisa – Science Guy. This arc reminds me a bit of TB’s hilarious take on Three Mile Island that ran back in 1980. You see, Les was weaker than usual and having a heck of a time climbing the rope in gym class. One thing led to another and it turned out that Montoni’s pizza cheese was sourced from a dairy farm outside of Harrisburg PA and, well, you really had to be there at the time to fully appreciate the hilarity.

Anyhow, the three imbeciles are still dithering about, making annoying confused faces, serving up useless information and accomplishing nothing, which is also the entire history of FW in a nutshell. It is slightly more informative than the usual daily FW strips, I suppose, but not a whole hell of a lot.


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9 responses to “Or Perhaps The Mice Just Have Higher Standards

  1. spacemanspiff85

    I really think these kinds of plots are created when Batiuk just glances over the news on his way to the Flash discussion boards.
    “CTE, football, brain injury-hey! I could have Bull get CTE that turns his brain to mush! Comic gold!”
    “Polonium-210, radiation poisoning-hey! I could make a story about radiation and comic books!”
    Possible future storylines, based on what was in the news 1-2 years ago:
    “Transgender bathrooms-hey! I could make the Atomik Komix bathrooms gender-neutral, which would make Pete terrified Mindy was going to walk in on him!”
    “NFL, knee, protest-hey! I could do a story where everyone thinks Bull is taking a knee during the anthem to protest, but it turns out he just knelt down to pick up a penny and forgot how to stand up, because his brain is mush!”
    “#MeToo, abuse, women-hey! I could have Les write a comic book series about how Lisa was raped by Frankie, and have it be called Lisa Too! Pulitzer, here we come!”

    • Gerard Plourde

      The Lisa storyline is truly plausible. Given the timeframe when the movement started, I’m fully expecting to see some #MeToo-related plot in the next six to twelve months.

  2. countoftowergrove

    I’m truly heartened to learn that Chester doesn’t have cats in his home.

  3. billytheskink

    Thanks for the visual aid, Durwood, so helpful. I had no idea of the general size of a speck of dust…

    Les was eating radioactive cheese and it was Lisa who got cancer? That’s how Funky Winkerbean go.

  4. Since Batiuk is half-informed and half-assing it, it makes sense that he’s going to make the same stupid fucking mistake Brooke McElnazi did once when defending his confusing “way station” with “weigh station” and get all chirpy about the ignorance of people who say that the alpha particles would have been stopped by the glass and that the polonium would have long since decayed to differently-harmful lead.

  5. DOlz

    TB: I heard a word in the news and going to write a story about it.

    Voice in his head (in a resigned voice): Are you going to do any research about it or at least read the entire article?

    TB: Why bother the peasants that read my opus won’t know any better.

    Voice in his head (in a resigned voice): Why do I even try?

    TB: Because you’re a beady eyed nitpicker.

    Voice in his head (in a resigned voice): That was a rhetorical question, which that means it isn’t suppose to be answered duffis.

    TB: Of course I knew that. Now shut up I have bricks to draw.

    • Buckeye Feculence

      It’s autumn now–shouldn’t we be seeing some pretty falling leaves blowing around the gazebo soon?

  6. hitorque

    Am I allowed to ask exactly how someone as fucking stupid as Chester ever made a fortune worth tens of millions, much less KEPT it?? He’s gone from “The Smartest Guy in the Room” to “Bull Bushka” in like 4 days?

  7. Le Chat Bleu

    I’m sure all those comic book execs that uniformly turned down Batuick’s applications are rending their garments and weeping to the heavens after reading this brilliant story arc.