Draught Bore

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“You know how in auto racing the cars draft behind the car in front of them to lower the wind resistance? Well, I thought it’d be quite funny if I applied that principle to a treadmill in a gym!”. And on that fateful day a gag was filed away and, many months, years or decades later, that gag was finally hatched in the form of today’s strip. Obviously we all know what he was going for here but taken in the context of Funky’s refusal to take his exercise routine seriously it comes across as sort of crass and somewhat alarming, as Funky doesn’t appear to have any concern at all for anon-o-exerciser’s safety or well-being as he idiotically lumbers behind her on a running treadmill machine, all for the sake of being a wisecracking jackass at FG’s expense. Look at her in panel three, he’s aged her twenty years overnight with his antics.


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11 responses to “Draught Bore

  1. billytheskink

    Between this, the security video hack, and the hand-on-stomach incident, it is a wonder Funky is allowed within 20 miles of the gym or Fitness Girl.

    • Le Chat Bleu

      Really not a fan of that hand-on-stomach strip. I’m sure I’m the first person to ever say it, but I think Batiuck has some lady issues.

  2. Paul Jones

    He’ll be laughing on the other side of his mouth when he loses weight the only way he can…..losing a foot to the diabetes.

  3. Charles

    Man, this gave me a visceral reaction. It’s disgusting. Funky would be thrown out and have his membership revoked for this. Hell, that’s happened to guys creeping on women in health clubs for less than this.

    Also, why does this health club have only one treadmill, and why is this the first time we’ve ever been shown another exerciser in all the Funky-works-out strips? And why did Fitness Girl *not* come up with something else for Funky to do until they arrive right behind the only treadmill in the place to find it occupied?

  4. I can’t imagine how someone could write this episode and think there was anything of value–humor, insight, pathos–in it anywhere. Because there ain’t any. That 50th can’t get here fast enough.

    • Charles

      I think a crucial part of Batiuk’s notion of what’s humorous here stems from his view that these women don’t actually matter. For a broader example, a lot of his humor in Crankshaft may work only if you have no sympathy for the MacKenzie sisters. A lot of Dinkle’s humor these days requires that you don’t have any sympathy for Becky. So in this case you’re not supposed to acknowledge how thoughtlessly vulgar Funky’s treatment of Treadmill Lady is in order to find this amusing. It’s simply supposed to be that Funky has found a novel means of lessening his workout and we’re supposed to find that amusing. That someone might take more away from Funky’s treatment of Treadmill Lady doesn’t seem to even occur to Batiuk. There’s a similar lack of sympathy and respect for Fitness Girl that’s also at play here. That we may look at it from her point of view rather than Funky’s also doesn’t occur to Batiuk.

      So there are two people who we can and probably will sympathize with before Funky in this strip, and Batiuk’s completely blind to that.

  5. hitorque

    Well, I guess I’ve officially been banned over at CC without warning or explanation, so this will be my new daily home for now…