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Muscles firing? That’s barely a one alarm blaze right there. More of the same today…Fitness Girl gamely attempts to motivate a fat miserable sweaty Funky as he incessantly complains. It sort of (ahem) wears thin after a while.

Speaking of which, here’s another idea I’m throwing out there gratis…”Lifting Plates Is How I Ended Up Like THIS!!!!”, a paperback collection of every single “Funky exercises” strip ever. Just imagine visiting your favorite bookstore and seeing Funky’s sweaty alarmed mug staring back at you from between the “Family Circus” collections and the random Archie’s Comic Digests. The perfect gift for the reader with forty-five seconds to kill. I know it’s perverse and all but still, I wish some sort of “complete” FW existed somewhere, if for no other reason that for reference purposes. I’d really love to set aside an hour and just plow through the entire run in one sitting, just to see how coherent (lol) and/or entertaining it actually is as a whole.


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  1. I have this horrible feeling that anyone who has bought the “Complete Funky Winkerbean” books also has a number of corpses buried in the basement. More than the usual number, I mean.

  2. erdmann

    Actually, there is a “Complete Funky Winkerbean” series being published by Kent State University Press, apparently following the format pioneered by “The Complete Peanuts.” I say “apparently” because I’ve never actually seen a copy, nor have I any great desire to do so. Still, someone must be buying it because here’s the solicitation copy for volume 8 (1993-95), set to come out in February:

    “In this eighth volume, Funky Winkerbean continues to move forward in real time, tackling issues of relevance and substance with characters whose lives are increasingly fateful and destined. Funky has placed Batiuk at the forefront of a new genre in comic art history as the strip pursues stories ahead of their time: guns in schools and teen suicide. The humor in Funky continues to grow as it evolves from sitcom gags to a deeper and more engaging behavioral style of humor.”

    It’s called being delusional.

    • billytheskink

      It is pretty remarkable that this strip became so bad by the early 90s that it required the creation of a new genre to categorize.

      Also, I think the author of that copy misspelled “tumor”…

    • Epicus Doomus

      So the “complete” FW is being issued two years at a time, which means if it runs fifty years it’ll require twenty-five volumes released very slowly over a period of many years. How very Batiukian.

      Yup, 1993-1995…I remember the era well. Kurt Cobain’s untimely death, Michael Jordan failing to catch up to minor league curveballs, Kelly & Dylan, everything. But nothing really captured the cultural zeitgeist of those years quite like BatNard’s legendary school suicide shooting arcs did. The school, the guns, the suicides…it was all quite daring and jarring, as back in those days most comic strips stuck to standard comic strip fare, like amputations, drowning dogs and small children following dotted lines on the ground. Then along came BatDerp, ever the rebel, rocking the stagnant genre to its core with his poignant school suicide gun stories. Sure, the stories were really just premises that went off the rails and on to completely unrelated and usually very wry tangents within a few panels, but everyone got the general idea. Nowadays everyone from Snuffy Smith to Mark Trail has done a gun suicide school arc but our very own Author Guy was the pioneer, he dared to tackle the topic first.

  3. Paul Jones

    And nothing quite captured it like Les being too stupid to live either. Oh, wait. He’s still too stupid to live but we’re supposed to like him more now. Phase Three is looking like a bad self-insert fic by Les…….

  4. timbuys

    The author wanted ‘burn’ but had to come up with the (not necessarily) next best thing and crammed ‘fire’ in there to set up some (not so) passive – (inappropriately) aggressive wordplay. I, for one, salute the low paid colorist who got through five-sixths of coloring today’s strip before reaching Funky’s sneakers and then just said ‘Fuck it, I’m done.’

    • The Nelson Puppet

      I had the same reaction as the colorist when I looked at this strip! That should be on Batiuk’s tombstone: “FUCK IT, I’M DONE!”