Slowly they turned

Hark! A breakthrough in today’s strip! In a shocking spectacle that no one saw coming, Wally and Adeela are both going to ask Professor Forehead to assign them to different partners for this group project!

For all of the issues this story arc may have or may still find itself wading into, it’s worst crime may well be that it is unbelievably boring. I’m sorry, I don’t know what else to say.


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17 responses to “Slowly they turned

  1. spacemanspiff85

    “Professor, I can’t work with Adeela, can we get new partners?”
    “Why can’t you work with her?”
    “She’s Muslim.”
    This ought to go well.

    • Epicus Doomus

      It’s so laughably ludicrous and stupid. To his credit at least Wally managed to muster up a feeble try, unlike Adeela who’s done nothing but express varying degrees of revulsion and polite disgust.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Well, she will be gone soon. The Batty Blog mentions yet another new throw away character: Ruby Lith.

      • spacemanspiff85

        I love how the “very early” sketch is way better than the actual art that’s published in this strip. I’d be shocked if she doesn’t end up looking exactly like Holly and every other dumpy older blonde in this strip.

  2. Louder

    I have a feeling Wally was a complete jerk even before PTSD…

    • billytheskink

      Eh, he wasn’t the worst in this strip, a little too winsome for a high schooler perhaps. The whole driving drunk and getting in a wreck that led to his girlfriend/future wife losing her arm and her spot at Julliard was pretty bad, though…

      • spacemanspiff85

        Eh, that’s not as bad as the whole letting himself get declared dead so his wife had to marry Comic Book John thing.

    • Charles

      The metric fuckton of shit that Batiuk has dumped on him over the last fifteen or so years gives him a lot of sympathy that he really doesn’t deserve. It’s a function of Batiuk’s poor writing, but he regularly does that asshole thing of making everything about him and his PTSD whenever he shows up and says anything.

      • Epicus Doomus

        The original Buddy/PTSD arc was probably the least objectionable arc in Act III history, but of course then he proceeded to flog the ever-loving shit out of the PSTD for years and years until it became a parody of itself. This one is especially awful, though. All that nonsense about the amazing “progress” he’s made and he’s totally undone by Muslim garb he’s seen thousands of times before, it’s pathetic.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    What a pair of wusses. “I can’t do a simple class project with him/her because I’m a delicate easily-triggered frail little flower who judges other based on their clothing”…wow, he’s really tackling those topical timely issues again, eh? These two jerks couldn’t possibly be any less likeable. If this debacle ends here it’ll be remembered as one of TamBot’s most useless arcs of the year…or at least the month.

  4. Paul Jones

    I can imagine Batiuk’s response to criticism: smug wrong-headedness that totally misses the point. If my gut is right, he’ll blather about how we want to wreck America when we call this a boring look at two unlikable clodhoppers who judge each other based on their clothing and want to passive-aggressive each other to death.

  5. Like everyone else in Westview, Wally has no empathy. He could take his jacket off (since he’s wearing a T-shirt underneath it) and ask Adeela if that helps in making her more comfortable so they can work on the project together. But that would require him removing his “I am a veteran who has suffered” clothing and since it’s all about him, that thought will never cross his mind. My only hope is that the professor will tell them both to suck it up and work it out or work through their issues because their grade depends on it. But what will probably happen is that Adeela will drop the class and leave Wally with a long letter detailing how he or someone like him terrorized her family. Wally will reflect on this for a minute and get an A from from the professor because he doesn’t have a partner.

  6. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Yeah. That’s it. Go running to JuCo Les.

    “Professor JuCo Moore, we can’t work together. See, I get all oogey looking at that Arab scarf thingie she wears…”

    “And I get all oogey looking at that smelly American GI Joe shirt he wears every day.”

    “(Oy vey. This is my punishment for being turned down by every REAL college I applied to work for!) Look you guys, you’re not in high school anymore. You are in the 13th grade now. You’re supposed to be almost adults. Why don’t you work this out between yourselves, or I’ll just flunk the both of you, and you’ll be out the $14.95 you spent for this class. Mmmmkay?”

    “Oh…. alright. By the way, what class is this, and what’s the assignment anyways? You never told us.”


  7. “Wow, I’ve got a traumatized vet and a traumatized Muslim, and I put them together!” (Rubs hands together and fires up email.) “I’m gonna watch the nominations just roll on in! Can’t wait to win those awardos!”

  8. And next week, we’ll probably get some banality featuring Dinkle and Claude Barlow.